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107 Tigot, Merin, Meryhro Al Solider de Loam & do Bak% (printed at Paris in 1762) 1 obferved a difeafe mentioned under the appellation of Ergot, name

bottomed from its limpored auk, viz, vitiated rye. As the phanomena of the difeafe defcribed (which is faid to be frequently epidemic M (mend provincm

of France) are very limiter to thofe of the difeafe, which we lately received an account from Wattiflum, I took the liberty of writing letter to M. Tam, and requefied the favour of him to communicate to me whatever had fallen under his own obferration, with refpoft to the difeafe called Ergot. In anfwer to my letter, I have lately been favoured by that learned phyliciars, with the inclofed collection of curious fads and obfervations on the fubjeet of my inquiry which, at his requen, I do rnyklf ahe honour to lend to the Royal Society.

I am, Reverend Sir,

Your moll obedient

and very humble (errant,

George Baker. Jennyn.furet, Dec.s, 175.



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