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TRANSACTIONS. I. An Account of the Pholas Conoidcs,


J. Parfons, M. D. F. R. S. Redd Isit. le. I DO myfelf the honor of laying before this learned Society a fpecics of Pholas,


little known, and but (adorn fern

among the naturalills, being the hill of tbcm that has come to my hands. [Vid. TAIL I.] This fhell is pidured by Rumpbius, and called

by the name of Pbclas lignotint a in Dutch, H., Med, Wood Mufele, besaufe it is found burrowed in timber. The fpecimcn before you is one of infinite numbers that were thus bedded in the keel

of a Spanifh fhip, which was brought from the a piece of which accompanies the to (hew how they lic in wood, done, or


any other hard bodies, that entertain them. But this name is altogether too vague and uncertain, octet; it could be afferted that this is the only kind

that inhabits pieces of wood: for every fpecies of Pholas LV.

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