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Name: Raquel Glover Ministerial Position: Facebook Link: Birth Date: January 13, 1983

Anointed Fire Magazine Writer Interview Anointed Fire is blessed to have you as a writer. 1. What prompted you to want to write for Anointed Fire Magazine? Answer: I look over the content and definitely agreed with the vision especially with the magazine being Christian Based. 2. As a writer, what do you want to bring to Anointed Fire Magazine? Answer: I would love to bring wisdom and understanding concerning food and the creativity one can have while cooking. Cooking doesn't have to a chore yet a joyous thing with little effort. 3. Most of the writers have separate active ministries. Do you have a ministry and if so, what is it's name? Answer: My main ministry is Motivated 2 Wait- Relationship Fundamentals the main platform for it is on Facebook where I share what I have learned, God's thoughts, and discovered wisdom from others as it relates to being single, married or simply relationships. 4. If you can say that you are passionate about 'anything' or any form of outreach in relation to your walk in CHRIST, what would that be? Answer: My passion, Wow for me I am set on people discovering their purpose and knowing their worth. I feel if you can know who God says you are and know the purpose for your life you can experience life on a totally new level. I know I did. 5. What, in your opinion, has been or will be the best part in writing for Anointed Fire? Answer: The best part for me is enlightment. I believe in showing others how you don't have to be scared of your kitchen and you don't have to repeat the same meal each week. For instance If spaghetti is your favorite and you always use ground beef how about next time use Shrimp or Andouille Sausage. A quick change brings on a whole new flavor. You should enjoy food on all levels. 6. What are your hobbies? Answer: I enjoy cooking and baking, movies, trying out new restaurants, spending time with my family, and though I don't get to do it often traveling. I am a Praiser by nature so I love to sing and write. 7. Please share any other information that you would like readers to know about you, including your biography, family information, ministry information, etc. Answer: "Biography" Raquel Glover is a woman who has used her life experiences of the past, present and any that may

come in the future to mold her into the woman God created her to be. She has used her gift of speech to encourage and motivate others for years. The talents she possesses are definitely God-given and are a range of ideas. The desire of this visionary is to impact and empower all that she comes in contact no matter what race, size, background because it is her place to help someone get to their God-given destiny and purpose. Ms. Glover's heart's desire is to see everyone call on the name of Jesus and let God have complete control in their lives. She understands she is blessed to be a blessing. Raquel Glover is the mother of 2 girls who she is raising to be leaders and have strong Christian values. Raquel is the Owner of Uniquely Created, Etc. It is an empire being built on vision that focuses on Personal Touch Desserts & Catering, Unique Gifts, and Empowerment Speaking. More information is available at the following links: Main site: Blog : Other sites Twitter: @uniquelycreate Facebook:

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Anointed Fire Writer-Raquel Glover  
Anointed Fire Writer-Raquel Glover  

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