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( 236 3 Entraa front an Ell, enfiladed, On the Vies cif Knowledge of Mineral Exhalations when applied to difcover the Principles and Properties of Mineral

Waters, the Nature of Buming Fountains, and of Mote poifonous Lakes, which the Ancients called Averni ; wind, leas read kfore the Rtyal Society in

April 5745, anti to nohitb tbe Author nfirt in tbe foregoing &peritonea. Hiftory of fubterraneal Exhala-

AMoretions accurate would AM further contribute towards the

improvement of the Medical art, by leading us to a more perfed knowledge of the genuine principles of feveral kinds of mineral waters ; and by teaching us how to apply them rightly, and how to account, in a rational manner, for their operations and effeCts upon the human body. For it hath long been obferved (1), that the chief energy and virtue of Central mineral waters cloth not :elide in the more grub, feline, earthy, or metalline pankles, which they imbibe in their fubterraneous pall-ages, but in a far more fubtile and volatile principle wherewith they long remain imbued when clofed its bottles ; but when they are expiated in open

veils, this volatile principle foon takes its flight, leaving the waters dead 2nd inert, and deprived of their former falutary qualities. This (abide and fugitive principle is, therefore, fitly called the Spirit of mineral fountains. To exwad which fpidt in the form of a liquid, many have Docheri Phyfica Subearano, ha. it. rap. iv.


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