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If it pities over water, the weight of the furrounding attnulphere forces up the water into the vacuity,

part of which, by degrees joins vrith the whirling sir, and adding weight, and receiving accelerated motion, recedes tlill farther from the centre, or axis, of the trump, as the preffure Wrens, and at lati, as the trump widens, isbroken into fmall particles, and fo united with air, as to be fupported by it, and become black clouds at the top of the trump.

Thus thefe eddies may be whitlwinds at Lind, waterfpouts at fea. A body of water fo raikd may be fuddenly let fall, when the motion, &c, has not

firength to fupport it, or the whirling arch is broken fo as to let itt the air ; falling in the lea, it is harmlek, unlefs Chips happen under it. But if in the progreflive motion of the whirl it has moved from the lea over the land, and there breaks, fudden, violent, and mifchievous torrents are the confequence.


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