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CLEAN & HYGIENIC? Only when it’s been treated correctly! Professional products & technical consultation “knowhow” to chemically clean, treat, disinfect & sanitise stainless steel Anokap products easily Clean, Disinfect and Sanitise Stainless Steel Surfaces

Maintaining Cleanliness and Hygiene is Vital !

Infectious Germs and Diseases are Everywhere !

Ensure you Stainless Steel Surfaces are Free of Contaminants

The Right Way!

anokap Global Solutions

WHAT IS STAINLESS STEEL? Stainless Steel is an alloy of mainly Iron, Chromium and Nickel. It is corrosion resistant only when its oxide layer is intact. DOES STAINLESS STEEL STAIN? Yes, when the oxide layer is exposed to the atmosphere. However, greater damage and corrosion can take place in more aggressive environments. HOW CAN IT BE TREATED? By removing the staining / corrosion from the surface and chemically enhancing the formation of the oxide layer by chemically passivating and sanitising. CAN THIS BE ACCOMPLISHED EASILY? Yes, Anokap have a specialised range of products to restore and protect stainless steel. This can be easily carried out on site with a minimum of disruption and amazing results. For further information:-


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anokap Global Solutions

Is Your Stainless Steel Clean and Hygenic? | A presentation on chemical cleaning, sanitation and maintenance of stainless steel surfaces. C...

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