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Welcome to Anoka-Ramsey Community College Degrees, Generals, Subjects & Transfer.......................... 4-5 Programs A to Z ................................................................ 6-7 • Art, Music, Theatre & English..................................... 8-9 • Biology, Bioscience & Science.............................. 10-11 • Business....................................................................... 12-13 • Computers............................................................... 14-15 • Education & Social Services.................................. 16-17 • Engineering, Mathematics, Physics & Biomedical........................................................... 18-19 • Health & Wellness................................................... 20-21 Advanced Degrees........................................................... 22 Flexible Scheduling............................................................ 23 Student Resources: Tutoring, Counseling & Advising......... 24 Career Assistance ............................................................. 25 Life Outside the Classroom............................................... 26 Athletics............................................................................... 27 Professional Training........................................................... 28 How to Pay for College..................................................... 29 Prepare to be Impressive.................................................. 30 Contact Us.......................................................................... 31





Vitaliy Baranyuk Hometown

Coon Rapids, Minn. Goal at Anoka-Ramsey

Associate of Arts Degree; Generals to Transfer (MnTC) Scholarships/Awards

“Small class sizes make learning much easier and less intimidating.”

Best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey

Learn more about Vitaliy at

The faculty are very knowledgeable, the class size usually does not exceed 30 people and finally Anoka-Ramsey is the most affordable school in Minnesota.

Wild Dreams

Earn a medical/Ph.D. degree and be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Best Instructor

There are many great instructors at AnokaRamsey, but two of the best instructors that I was honored to learn from are Dr. Pieper and Dr. Croonquist.

Vitaliy Now

Studying at the University of Minnesota and working as an undergraduate Research Assistant II.

Future Plans

I plan to graduate with a double major in Neuroscience and Genetics, Cell Biology, and Developmental Biology and then apply for graduate studies in Molecular Neuroscience.

Employment Outlook

Physicians and surgeons are expected to have employment growth of 22% over the next decade. Median Wage: $186,044* (Based on primary care physician in 2008. Earnings of physicians and surgeons are among the highest of any occupation.)

Dream Job

Principle investigator in a university laboratory.

More than 100 Degree, Certificate & Training Programs

Fully Accredited

Small Class Sizes

Beautiful, Riverside Campuses

Active On-Campus Student Organizations

Career-Focused Training Programs

In-Demand Two Year Degree Programs

It’s easy to figure out why more than 12,000 people chose Anoka-Ramsey Community College last year to help achieve their educational, professional and personal goals.

Dedicated Faculty

Compare the Overall Value

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Report

Lowest-Cost Tuition

• Outstanding Chemistry Student of the Year (2009) • Dean’s List (all semesters) • Scholarship For Organic Chemistry Student • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program with University of Minnesota

Anoka-Ramsey Community College * Based on 2010-2011 tuition rates. 3

er Regist Now! n s Begi Classe 10 Jan.

Anoka-Ramsey Community College: Compare to be Impressed At our two campuses in Cambridge and Coon Rapids, or at one of our numerous off-site locations (see page 23), you will find people just like yourself, seeking a high-quality education to increase wage-earning potential and career satisfaction. No matter who you are, there is a place for you at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. • High School Graduates completing career programs or, more often, getting the first two-years of a four-year degree • College Graduates pursing a bachelor’s or master’s degree close to home (see page 22) • Adults seeking professional training to advance careers • International Students, pursuing higher education • Military Veterans pursing new careers and a better future • Senior Citizens exploring interests • Post-Secondary Education Option Students (PSEO) taking college credits while still in high school Classes begin Jan. 10, 2011. Consider what Anoka-Ramsey has to offer you and contact us soon!

Transfer Made Easy Your Anoka-Ramsey two-year degree will easily transfer to four-year institutions. Anoka-Ramsey has transfer agreements with numerous colleges and universities throughout Minnesota.



Degrees, Generals (MnTC), Course Subject Areas Subjects, Transfer & Training Accounting History generals (Mntc minnesota transfer curriculum)

Credit classes to transfer into a four-year degree program. Associate in Art Degree (AA)

A general two-year degree. Students can choose to concentrate in select areas. Associate in Science Degree (AS)

A two-year degree in a specific field. Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS)

A specialized two-year degree that combines a liberal arts education with career-specific classes.

Associate in Fine Arts Degree (AFA) A two-year

degree available in Art, Music or Theatre to transfer into a four-year program.

