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[ 239 ] sohich frequently retain the qualities of the denfe bo-

dies from which they were generated ; and which, by being reduced to an elafiic Rate, become more aftive and penetrating, and operate much mom faddenly and violently upon the human body; as the fumes of quickfilver, and the vapour of water, by their elfetb, do fufficiently prove.

Now, as there fubtile and deltic fpirits do frequently exert very fudden and violent effees upon the human body ; and entering the compolition of mineral waters, often endow them with excellent virtues; it may, therefore, be ufeful to examine the origin of thok fpirits which are found in fountains, and to confider in what manner water becomes itn. pregnated with them as it patina through the bowels of the earth. To determine which queftions, thorn obfervations will greatly contribute, which we have already given concerning the generation of the firedamp, and its lodgment in the cavities of earth. For as the fire.damp is generated from fulphureous and ferruginous fiabliances, and is often elofely pent up with water, and intimately (5) blended therewith in the fubterrancous cavities ; its particles, therefore, being

impelled by their own eladic prellitre into the pores of the water, will be diffolved therein, after the fame II12 none as I have before fliewn they may be diffolved therein by art. And in like manner, water will be-

come impregnated with thole other kinds of air and mineral exhalations, which are lodged in the fuliterraucous cavitmes micro which it petit., The fubtermeal damps and mineral fpirit of fountains (ecm. ; 5) Sir Etrty an the Fulminating-imp.


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