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kulements, which then had no bens made more than Weed years, where they looked upon themcaves as fife and Boum ; convincing proof that no men will face an enemy, likc thole who fight pre aria at fain Our fouthern colonies, in particular, have been drove before a delpicable enemy, like ffieep; this never was the cafe cm in the infant Rate of the& colonies.

The cenfits of the inhabitants of this colony, swan-fitted by Governot Fitch, A. D.1756, by order of the Lords of Trade, was 118,218 fouls whites, and 3587 blacks ; that of the year 1762, 1+1,000 fouls whites, 4590 blacks, of which 930 were Indians. The levies of our fencible men dinfinilhed the increafe, fo that the lall (even years the colony only increafed 13,000. On she peace, doubslefs, the rapidity of population will recover; and in how lbort a fpace of time, the well fettling nor new acquilitions may bc effeded, from all the American

colonies colle6tively, [leave every one to determine;

and I cannot hut think, that, whenever the Bate ot public affairs will permit thc parliament of Great Britain to advert to the peopling and Wowing the acouifitions made in America, they will judge it boll effedcd, as muth as may be, from her colonies in America; and thw the law prohibiting inoculation in America will be accordingly annulled, by their fuperintending authority, as prejudical to the population of the colonies.

It appears from Dr. Douglafs's account of the fmall-pos in the town of Bolton, where he lived, and made critical oblervations, the three left times that it was epidemical there, 62. A. D. 17a1, 173%

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