ADVANCED DEGREES See page 22 Certificates Training and courses in in-demand career

fields leading to or enhancing employment

Professional Training See page 28

American Sign Language Anthropology Art Biology Biomedical Technology Business Career Orientation Chemistry Chinese Competency-Based Education (CBE) Computer Applications Computer Networking & Telecommunications Computer Science Creative Writing Economics Education Engineering English French General Studies Geography Geographic Information Systems (GIS) German Graphic Design Health/Physical Education/Recreation

Human Resources Humanities Human Services Integrative Health & Healing Journalism Management Marketing Mathematics Music Natural Science Nursing Office Technology Philosophy Physical Therapist Assistant Physics Political Science Psychology Reading Social Science Sociology Spanish Speech Study Abroad Study Skills Swedish Theatre Arts Women’s Studies

example, two of my big interests were writing and theatre. I was able to explore both. In each experience, I met like-minded students, and knowledgeable, personable instructors who I now call friends. Best Instructor

There are several, but if I can only name one I will say Richard Broderick. He’s a very talented writer. Kate Kysar, Paige Riehl and Blayne Lemke are also shining examples of instructors who are willing to go out of their way to help students.

“Anoka-Ramsey is such a great place to start your education.” Learn more about Donny at

Donny LaQue Hometown

Eugene, Ore. Achievement at Anoka-Ramsey

Associate in Arts Degree in Creative Writing Scholarships/Awards

• Scholarship for three terms; • Outstanding Achievement in Creative Writing 2010

What people should know about Anoka-Ramsey

The cost is low, the classes are educational, and there are so many opportunities to expand your interests. What people should know about the writing program

My expectations about a writing program at a twoyear institution were far exceeded. Anoka-Ramsey provided a great foundation for my future pursuits in writing, and I feel very grateful. Donny Now

Transferring to Hamline University for a bachelor’s and master’s in fine arts degree in Creative Writing. Employment Outlook

Authors, writers and editors are expected to have employment growth of 8% over the next decade. Median Income: $32,510*

Best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey

Anoka-Ramsey has many great opportunities to explore your interests. When I enrolled, for

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Report 5

Programs A-Z Result Program



Location Training


Coon Rapids


Scheduling Online




MnTC courses for transfer to a four-year degree program (Generals) Accounting Accounting Practitioner

(AS) (AAS)

Acupressure Administrative Specialist Adobe Professional Suite Advanced Medical Device American Sign Language Applied Engineering - Biomedical Device Manufacturing Art


Art (emphasis)


Art Sales Arts & Language Associate in Arts


Athletic Coaching Biological Sciences


Biomedical Core Biomedical Industry Documentation/Configuration Management Biomedical Industry Quality Systems Biomedical Technician Biomedical Technologist


Business Business


Business Administration


Business Communications Business Computer Applications Business Generalist Business, Industry & Technology


Business Innovation & Ideation Business Supervisory & Management Charge Nurse Leadership Cisco CCNA Certification Training Cisco CCNA Security Certification Training Clinical Research Professional Community Health


CompTIA A+ Certification Training ComptTIA Security + Certification Training ComptTIA Network + Certification Training Computer Applications/IT Computer Help Desk Specialist Computer Networking & Telecommunications


Computer Network Security Computer Network Support & Administration Computer Operating Systems Computer Programming Computer Science


Creative Writing (emphasis)


Customer Service Education (emphasis)


Emergency Medical Technician English Literature (emphasis)


Environmental Science


Essential Oils



Blue = Credit program only; Purple = Both credit and non-credit programs; Yellow = Non-credit programs only AA=Associate in Arts; AS=Associate in Science; AAS=Associate in Applied Science; AFA=Associate in Fine Arts

Result Program



Location Training


Coon Rapids


Scheduling Online




Fitness Specialist Geography (emphasis)

(AA) (post graduate)

Graduate Reading Hardware (A+) Healing Touch Healthcare Herbal Therapies High Performance Leadership Holistic Geriatric Health Holistic Healing Coaching Holistic Hospice & Palliative Care Human Resources Associate


Integrative Health & Healing


Lean Strategies Kid U/College for Kids Leadership in Business Lean & Six Sigma Lean Medical Device & Pharmaceutical

Lean Strategies Lifework/Career Transitions Manufacturing Management/Marketing (emphasis)

(Business AAS)

Medical Device Advanced Medical Device Fundamentals Microsoft Office Master Music


Network Support & Administration Nursing Leadership Nursing: LPN Mobility


Nursing: Two-Year Professional Nurse


Nursing: RN to BSN


Office Technology (emphasis) Physical Therapist Assistant Pre-Engineering

(Business AAS)

(AAS) (AS)

Project Management Project Management Master Public Leadership Academy Psychology (emphasis)


Quickbooks & Business Accounting Series Reading Teacher K-12 Retail Management Sales Management


Small Business Accounting Small Business Development SolidWorks Spanish Special Education Teaching Secondary Student Licensure Teaching Education K-8 Licensure

(BS) (Post BA/BS)


Team Building Theatre


Virtualization (VmWare) Web Design & Development Workplace Wellness 7

Art, Music, Theatre & English An associate in arts or associate in fine arts may be the choice for you if you are a visual person, like to work with productions or words, or live to perform in front of an audience. Arts and communications workers such as painters, dancers, sculptors, musicians, writers, actors and singers use creativity and their talents in their job. You may work in front of an audience as a performer or artist or behind the scenes to make a performance successful with a script, music, lighting or stage design.

