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[ 211 It hath been fhewn by Mont Marione, thu iria imbibed, in confiderable quantities, by common water, and may again be feparated front it, either by

heat, or elk by cold, as in congelation ; or by removing from it the preffure of the atmoiphere, as in

the &malted receiver of an air-pump. And Doe,. Shaw relates a, that, without any of thefe aids, air (truesua frontaneoully from the mineral water of Scarboroagh, and that, in a kw minutes, he colloaed into bladders large quantities of air, front bottles of that water, after the manner attempted in the foregoing experiments; he alfo relates, that the aU teemed

to aril< from the water with tome degree of force, and continued long in an defile flute. The fame experiment was lime tried, by Dodor Home, on the Chalybeate waters of Dunfe in Scotland -r ; who effuses us, that he thus colleRed confiderable quantities

of true permanent air from thole waters; which, with DuCtor Shaw, he conjeflures in no mired to differ from the common air of the atmolphere. And as I

had no doubt of the accuracy and fidelity of thok gentlemen in their experiments; and had coterie...a an opinion that the moll fritituous acidule contained the moR air, tvhich, it was ...tunable to topple, 111;glit be firarated from them in the fame manner that it was feparable from thole that were lets frisitto cut ; I therefore was greatly ditappointed in my expatations, when I could not obtain any air from the Poulson water afier the manner above related.

I did

See his Inquiry into an Conceits, Vinues, and Wes of On Scarborough Spain eaten.

Part 11. 5015.1V.

t My on the Contents and Vinare of Dunk Spa, Edia.

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