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r .29 lier poverty is fo great, that during this long and ainful fcene of (offering, the had no aftillanec from iedicine, or art, in any ihape whatever ; fo the "Lunen of the llone W25 wholly the work of nature. J. Steward, Surgeon. R. Hatted, Apothecary.


, thews the (tone as indented by preffure of the neck of the bladder where appears the nucleus marked 6; cc, feveral fmall (trio leading to thole larger canals marked ddd, being the only paltages by which the urine could get off, which was continually draining away ; the lower canal appears corroded by the acrimony of the urine ; cc, two appendices of hells calculous matter. This is a fide view of the hone.



XX. A.

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