Related Programs

Courses offered in all these subjects: • Art

• Music

• Associate in Arts

• Theatre

Associate in Fine Arts (degree) emphasis in Art (degree) emphasis in Creative Writing (degree) emphasis in English Literature (degree)


Associate in Fine Arts (degree) Associate in Fine Arts (degree)


Katie Aiuppa Hometown

Zimmerman, Minn. Goal at Anoka-Ramsey

Associate in Fine Arts Degree in Music Scholarships/Awards

• Student Leadership Award Best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey

“Anoka-Ramsey offers everything I need to be successful.”

I love the level of teaching that comes out of a community college. The expectation level is perfect. Best Instructor

The best professor at Anoka-Ramsey is Richard Perkins. He does an incredible job making sure that his students understand the music theory they are learning. He also helps create plans at the beginning of each semester that describes how to improve our study of music theory! One thing you want people to know about Anoka-Ramsey

Throw out what you expect from the average community college! Anoka-Ramsey is a twoyear college with the standards and excellence of a four-year college.

Learn more about Katie at

there are tons of scholarships and resources available to help students succeed. Katie Now

Transfering to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree in Music Education, and eventually study for a master’s degree. Dream Job

I want to travel the world, and teach music.

What advice would you give another student facing obstacles/challenges?

Employment Outlook

Whatever you do, don’t give up on something you are struggling with. Whether it is a difficult class or finances, don’t let the problems you’re facing discourage you. Use all the help that is offered here. The tutors are incredible, and

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Report

Postsecondary music teachers are expected to have employment growth of 15% over the next decade. Mean Wage: $68,720* 9

Biology, Bioscience & Science Whether your ultimate goal is to become a doctor, a veterinarian, a world-renowned research scientist or you are seeking a fast-track career in the booming industry of biomedical technology, Anoka-Ramsey is the most affordable place to begin.

Related Programs

Courses offered in all these subjects: Engineering ! • Applied Associate in Science (degree)


• Biological Sciences

Associate in Science (degree)

• Biomedical Technologist

Associate in Science (degree)

• Environmental Science

Associate in Science (degree)

• Pre-Engineering

Associate in Science (degree)

• Advanced Medical Device

• Biomedical Technician (certificate) • Clinical Research Professional (certificate)

• Documentation/Configuration Management for Biomedical Industry (certificate) • Lean Medical Device & Pharmaceutical (certificate) • Quality Systems for Biomedical Industry (certificate)


• Biomedical Core (certificate)





small, but the content could get pretty heavy. It was amazing how many instructors took very complicated concepts and broke them into pieces that I could understand in order for me to put them back together and learn something great. Best Instructors

William Saari, Dierk Hofreiter and Michelle Rogers What people should know about AnokaRamsey

“Every instructor I had made me feel comfortable visiting their office for help.� Learn more about Anna at

Anna Pescola

Anoka-Ramsey is an affordable way to find out what your passion is, and then foster the growth of that passion. Dream Job

I want to be a renewable energy engineer to design renewable energy power systems that converge with current systems, make energy systems more efficient and affordable. I also want to be part of the team that will provide renewable energy options to low income people around the world.


Anna Now

Clearwater, Minn.

Attending the Oregon Institute of Technology in the Renewable Energy Engineering program.

Goal at Anoka-Ramsey

Associate in Science in Pre-Engineering Best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey

The approachable faculty was the main tribute to my success as a student. I took mostly STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) core classes. The classes were

Employment Outlook

Environmental-related engineers are expected to have employment growth of 31% over the next decade. Median Wage: $74,020* * Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Report

Want to save money?

Beginning your path to an advanced degree at Anoka-Ramsey will save you thousands of dollars in tuition costs (see page 22 for tuition comparison). 11

Business, Accounting, Management & Leadership Anoka-Ramsey Community College offers programs in business, accounting, management and leadership to prepare you to provide the vital support and vision that organizations need to run successfully. In business, there are many types of jobs at all levels. You may work in a variety of industries as well. Perhaps you will start your own business and do it all!

Related Programs

Courses offered in all these subjects: • Accounting

Associate in Science (degree)

• Accounting Practitioner

Associate in Applied Science (degree)

• Business

Associate in Science (degree - also entirely online!)

