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The Biblical Financial Bail Out: (Part Three) ...Increase and Wealthy Thinking according to Kingdom Favor Covenant... by Marc Click

Everyone I want to start this letter today by telling you that “What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!” When we talk about increase and wealthy thinking we need to realize that we have a blood bought right to walk in and live in The Kingdom System of this Life and the next Life all at the same time. As we look back over the past few months of our lives financially we must realize that whatever we have done for ourselves or others; We must know that it's apart of our God Class habits to bless others. Now we have discussed Debt, Blessings, Curses, History of experiences, vision, purpose, and many other things regarding financial failure and success to help get our thinking and steps in order. As I talk to you as a professional in the financial industry and a Believer of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and a testimony of failure and success we must also realize that it is a season that comes in our lives that we must learn how to walk in our gift and believe God for great things to come in our lives to succeed. This year has been over all a great year for us regardless of your feelings and emotions about where you are right now financially challenged or increased bountifully. God's Word says that His people are destroyed from lack of knowledge-(Hosea 4:6) So what you don't know can hurt you! The most important thing that we must know what Jesus told us in 3 John 2: Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. A lot of people think that it is the truth that sets us free, instead it is the truth that we know that sets us free or applied truth from revelation by faith is what sets us free from lack. Now as we have laid down some good soil on the foundation of this letter concerning our changes, revelation, and decree; We must start to execute what we have read and learned since we started the Biblical Bail Out Series. Moving forward as we discuss financial success or strength I want to explain three methods of planning for life on earth as we see it and The Kingdom of Heaven financially. Three things we must know from the start about how to position and prepare ourselves and our families to receive from our Covenant from a practical manner of planning through our Personal Wealth, Financial Wealth, and our Legacy Wealth. As we first examine these three dimensions to start to put things together to execute your journey to greatness financially we must clear our minds and believe that it is apart of our DNA to © 2010 - 2010 Anointed Fire Magazine-

prosper. As a person God has deposited in us greatness for success in every area of our lives. So as we discuss Personal Wealth we first need to understand who we are, what we want to be, and what we must do to get there according to what we are expected to be and become as Believers of Christ. As a person we must really be real with ourselves and look into the mirror and ask ourselves how are we going to deal with our current situations and how are we going to show God that He can trust us as stewards. In Ephesians 2:10 ...It says that we are God's workmanship and so we need to know how to bless God with our Obedience and focus. How we think towards our current financial state will determine how we manage the rest of what God will bless or not bless us with to grow and move forward as Christians. We each have a purpose for our lives. Once we know our purpose and our gifts to empower others we will then start to believe more of what God's Word says on everything that pertains to our health and soul prospering with nothing missing and nothing broken. Now Financial Wealth is what most of us think about almost every day but don't want to admit it nor do we want to face the music about it when we have a rainy day, storms, or even financial hurricanes in our lives. Financial Wealth is very essential for us to walk and move in the things of God as well as blessing our family and others. The foundation of this part of planning is how we think in terms of giving back to The Kingdom as stewards in its proper place with wise counsel. The Bible as well as your neighborhood financial coach has a way of demonstrating a road map or a snap shot of what we all need based on where we are financially from a short term, mid term, and a long term basis. I mentioned several times in the Bible where people got delivered from debt, being safe, transferring wealth, and being deceived about riches. God will fight your battle for you if you let Him! The problem that most people have with finances whether a millionaire or not, there is a big knowledge gap in the area of financial balance and if we look at it this way spiritually thinking it is the level above Faith it is management for increase. You have to ask yourself if you respect how you manage money from God's way of thinking and also if you are really making the right decisions as a manager of The Kingdom for Increase. When we educate ourselves from Biblical economics and scripture we can then walk in a truth that will change our mind set, our wisdom-Proverbs 4:7 because then we will have an understanding of how to move mountains with power and truth according to Deuteronomy 8:18 God has given us the Power to create wealth that He will create a covenant together so that we can't boast about what He has done for us and allowed us to prosper financially. I can show you how to invest your assets and make money grow, protect it, and even plan to transfer it for generations however if you don't get serious about how God wants to expand your territory through your financial management then we are just walking in darkness according to how He expects us to walk in Dominion! We have to get out of a slave mentality and come out of financial bondage -Proverbs 22:7 while we yet live so that God can keep favor on your family and others in our life. As we move forward on this process of building, protecting, and legacy planning; as a steward we must look at how to have a family heritage for our own home just like God did for His Kingdom to bring His Son Jesus here to show us how He was the first, true tithe, and the great estate for our lives now and forever. So when we look at Legacy Wealth Strategies in the dimensions of wealth planning there must be certain levels of understanding for distributions of our assets regardless of our net worth. Now there are ways to set up legacy plans based on our level of education or sophistication and net worth for Š 2010 - 2010 Anointed Fire Magazine-

death and taxes. Philanthropy can be as little as giving twenty dollars a week or two million dollars in a year based on your income level and or even your faith. God looks at your faith in giving out of love more than he does the amount of your giving in the big picture of things; however what you measure out in your giving will determine the level of financial favor God will trust you concerning your level of management and ability to make thinks happen out of love and leadership in the Kingdom level of economics. From the first letter on the Biblical Financial Bail Out Series until now you should be able to see a difference in your thinking and focus on your faith to be empowered to prosper from this day forward. Pray over your check book, bank and investment accounts, plant your seed, name your seed, call your seed back, and Watch God change your level of faith through His increase in your life financially! One thing that you need to not forget to do financially is to pray and bless others because our stewardship is for others and not necessarily ourselves. It is about Kingdom advancement and Working for The Father. As we move in our journey financially we also must watch who and where to give money. As this letter on the Biblical Bail Out comes to a conclusion for now I want to give you seven examples of Wealth Transferring in The Bible. The First one I want to mention is out of Genesis 13:1-18 & Genesis 12:10...Abraham was blessed by his obedience and also in a famine(Our Seed of the Blessing) Second in Genesis 26:1-35 God's Promise to Isaac (Sowed into a Famine and was blessed) Third in Genesis 31:1-55 Jacob's Inheritance from Isaac (livestock, inheritance, distribution, protected from labor and lack) Forth in Genesis 41: 40-57 Joseph was a blessed with favor (Great Real Estate owner and developer, inheritance) Fifth in Exodus 1:1-22 Israel/Moses (Wealth, Anointed in leadership, multiplication, &etc.) Six in 1 Kings10:23 King Solomon (the King among kings in great wealth, wealthiest man that has ever lived) and Seven in Matthew 25:14-30 & Luke 12:30-31 Kingdom Citizens (our obedience in the Kingdom, investing/money managers-Parable of the Talents) Now these Seven examples of being very successful and proven with greatness from God has positioned us for great success to carry out His mission for His children to Be Blessed and Empowered is how we need to think. We can even go back to Adam and Eve that was greatly blessed along with their sons and their families as well. So as we go back and think about the Bail Out Plan or Guarantees that God has for our lives in the area of financial success we need to come again and change the way we think and the way we view how God sends people in our lives to help lead and guide us towards the things in our lives to show us more of our purpose and destiny for generations to come through us and our descendents. As we move forward in our daily walk for financial leadership and increase in our lives we must still realize that there are two sides to in Our War on Debt and Battle in the Heavens for Wealth Transferring from Our Store Houses in Heaven. Live this day was it is your best in Faith and Greatness to Glorify God in His Omnipotence.-Revelation 21:16-21(Heavens Wealth) Marc A. Click, Wealth Advisor

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