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found in the coil-mines, and in various other parts of the earth. For, fubtile mephitic

fPits have frequently been obfened to expire from the earth in parts adjacent to many of the acidutx, and to produce thy fame <Feint upon animals and other bodies as the fbth or choak-damps, or as the fpirits of the Grotto di Cani in Italy, of which, and others of the like nature. Leonardo di Capon bath largely treated. Thus the learned Dr. John Philip Siep hath communicated to the Royal Society (6) a very accurate account of

a grotto of this kind, which be dikovered near the fountains of Pyrmont. Another grotto of the fame fort Pechlinus takes notice of, nigh else acidulz at Swalb in Germany (7). And the learned Ho Bloats was informed by a perfon of credit, that a fountain in the Black Fore /Lin the dutch), of Wurtemburgh, which had flowed a long time, was fuddenly deprived of all its tulle and virtue, by reafon that in the neighbouring parts a mineral and fulphureous vapour Mt-

petuoully burn out of a charm which was made in the rock ) but this chafm being clofely flops up, the fountain again obtained its former nit MCI (S).

And that the acidulz are really impregnated with mephitic exhalation refembling the choak-datup, fome of thefe fprings (as thofe at Pyrmont) do plainly dikover by their deadly effeds upon ducks twinaming upon their (unlace (9`. (6) Phikoloph. Tranfaalent, OIL Oat: 266. (,) Pcchliinis, lib. Jib 014..4. . (I) Horn, D:Pronoipas Seamata. praecimmr. Germania Mcohearm. Fomium,


(6) Dr. Philipps 519. Ibid. VOL. LV, 1



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