• Business

Associate in Applied Science emphasis in Management/Marketing (degree) emphasis in Office Technology (degree)

• Business Administration

Bachelor of Science (degree - see page 22)

• Business Industry & Technology

Associate in Science (degree)

• Human Resources Associate Associate in Science (degree)

• Sales Management

Associate in Science (degree)

• Business Communication (certificate) • Business Computer Applications (certificate)

• Business Generalist (certificate) • Customer Service (certificate) • Leadership in Business (certificate) • Project Management (certificate) • Public Leadership Academy (certificate)

• Quickbooks & Business Accounting Series (certificate) • Retail Management (certificate) • Small Business Accounting (certificate)

• Small Business Development (certificate)

• Administrative Specialist (certificate)





Best Instructor

“You will feel welcomed at Anoka-Ramsey!”

Jennifer Friestad. She made the effort to know her students and encouraged us all to reach our goals. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, and Jennifer saw something in me that I couldn’t recognize myself. She saw that I had the talent to communicate effectively while encouraging others and because of this, she suggested that I might want to look at sales for a career. I am now working for a company that absolutely fits with what I’m seeking:

Learn more about Amy (left) at

1. I have a name, not just an employee number. 2. My participation and ideas are listened to and encouraged. 3. To be employed at a company that I look forward to working at Monday-Friday.

Amy Anderson

What people should know about Business programs at Anoka-Ramsey


You will learn so much more than just the skills that employers are looking for. You will learn the ability to exceed employers expectations as well as your own!

Bloomington, Minn. High School

Bloomington Jefferson Goals at Anoka-Ramsey

Accounts Payable/Receivable Certificate (2003), Business Generalist Certificate (2003); Associate in Science Degree in Marketing and Management (2006) Best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey

Having the flexibility to work while attending classes at Anoka-Ramsey made going back to school much easier.

Amy Now

Sales Executive at Meritide, Inc. (Roseville MN); Anoka-Ramsey Community College Business Advisory Board member. Employment Outlook:

Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks are expected to have employment growth of 10% over the next decade. Median Income: $53,070* * Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Report 13

Computers: Networking, Programming, Software & Technology Like computers and software, and want to be in-demand? Information technology jobs are in a growing and always-changing field. You might work with computer hardware, software, multimedia or network systems. You might design new computer equipment or work on a new computer game. The possibilities are endless. Check out Anoka-Ramsey Community College programs that can launch your computer career.

Related Programs

Courses offered in all these subjects: • Computer Networking & Telecommunications

• CompTIA A+ Certification (training)

• Computer Science

• Microsoft Office Master (certificate)

• Computer Help Desk Specialist

• Network Support & Administration

• Computer Network Security

• Quickbooks & Business Accounting Series (certificate)

• Computer Programming

• VMware vSphere 4 Certification

• Cisco CCNA Certification (training)

• Web Design (certificate)

Associate in Science (degree) Associate in Science (degree) (certificate) (certificate) (certificate)

• CompTIA Security + Certification (training)



• Cisco CCNA Security Certification (training)





Donald Sawyer Hometown

Coon Rapids, Minn. Goal at Anoka-Ramsey

Generals to transfer into four-year degree Education after Anoka-Ramsey

Bachelor of science in Computer Science from St. Cloud State University Scholarships/Awards

• Dean’s List • Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Honor Club) • Cum Laude

“An Anoka-Ramsey education is cost effective and provides a great stepping stone for transitioning and preparing for a four-year college program.”

Best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey

Fabulous instructors. Good learning environment. Cost effective.

Learn more about Donald at

Best Instructor

Tough call. Tim Wrenn, Lance Lund and Mark Omodt. What people should know about Anoka-Ramsey

Dream Job

Software Engineering Consultant (entrepreneur)

Anoka-Ramsey offers a great atmosphere for students to learn effectively. The instructors care about the students and are easily accessible.

Donald Now

What people should know about the Computer courses at Anoka-Ramsey

Employment Outlook

Instructor Tim Wrenn is a challenging instructor who always teaches material that is relevant for the real world, while still preparing for four-year degrees.

Senior Systems Engineer, Target Corp

Senior systems engineers are expected to have employment growth of 32% over the next decade. Median Income: $85,430 * Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Report 15

Education & Social Services Do you want to make a direct and important difference in peoples’ lives? Teachers and social services workers guide and assist people. As a counselor, librarian or principal, you could support the work of a classroom teacher. You could also coach sports activities or lead community classes. Social services workers help individuals and families meet their personal needs. You might work in a government office, hospital, nonprofit agency, nursing home, spa, hotel or school. Or, you may work from your own home.

