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Paris monuments

6th grade French Section y

Table of Contents Jardin du Luxembourg


Moulin Rouge

Romane (Makayla)

Musée du Louvre

Axelle (Bailey)


David (Jacob)

Arc de Triomphe

Jordan (Cory)

Château de Fontainebleau

Emma (Ellie)

Musée d’Orsay

Caroline (Ella)

Parc Astérix

Axel (Jack H)

Tour Eiffel

Bernard (Charlie)

Stade de France


Père Lachaise Cemetery

Dylan (Edward)

Notre Dame

Mathieu (Josh)

Centre Georges-Pompidou

Juliette (Bella)

Opéra Garnier

Margaux (Elena)

Château de Versailles

Léo (Chris)

Jardin du Luxemburg

Chloè Chloe Blackmon

It is know for the beautiful ponds, flowers, fountains, statues and more


It is located in 6th arrondissements 75006, Paris

It was built in 1625 by architect Salomon de Brosse for the duke of Luxembourg They started to construct it in 1612 and ended around 1625

Moulin Rouge Makayla Boxley (Romane) Moulin Rouge was a place where people would go to see dance performances. But before it became Moulin Rouge it was the old, run down White Queen Dance Hall. In 1889 Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler bought the old hall and transformed it into the Moulin Rouge. It’s name means “Red Windmill” which refers to the red windmill at Moulin Rouge. Now the Moulin Rouge is a modern­day cabaret.

Moulin Rouge is now famous because the iconic “can­can” dance was first performed there. The Moulin Rouge was later nicknamed “Le Premier Palais des Femmes” which means The First Palace of Women in french. There was even a movie made about the Moulin Rouge!

MusÊe du Louvre The World’s Most Impressive Museum From all over the World Though the Louvre has always been in France, its vast art collection reaches all the way to Mesopotamia, including the amazing cultures of Greece, Italy, Egypt and of course, France.

The Louvre: Past and Present

How Many?!

The Louvre has journeyed Works of through multiple uses, Art beginning with its use as a military fort, in 1990. Then, Windows it was home to the French monarchy for three Locks centuries, and one century when it lay dormant. It was Steps later proposed that the Louvre should be a Rooms museum, housing all sorts of art, and in 1793, the Louvre opened publically.

The 1980s and 1990s were huge times for Louvre renovations. Perhaps the most impressive was the immense steel and glass pyramid entrance, made by I. M. Pei. Thanks from: - - -

The Louvre is home to over 35,000 pieces of Art. In the Museum, there are 2,410 fancy windows. 3,000 locks protect the beauty of the Louvre. Need Exercise? The Louvre has 10,000 steps for you to climb. 60, 600 m2 of rooms are in the Louvre.




The  Panthéon  is  a   church/burial  ground.  It  was   built  because  it  replaced   another  church.  This  church   is  located  in  Paris.    The   Reason  why  it  is  famous  is   because  it  is  a  burial  ground.     http://anthony.atkielski.pagesperso-­‐  

The  architect  was   James-­‐  Germain   Soufflot  and  Jean-­‐   Baptiste  Rondelet.  The   person  that  ordered  the   Panthéon  to  be  built   was  Louis  XV.



//upload.wi kimedia.or g/wikipedia /commons/c/c3/Inside_the_Pantheon,_Paris_France__Alex_E._Proimos.jpg

• Stands 50 meters high, 45 meters wide, and 22 meters deep

• Built to worship the French army

• Built in 1806-1814 then stopped for 18 years until they started again for 4 years in 1832-1836

Château de Fontainebleau

Château de  Fontainebleau   was  a  palace  to  house  kings,     queens,  emperors,  and  dukes.     King  Louis  VII  first  built  it.  


