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XXVII. Extra? of a Leper from M. Benjamin Gale, a P6ffician in New England, to John Huxham, M. D.

F. R. S. concerning the ficcefiful Application of Salt to Wound, made ly the Biting of Rattle Snalet ; elated at Killingworth in Connefticut, zo 1764. beadurr 'el Have been difappointed in procuringa I rattle fnake, to make experiments in


lea titer etoiTt hf:"(lactililin;tyion dietoefficacT acquaint you, that having delired Mr. Porter, an eminent burgeon, and a gcntleman of worth and probity, to makc enquiry, whether the efficacy of fen falt could be properly attetted u he this day informs me, do: a potion was wounded by that ferpent, about Me beginning

of this month, jolt above his thco. The teeth of the terpent, upon examination by the probe, he found to have entered near half an inch. The perfon bitten immediately made a Ilmng ligature above the

wound, and in lets than two hours came to Mr. The leg and foot below the ligature were nuuch (welled, and the patient grievoufly affeited with a nrufea. Mr. t'orter made immediately a deep (ratification, rubbed it well with fait, applied a dna Porter's.


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