Related Programs

Courses offered in all these subjects: • Associate in Arts

emphasis in Education (degree) emphasis in Psychology (degree)

• FasTrack to License for Teaching Secondary Students

• Special Education

Bachelor of Science (degree - see page 22)

• Teacher Education K-8 Licensure

Bachelor of Science (degree - see page 22)

(post-bachelor’s degree - see page 22)





• • •

Kappa Delta Pi President Golden Key President College of Education Dean’s Advisory Committee Member

Best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey

“My dream job was to be a teacher and I am!” Learn more about Dave at

Dave Blanchard Hometown

Zimmerman/Princeton, Minn. Goal at Anoka-Ramsey

Associate of Arts Degree: Generals to Transfer (MnTC) Advanced Degree after Anoka-Ramsey

Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a specialty in Middle School Science from St. Cloud State University (SCSU) Scholarships/Awards

At Anoka-Ramsey: • Honors Graduate • All-Minnesota Academic Team • Cambridge Campus Foundation Scholarship • Phi Theta Kappa President At St. Cloud State University: • Science Education Scholarship

The students and instructors are special at Anoka-Ramsey. They are dedicated, passionate, multitasking, organized, intelligent people from every walk of life. The mix of life experience, college experience and professionalism creates genuinely one of the best learning atmospheres that I have experienced. Best Instructor

A tie between Kathleen Hoffman and Kate Maurer. They are dedicated, friendly and passionate about their careers. I still keep in contact with both of them. What people should know about generals at Anoka-Ramsey

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) is a great way to complete your generals, but I would encourage students to earn their associate in arts degree for only a few more credits. Dave Now

Working as a third grade teacher in the Cambridge-Isanti School District. He plans to earn a master’s degree in either Information Media Sciences or Science Education or both and eventually teach at a university in a college of education. Employment Outlook

Elementary, middle and secondary school teachers are expected to have employment growth of 13% over the next decade. Median income: $50,510* * Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2009 Occupational Outlook Report 17

Engineering, Mathematics, Physics & Biomedical Do you like sciences, such as physics or chemistry, or math? Many students begin their four-year degree in these fields at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. If you want to use science for design or construction, an associate in science in Pre-Engineering may be for you. For those already working in or interested in working in the in-demand field of biomedical technology, Anoka-Ramsey offers several degree and training programs to launch or enhance a career.

Related Programs

Courses offered in all these subjects:



• Advanced Medical Device (certificate)

• Applied Engineering

Associate in Science (degree)

• Biomedical Technologist

Associate in Science (degree)

• Documentation/Configuration Management for Biomedical Industry (certificate) • Lean Green (certificate) • Lean Manufacturing (certificate)

• Pre-Engineering

• Lean Medical Device & Pharmaceutical (certificate)

• Biomedical Core (certificate) • Biomedical Technician (certificate)

• Quality Systems for Biomedical Industry (certificate)

• Center for Lean (training)

• SolidWorks 3D CAD (training)

Associate in Science (degree)

• Clinical Research Professional (certificate)





Joy Benson (Knapton) Hometown

Fridley, Minn. High School

Dandii Boru Goal at Anoka-Ramsey

Clinical Research Professional Certificate (Biomedical Industry – BMED) What originally brought you to Anoka-Ramsey

I was looking for further education after completing a bachelor of art in English and working on the entrance requirements for College of Saint Benedict medical school. After receiving my second rejection letter, I began looking for science or healthcare related classes. Anoka-Ramsey’s newsletter came in the mail, and I was intrigued by the BMED program. I knew that medical device companies had a large presence in Minnesota and that the industry was growing. At the time, I figured I could learn about devices that I would eventually use on my patients. Best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey

Knowledgeable educators who sincerely desire for students to succeed in and beyond the classroom. Best Instructor

I enjoyed all of the instructors, but the introductory class piqued my interest. Rick Kravik, who still teaches the course, had such passion and enthusiasm for the program and the industry. He made the material interesting and practical, and he used field trips to provide a first-hand view of the medical device environment. I also took a Women’s Health class with Melissa Mills. She did an excellent job.

“Anoka-Ramsey’s BMED program truly prepared me to work in the industry and helped to open doors as I began my career.” Learn more about Joy at

What people should know about Anoka-Ramsey

There are peaceful places to study along the Mississippi River. What people should know about the BMED program

It is easy to complete even while working full or part time. Dream Job

I love what I do. Joy Now

In the master of science in Applied Clinical Research program through St. Cloud State University, and working as a clinical research associate (CRA) at Galil Medical, a small medical device company that makes cryotherapy systems to treat cancer. Employment Outlook

Clinical Research Coordinators (with advanced degrees) are expected to have employment growth of 8% over the next decade. Median Wage (with advanced degree): $115,270* * Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Report 19

Health & Wellness Anoka-Ramsey Community College offers a number of programs to promote health, wellness, nursing, fitness, and holistic health that provide the education necessary to succeed in health-related careers. Graduates are not only in demand, they work in a variety of disciplines such as research, directly with patient care or provide support. Health jobs also offer variety in regards to location. For example, you could work in a hospital, office, clinic, laboratory, wellness center or nursing home. Or you could work on a cruise ship, at a sports arena or within a patient’s home.

