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nec debile nWe &then flirt ilterntro raw, owl confundentur; !ghat 'CAM NC tiObtait qui vist oxalis nudis adtInguurthir, * aka thrigute fithetficiei ut radii luminis,licet-eabIllthi,'fadibllem habeam ad thfam fuperficietn Vatiortem, quad in dentlbus, tut .globis mayaribus non rank Hague has crones cautiona quz athiihendx lune plulquarn par eat

faith tarp:alai; Ufa 'earn gum neaffaris ant= fait falle edoablt. An Avows of fame mierolbopir CAyervations on tbe Suntan Bkood.


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rr E Son obkrvation WU made jalyde; o761, 1 with Wilfon*, tingle microkope, conftruded for a perpendicular inlpeedion, with a mirror beneath it for refleCting the light. 'The inftrument was placed

on a table near to a. South window, bet the futis rays were not refleCted on the Objea; it being Father di

Torres opinion, that the ordinary day-light would thew the globules in a more natural Rate. A knoll drop of blood was included between two talks, and was changed during the obkrvation, in order to give the appearance all the advantage that might *rife from the accidental fituation of the globules between

the talks, and allo to renew their motion; for although the blood viewed in this manner is not in a Rite of circulation, yet, either from the vacuum formed between the talks the arra:lion of their shaken, or Come other saute, the knurl is feldom in a quiet Rate on its bein_g &ft included between than, and the globules that float in it move for Come time in

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