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53 in various diredlions as the cadent of the krum incliama than, or as they djegahlyps ace more or Ids sunaked by vault ether pas by ihe laljcs, tat tke pohole

hasfound a flate,ofceff. The magnifireepplied wes a ipherical glyli, which -be computed to magnify the objeet 5.,2 times in diameter.

In there views, the globules, though Abe), varied little from each other in their ocalines and dintenfions, appeared in general to be citcplar or elliptic, and of the floe of fwan-fhot. Their-figure as folids was not rally to be determined in fuch an exporaion

of them, but they had the appearance of oblate lphzroids much compreffed, although, ,frOfil their

free motion with the krum, it was manifell they faffered no preffare from the talks ; where the focus was paled, or nearly Co, the middle part of each globule was darker than the margin ; 2nd this difference in !bade gave them an appearance, es if a dent or concave imprellion had been made on their fur-

faces, which refembled thok of young peas that have dimpled in the boiling. What thisdarknels neat the center was owing to, will appear from the (mond obkrvation ; bat in this I could not judge it so arife from any thing but

finking in of the furface

in dna part, or"foole accident ot the light that furnifhed loch an appearance.

July ff's a fecand oblervation was made with the fame indrument, to which was applied a Iphare which magnified the objea tabo times in diameter. In Mit view, the variation of (bade on the middle part of each globule front that of the margin, W.13 loch as carried with it ftiongly chd appearance ni a raforation.

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