Related Programs

Courses offered in all these subjects: • Community Health

Associate in Science (degree)

• Integrative Health & Healing Associate in Science (degree)

• Nursing: LPN Mobility

• Clinical Research Professional (certificate)

• Essential Oils (certificate) • Fitness Specialist (certificate)

Associate in Science (degree)

• Healing Touch (certificate)

• Nursing: Two-Year Professional Nurse

• Herbal Therapies (certificate)

• Nursing RN to BSN

• Holistic Geriatric Health (certificate)

Associate in Science (degree)

Bachelor of Science (degree - see page 22)

• Holistic Healing Coaching certificate)

• Physical Therapist Assistant

• Holistic Hospice & Palliative Care

Associate in Applied Science (degree)

• Acupressure (certificate) • Athletic Coaching (certificate) • Clinical Research Professional (certificate)



• Integrative Health & Healing (certificate)

• Workplace Wellness (training)



Best Instructor

“Anoka-Ramsey is a really great college with a wonderful campus, wonderful services, magnificent staff, the best faculty and overall a great environment.” Learn more about Robert at

Robert James Daun Hometown

Dayton, Minn. Goal at Anoka-Ramsey

Associate in Arts Degree & Nursing Degree Scholarships/ Awards

• 2010 Leadership Grant Best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey

I really love the instructors. Some of them have changed the way I look at the world, and so many of them teach in ways that you think “Wow, I am actually going to use this information in my career.” When instructors teach this way, it makes the class worth the money.

I can’t name just one “Best Instructor”. Alan Goodell-Holmes for teaching Abnormal Psychology in a way that I will use in my career; Melanie Waite-Altringer for her enthusiasm for environmental science; Paula Croonquist for her enthusiasm for science–her work ethic is nothing short of incredible. Dave Larson for his knowledge of biology–he will take time to help groups of students he doesn’t know study for a test that isn’t in his class. Lance Lund and Kelly Befus for their help and enthusiasm for chemistry. Bob Toensing for helping me greatly improve my stained glass technique and teaching the business of art as well. Karl Wielgus for changing the way I look at our world through sociology. Brandon Funk for changing the way I read and broadening my literary horizons. Scott Ford for changing the way I look at relationships and helping me with public speaking. Drew Mattson for his knowledge of economics, great teaching abilities and availability to help. Future Plans

Transfer to Metropolitan State University or Bemidji State University to get my four year registered nursing degree then go on to become a nurse anesthetist. Employment Outlook

Registered nurses are expected to have employment growth of 22% over the next decade. Median Income: $62,450* * Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Report 21

Making Advanced Degrees Convenient

Advanced Degrees at Anoka-Ramsey Campuses Below is a listing of the programs currently offered at Anoka-Ramsey’s Cambridge Campus and Coon Rapids Campus. Additional advanced degrees are under development, so check back often. • Business Administration

bachelor of science degree program from Metropolitan State University

• Teacher Education K-8 Licensure, Distributed Learning in Teacher Education (DLiTE)

bachelor of science from Bemidji State University

• FasTrack to License for Teaching Secondary Students

(post-bachelor’s degree) from Bemidji State University • Nursing

bachelor of science degree program from Bemidji State University • Special Education

bachelor of science leading to E/BD licensure from Minnesota State University Moorhead • Special Education Courses

leading to a bachelor and master of science degree by St. Cloud State University

Attend College Close to Home & Save By attending Anoka-Ramsey Community College for one academic year, you could save up to $15,000. Compare 30 semester credits (or 45 quarter credits) at Anoka-Ramsey with other private institutes in your community:

esota ition in Minn Tu st o -C st e Low Anoka-Ramsey Community College..................................................... $4,550* University of Minnesota......................................................................... $11,466* Minnesota School of Business................................................................ $19,575* *Source: College websites; Fall 2010 tuition



Flexible Scheduling Options Off-Campus Locations Anoka-Ramsey Community College brings college classes into communities and regions where location counts! Classes are offered one or two nights a week in different lengths including 16-week full semester or 10-week moderately accelerated semesters • • • • •

Becker Blaine Columbia Heights Elk River Forest Lake

• • • • •

Fridley Lindstrom Lino Lakes Monticello New Brighton

• North Branch • St. Francis • Zimmerman

To view the courses offered this fall, visit

Online Classes & Programs Anoka-Ramsey Community College offers online classes in 20 subjects. Take online classes or complete an associate in art degree, an associate in science degree in Business or Accounting, or a Business Computer Applications or Business Generalist certificate entirely online. Anoka-Ramsey also offers student services such as records and registration, financial aid, student orientation, library services and tutoring online.

