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102 be lune dry, and each piece being weighed, was found as follows; Gr. Gr. *sighed as the fait (appal-4d to be contained was


44 3


4 5


All 3

weigh. so,


fait gaincJ


But on thoi;;eing hung near a fire for 72 hours, until perk-611y dry, no falt appeared to be imbibed, for the above numbers weighed o follows ; having loft by extraordinary drynefs about ,tj'. of their fiat weight. tO

weighbl so Grains, having loli a Grains 4 4. 3


50 53

3 3 3



Experiment VII. For the fake of the greater exatIneft. another fioat (marked C) was made of two cubes of cork, amounting to 164 grains ; the larger 118, and the fmaller 46 grains ; this was put into the fame voTel of none water, after it had been 66 hours in a warm chamber,

and fupported a medallion of lead weighing

766 grains ; it was left M the water for 36 hours

longer, and weighed again, when it was found to lupport 754 grains, having loll so grains of its buoyant force in that !pace of immerlion. From this lecond experiment does it not appear, that this lois


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