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XXII. Two Theorems, 6. Edward Waring,

M. A Lucafian Profefor of Mathematics in the Univerfity of Cambridge, and F. R. S. In a Letter to Char leo Morton, M. D. Sec. R. S.



Fiona,. I. Rad AP, .S.

T N doi

Ellipli infcribantur duo (n)

'765' Latemm Polygona abode, dec. et pq r I f, drx, Pundit' relpedira a, 6, r, d, r, tr.c.

n, r,s, t, am. durantur Tangentes A B, B C, C 1), D E, sec. to P Q. S. S T, et lint


ca6B=...etIC, .e6rC=.cdorl, cod() dE, 6ce. et..dpqr.)=.e r gR,

zsrS, 4r IS,

g r 1(.-

t(T, et Gc deinceps. Et erit Summa Latetum .

abi-k+enli-de+ dee. =pp-11,4,1444 Are. FIGURA Co, Ducatur in Ellipg PhlYgonum o4odo dec. (n) Later., Methodo fupra traditi; infcribatur ctiam aliud Polygonum a b Alm &cc. (n) Laterum clitoris alio 3

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