Saturday College Is your time tight? You can earn a degree in five semesters or your general credits to transfer in three semesters, taking up to five courses a semester on Saturdays only. Saturday College courses at Anoka-Ramsey are accelerated, hybrid courses, which means the pace is fast—often double the pace of a typical semester course. Further, up to half of your course work may be online. Spend as few as eight Saturdays on campus to complete one or more courses. For the lifelong learner in you, Anoka-Ramsey offers courses to learn more about other cultures, understand how the human mind works or paint a portrait. Earn your Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) credits (generals) in three semesters! Saturday classes have been efficiently scheduled, so you can complete your generals (MnTC) in three semesters.

To view the courses offered this spring, visit 23

Student Resources Help To Succeed!

Here is an overview of the free, success-focused services available outside the classroom to students at Anoka-Ramsey.

One-on-One Services Academic Advising can help you: • plan class schedules • research careers • check graduation requirements • find resources and learning strategies • explore transfer options Counseling Services can help you with: • personal concerns • a personal crisis • career counseling and career assessments • various topics related to mental health

Support Communities Adult Basic Education provides free services in GED preparation, reading enhancement, writing skills and basic math skills. Academic Support Centers provide tutoring services in science, college-level math, foreign languages, social science, computer skills and any other academic area you need help in. The Math Skills & Advising Center provides services to help you develop the math skills needed for success in college-level math courses. The center offers tutoring, academic advising services and workshops. Preparation for the Accuplacer math placement exam is also available. Writing Services provide professional assistance to help you become a better writer. The Office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs enhances the involvement of underrepresented and underserved students and promotes a campus community that embraces, celebrates and creates inclusive learning environments. The office includes a Mosaic Center where students can gather for support.

Resources For Your Unique Needs Access Services for students with disabilities provide free academic support services to students with documented disabilities to help them participate fully and successfully in college programs. TRIO Student Support Services provide free services designed to provide a positive learning environment to help ensure the academic success of qualified students, such as those who are the first in their family to attend college. Veterans Services provide free services to military veterans, active duty service members, Guardsmen/Reservists and their family members. Staff members are available to answer questions, help access military benefits and transcripts, assist with degree planning, provide referral services and much more.



Career Assistance Career development is a life-long process that includes self assessment, occupational research, educational research and job-hunting strategies. Anoka-Ramsey Community College has counselors and advisors available to help you with your career development process.

Career Resources Career Services can help you to plan your career map and take steps toward your final destination with: • Advising

• Individual Counseling • Classes & Workshops • Library Resources

• Job Placement Services

Career Search Workshops Job Search Strategies Workshop: Develop a strategic, job-hunting process by optimizing all available resources. Learn how and what to prepare, online and offline search methods, networking, cold calling, informational interviewing and direct employer contact. Begin the job search process or refine current strategies. Resume & Cover Letter Workshop: Explore various resumes and cover letter styles and formats used in today’s job market to gain employment. Interview Workshop: Explore various interviewing methods used today by employers. Learn what to expect, how to prepare for an interview, and tips and techniques. Professional Training: (see page 28)

If you need services that we don’t offer, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you. 25

Life Outside the Classroom Clubs, Activities, Athletics & More

College is more than classes. Along with numerous clubs and organizations to help you make the most of your education, the Office of Student Life sponsors social, educational and cultural events throughout the year. If your interest is not already represented, you are encouraged to form your own club! Governing Organizations • Student Government • Student Life Committee/ Campus Programming Board Academic Organizations • Astronomy Club • Biology Club • Business Leadership Club • Chemistry Club • Computer Science Club • Engineering & Physics Club • History Club • Math Club • Phi Theta Kappa nch Grab lu • Philosophy Club r and you e! • Psi Beta coffe • Psychology Club avorite f • Theatre Special Interest Groups • Adult Learning Club • African Student Association • Art Club • Billiards Club • Campus Democrats & Progressives • Campus Republicans & Conservatives • Ceramic Guild • Creative Writing Club • CRU (Christian Association) • Dance Team • Gay Straight Alliance • Hearts Ablaze (Christian Club) • Multicultural Club • Muslim Student Association • Nurses Christian Fellowship • Society for Creative Anachronism • STARS • Swing Dancing Club • Veteran Club • Where’s the Script? Student Publications • Ink Spot (Cambridge Campus) • The Rampage (Coon Rapids Campus) • Spirit River Crossings (Cambridge) • Rapids Review (Coon Rapids)


Student Activities for Optional Credit • Band (Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Musical Theatre Ensemble, String Orchestra) • Choir (Concert, Chamber Singers) • Intercollegiate Athletics • Student Newspapers • Theatre/Drama • Newspaper/Journalism Fitness • Fitness Centers (both Cambridge Campus & Coon Rapids Campus) Intramural & Recreational Sports The Intramural and Recreational Sports program offers something for everyone, and is a great way to meet new friends and enjoy friendly competition. • Bowling • Badminton • Basketball • Softball • Sand Volleyball • Volleyball • Golf • Students vs. faculty/staff softball games • More


thletic why a at t u o n Find ipatio partic amsey is a-R Anok cketing! skyro

Athletics The Golden Rams collegiate athletic teams at Anoka-Ramsey Community College offer exciting action for both players and spectators. As a member of the Minnesota College Athletic Conference and the National Junior College Athletic Association, Anoka-Ramsey offers the following competitive teams:

Men’s Sports Baseball Basketball Soccer

Women’s Sports Basketball Fastpitch Softball Soccer Volleyball For schedules, visit 27

Professional Training for Businesses & Individuals Helping individuals and businesses thrive in a changing economy. Anoka-Ramsey Community College Professional Training offers development, consulting, assessment and training for individuals, small businesses and corporations.

