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r 203 puiu.jallap. kammon. fhb. nitrat, creator. tarter.

p.a. m. F. pulv. wham The day before inoculation, to adults, give 3 ij of

the purging powthr, with s gr. of crffurtel. The night following inocu Lotion, give le or t 2 gr. nf the antimonial pill, repeating it dm, nights fuocellivolv.

The morning after the third pill, give the cathartic powder, then repeat the antimonial pill and ppge a. befora. The antirnonirl pill frequendy purges and vomits thc fi It time of taking it. Every morning, including the day of inoculation, portion of the refrigerant powder is given, except when the cathartics are prefcribed, and continued until the eruption.

Phlebotomy is direfted, fro ro nate.

5: Pulv. antimon. crud. 3nij. P. fal. 3 iv. mif. f. pul. Deflagrate in an iron ladle, (crape off the koric, and reduce it to

a Method.


a fine powder. gre Igujus pul. antim. gr. vj. calomel. ppt. gr. j. rn. I. pul. To an adult give it every night at bedtime, eight nights fuccellively (regulating the diet as mentioned above) t then inoculate, and repeat the powders, till the eruptive fever comes on, unIck the falival glands ate affetted, in which cafe they arc to be dikontinued; and

upon the invahon of the eruptive fever, the general antiphlogiffic method n purked.

The third and Ian method 1 gall mention,


taken from a very famous (although I dare not (ay the roofl judicious) inoculator, and it commonly



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