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COPPER. GREEN is the only colour which copper. the metal next to filver in denfity, communicates to

g/efi, when melted with it in a fufficient heat, scidoia any additional ingredient Thus . By grinding cryflal glafi in a copper mortar, and afterwards melting it, it becomes green. I. Copper calcined per le in furnace [91. 3. Copper calcined with fulphur (7], and

4. Scales beaten off from red hot copper plates mIxed with glafr, equally impart a green colour to it. It is indifferent in what manner the copper is prepared, in ordcr to tinge the glafs green, provided it be expand, without any other ingredient, to a futficient degree of heat [r]. I have frequently produced ayine green from copper filings unprepared. [41 Shan's Abridg. Boyle, col.ii. p. 98. Though ewe. rat.irr.4 plc Ji affords but a chub and banly-eolourcd calx, yet the ealsinun tinge their gluts urea therewith.

Nen, chap.,. This fort of pure eafi will be tinged into all colours you dare, for example, into an ortrati aith knafs thine calcined, as is done for ordinary glafs with Win', calcined to redrwls,

into a lea srsris

le] Junket, Cnnfp. Chem. tab. am. p. 433. Beryllus matins viriaritatir per tapas.. curio fulphure caleinaturn. D1 Kunkcl's Nowt on Neri, chap. 31. Though with rapper

alone onc may producer., re neveitherela ciao, mortis difkrently prerved that makes a variety in it. I bare not found that the different mannere of preparing copper hare produced different colour., I hare experienced rhat by calcining app.e prr ye, without any additon, I could produce ad the effects that the author leant., us to bring about by different preparations of that meal.


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vided it be expand, without any other ingredient, to a futficient degree of heat [r]. I have frequently pro- the metal next to filver in den...

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