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by the cold, runs plentifully down its fides in water. Aftcr a ye%) of water had boiled till all the air, bob. bits were driven out of it, I turned upon its mouth large glak that lay in the water s the bubbles that afcended under the glati remained in the upper part of it, and forced out the water it before contained, and than the elalbc matter in the glair overturned

it, againit the fide of the cad, and burRing cut afcended to the top in one large bubble, upon which

the Ream on the furface appeared to be much insmiled. Now this fliews that the matter contained in thofe bubbles, which is quite tranfparent, being a very rare and homogeneous fluid, appears afterwards

like Ream when it is mixed with the air.

But I

thought I lhould make a more decifive experiment, if I could obferve the effeets of very hot Ream conveyed under boiling water. Therefore when an asolipila had boiled till the air was all driven out of the water it contained, without taking it off the fire, I iminerfed its pipe into a veffel of water which had jull been boiled, and immediately the Ream, which iffued from the pipe, rofe up in very large bubbles through the water, and made it feem to boil violently. Then I held a large glafs of cold water, fo that the pipe of the boiling zolipile was immerfed into it. At firff none of thole large bubbles appeared ; for the turn being then condenfed by the cold water, was mixed with it, making a very uncommon noife ; but as foon as the water in the glafs grew very hot

this noffe coifed, and the Ream being no longer condenfed role in large bubbles, and made the water appear to boil with great violence.


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