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[ 262 1 dinal dubs that lead to the germen (Figure at). Thefe canals, after they enter the pillillum,are left re-

gular, branching out frequently into (mailer ones, which, inftead of running direiftly to the longitunal daft', vary their diredtion, and kli into the canals that run from the hairs next adjoining, furaddling the appearance of an irregular reticulation .(Figure as), though neverthelefs there are cammanly principal canals obfervable that run more diredly towards the longitudinal duds, and fall into ihem (Figure xi). The corpufclea are admitted into the hairs in the following manner ; the grains of the pollen having difperfed themfelves about the ftyle and ftlgrna, great numbers of them find a lodgement amongft the hairs; thok which fall between the hairs, or cling to the fides of them, may he fuppofed to lofe their effeet, which will not be thought improbable, if it be confidered what an abundant provifion there it of the pollen, and how large a part of it malt neceffarily be wafted by being carried away by the flower, or at trail not falling on the female organs, but there arc many of the grains that fall on the points of the hairs (Figure The 03): and theft furnifh the impregnation. grains being arrived at a flute of maturity before they

iffued from the anthem, are prepared to burit and dikharge their contents when they fall on the hairs, and the female organ affifts likewife in producing this effed 'for faon after a grain has lodged nfell, the point of the hair begins to open, and the mouth extends itfelf by degrees over the furface of the

grain, till Amok the Whole body of the grain is drawn whitin thellke (Figure x3) ; in this fituation, the

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