Areas of Expertise Business & Industry Development Business Communication Customer Service High Performance Leadership Innovation & Ideation Project Management Supervisory/Management Team Building

Allied Healthcare Charge Nurse Leadership Clinical Research Health Information Technology Lean Healthcare Medical Coding Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Pharmacy Technician

Biomedical Technology Medical Device Design & Manufacturing Process Validation/Verification Quality Systems Regulatory (ISO/FDA) Risk Management Statistical Analysis/Minitab

Highly Regulated Industries 3D CAD/SolidWorks Creativity & Innovation LEAN & Six Sigma Regulatory Control

Center for LEAN Lean Business Lean Green Lean Healthcare Lean Manufacturing Lean Medical Device Manufacturing Lean Office Lean Online Computer Applications & IT Computer Applications (Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe) Hardware (A+) Networking (Cisco, CompTIA) Operating Systems Security, Wireless, VOIP Virtualization (VmWare) Web Design & Development

Integrative Health & Healing Annual Holistic Conference Complementary & Alternative Medicine Palliative and Geriatric Care Workplace Wellness Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development Business Planning & Consulting Buy/Sell Business Financial Assessments Invention Development Marketing Raising Capital Start-up Assistance

Individuals contact Professional Training admissions at 763-433-1200, or visit www. for the most current training schedule. Businesses contact a Professional Training Director at 763-433-1200 to discuss customized training designed to help you meet your bottom line, or visit or www. for more information.



How to Pay for College Think college is too expensive for you? Don’t rule it out because of costs. The U.S. Department of Education awards more than $96 billion a year in grants, work-study assistance and low-interest loans, and the state of Minnesota has programs too. In fact, 65 percent* of Anoka-Ramsey Community College students receive some form of financial aid.

Financial Aid Basics What There are three types of financial aid available to most students: • grants and scholarships (financial aid you don’t repay) • loans (financial aid you must repay) • work study and community or military service (financial aid you earn) Most students receive a financial aid package put together by the school you plan to attend. It may include all three of these types of aid. Who

Whether you are old or young, new to college or returning, have family to help or are on your own, to qualify for financial aid at Anoka-Ramsey you only need to be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national (or an eligible non-citizen) and, for a Minnesota college, a resident of Minnesota.

Why Financial aid is intended to fill the gap between the actual price of the school and what students and their families can realistically contribute. How

Financial aid is often based on financial need. But to receive any grants, loans or work study assistance, you need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To begin your application, visit


Apply as soon as possible. * (based on fall 2008 full-time, first-time degree/certificate seeking students for 2008-09 academic year)

Anoka-Ramsey Community College Scholarships Along with federal and state financial aid, Anoka-Ramsey’s campus foundations offer more than 160 scholarships. In 2009-2010 alone, Cambridge Campus students received more than $66,200 in foundation scholarships. Coon Rapids Campus students received more than $148,000 in foundation scholarships including two Presidential Star scholarships that pay for full tuition, fees and books. 29

Prepare to be Impressive Education beyond high school is an investment in your future. More jobs than ever before require training or a two- or four-year college degree. Experts predict that by 2014, 90 percent of the fastest-growing careers will require some education after high school. The most recent reports state that by 2020, 70 percent of all jobs in Minnesota will require two years of education after high school. Besides better employment opportunities, an investment in education can also provide you with more: Benefits College graduates typically receive more and better benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans, than jobs requiring only a high school diploma. Confidence Most everyone doubts themselves at some time in their life, and most students will admit that they have doubted their ability to succeed in college. But once you begin and experience all the help and encouragement available, and then succeed at that first presentation, test or paper, your confidence will soar. The sky is the limit! Growth Potential Some people have jobs, something they simply do for money. Other people have careers, based on their interests, talents and often their education, which allows them to continue to grow and be challenged throughout their entire lives. Job Security A college degree increases your chance of employment by almost 50 percent when compared to a high school diploma alone. Bottom line: the higher your education level, the greater your chances of finding and keeping a job.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey (Based on 2008 annual averages for persons age 25 and over. Earnings are for full-time wage and salary workers.)

Ready to be Impressive?

If you are ready for more money, more benefits, more security, more options, more confidence and an overall better standard of living, apply today!



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