The Château  de   Fontainebleau  had  great   paintings  and   architecture.  Leonardo   da  Vinci  did  some   paintings.         The  palace  is  55  kilometers   away  from  the  center  of     Paris.  It  has  been  added  onto   since  1515.  Napoleon  lived   in  this  house.­‐de-­‐fontainebleau/   http://www.musee-­‐chateau-­‐  

Musée d’Orsay Caroline Hanamirian

● The Museum was originally built as a train station in 1898-1900 ● The building was originally built by Émile Bénard, Lucien Magne, and Victor Laloux ● Its located in Paris, France on the left side of the Seine River

● The Musée d’Orsay as a train station took about 2 years to build ● The Museum has a famous gold clock at the entrance so passengers could see the time when the waited for their train, back when it was a train station ● The museum holds art from 1848-1995


Astérix Amusement Park in France Located North of Paris, close to Charles de Gaulle Airport Built in 1989

Ancient Greece

Welcome to Gaulérix_POV_onride_et_offride.webm/800px--Goudurix_au_Parc_Astérix_POV_onride_et_offride.webm.jpg

Your family will love visiting Parc Asterix. The park is based on cartoon stories of Asterix, a Gaul and his friend. Visit all 6 Worlds of Parc Asterix. Ride the Rollercoasters


Roman Empire

 Parc Astérix is a popular amusement park with 6 worlds: Egypt, Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Welcome to Gaul, Vikings and Travel through Time.  32 rides including the 2nd longest wooden rollercoaster in Europe called Zeus. 

Other Rides Include: Ozilris, SOS Numérobis, la trace du hourra, Menhir express, Le grand splatch, Le Delfi de Ceaser, Romuset rapid, Tonnerre zeus, L’hydre de Lerne, Le Cheval de tourie.

LA TOUR EIFFEL By Bernard • Built by Gustave Eiffel and his company in 1889 • Named after Gustave Eiffel • Built for world exposition in 1889 for the celebration of the French Revolution in 1789 • Famous for being the tallest man-made structure when it surpassed the height of the Washington Monument

• Eiffel Tower held the title for 40 years until the Chrysler building was built

• Averages seven million tourists per year and a huge tourist attraction

Stade de France


Père-Lachaise Cemetery

In 1804 there were only 13 graves, to this day there is 393 graves in the cemetery.

Cathedrale de Notre Dame by josh Riddick

The cathedral is located in Paris, France on the eastern end of the island Ile de la Cité Construction was initiated by Bishop Maurice de Sully who was the bishop of Paris in 1160 CE Construction of of cathedral was started by the bishop because he was very religious and he dedicated the church to the Virgin Mary Construction took around 200 years The cathedral was built on the ruins of two earlier churches and then converted into one large cathedral This church is a gothic style cathedral and one of the most famous of the Middle Ages Cathedral is famous for its size, age and architectural design and detail­Dame_de_Reims,_France.jpg­endless­world­discover/notre­dame­cathedral­5/

Carte Georges Pompidou­beaubourg­carte.jpg

● Opened in 1977

● Fine art museum ● This building is known for its crazy architecture. ● It was voted six on ten places to go in Paris by Times Magazine. ● Holds over 60,000 pieces of art. ● Named after a man who fought in World War II, Georges Pompidou. ● Third most visited Paris attraction with about 5.5 visitors a year! ● 60,000 pieces of art! (2nd largest 20th century collection of art in the world)

Opera Garnier The Opera Garnier was built in 1861 to 1875. Charles Garnier built it. The Opera Garnier is located at the Place de l’Opera. It took fourteen years to build and it took longer to build because there was an underground lake.

The Opera Garnier was built because it was designed for Emperor Napoleon III. Napoleon III had it built as part of the renovations works in the capital.


Opera Garnier is famous because it is one of the largest theatres in the world. It is called Palais Garnier because it is a masterpiece. It is very impressive. Both the outside and the inside is luxurious. It is one of the famous opera houses in the world. It is the setting for the novel “Phantom of the Opera.”

Chateau de   Versailles    

The  famous  Hall  of  Mirrors  (Galerie  des  Glaces)  is  one  of  the  most  remarkable  and   ornate  parts  of  the  palace.   of-­‐versailles-­‐facts-­‐history.html­‐palace-­‐

The  palace  started  off  as  a  small  hunting  lodge  for  Louis  XIII  in  1624,  Louis  XIV  built   the   palace   famous   for   its   pomposity.   Magnificently   landscaped   parks   surround   the   royal  residence  and  seat  of  government.      

Paris monuments Q3  

We made flyers about Paris Monuments to share our research with each other and our families

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