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[ 242 'To the Came fpirits may alfo be attributed the power which the acidulz pails, of caufing a giddinefs of the head, heavineft, and dtntvfinch. at fe00 intoxicating liquors.

The brilk and pungent tafte of the acidulz is alfo a further evidence that the mineral air which they 'contain is nearly related to the choak.damp. For irom this brilk pungency of Wee, thele fpirits appear to refernble the air which is generated from beer end

other liquors by fermentation. But the air of fermenting liquor. is by numerous experiments dilcovcred to be a deadly poifon whcn applied to the lungs,

and the external parts of the body, aaing chiefly 'upon the nervous fyllem, and inftantly killing thole animals which breathe it, cagily in the manner of the choak-damp. Yet neverthelefs this air, when taken inwardly in a convenient quantity of a liquid vehicle, is found to have wonderfully exciting and reviving qualities, of which the cafe of Cornaro affords OS a remarkable inflance ( ok

In like manner, the elaftic fpirit of the acidulz feems to have a great fhare in the admirable effeds which thofe Mattes exert upon the human body. For being exceedingly fubtile, penetrating, and glive, it feems fitted to pervade the whole body, and to force a pallege through the minuteft veffels; by its mild and gentle ftimulus, to corrugate the fibres, issereale

their elafticity, and excite them to motion ; by its .eopsofne quality, to ratify and as it were fpiritualire the blood, and dilate the reads. By thele leveret (tot See Difcosfa oleo della Vita robna di S. Luigi Coc-

o., pat.



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