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SILVER. YELLOW is the only colour which fiker, the metal next to lead in dthfity, can by any preparation be made to impart to glafi.

a. Without int-Ming upon what fome chymifts slim, that fiver, on being calcined and expofed to a violent fire for a long time, was partly reduced to a yellmo glair [n], 2. I have often given that colour, by moillening the

burin. of the glafi with a folution of Siker, and afterwards making it red hot.

3. If Siker be calcined with fulphur, it readily communicates a yellow colour to glafs [0]. very Ii.inanth, and not 111.0 differing front the true one, put Ind onto earthin pow that are very hard, in a glats furnace, and there let it Rand bone days, and th. your had ts turned into

'Wt. and imitates the alone of ob. lipanth.

Nichola's Hillery of precious flea, part I. chap. 7. of the Hyacinth.

The Hyacinth is a Sone (Is faith &yeti. and Ryland.) that it. is ra Impalors adulreratc it with a kind of eafe

%FAO,. ne,1 olds a certain pdhnordi, n, naftliii in ot

web of Lead.

Noe, perninaryin et lapidurn trofloeta, Iii. c. p. rium

roe elf Mar

Adultev Imam aliatioaydo fubonui-

tor fa pima. Inman, gami a veal gamma pondere et dunce facile Arlington.: rnclino enin, et groins veri gonna. [a] M ccccc IN.oies on Nen, chap. 82. Claw,. law Silo, calcined two month. in glafs furnace the twelfth part of

which became a Ow., giefi.

(a) Sgalvis Abridg. of Boyle, vol. i. p. ayS. To thew more particularly that ear) Y porous, we tea. jib., cakined by burning/a/yaw on or in the oprn air, and laA ot upon a piece of glejl, and placed it wnia the pigment uppermoll, upon a few

4. Having

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afterwards making it red hot. communicates a yellow colour to glafs [0]. there let it Rand bone days, and th. your had ts turned into 'Wt. a...