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Help Wanted: Warriors Willing to Fight!

(Experienced or Non Experienced May Apply) By Earlean Johnson

There’s a battle going on and God is seeking those who are willing to work, the pay is extremely high, you may receive eternal life, no need to save for food and clothing because it’s included with the pay. This month's article is for those spiritually unemployed, on vacation, or working part time for the Lord, no full time employees need to apply, just keep working. As God gave me this month's topic, He explained to me that we all are equipped with the appropriate armor to fight against the enemy, and there’s no cost on our end; however, a high cost on His end (His Son's life was given). There are so many battles going on, and so many warriors desired. Have you ever found yourself working for an employer that you felt distant from, or you never could please him/her, you find yourself often being called to the office for one negative thing after another; well God is totally different. When we mess up on our job, God gives us another chance to get it right. He even allows us to express our feelings through prayers and praise. Have you ever been to the doctor and the nurse break out in a dance? I doubt it! With God, He wants us to worship him in song and praise, we can sing, and we can dance while praising him and don’t have to worry about being terminated. Now it’s time to determine what position you’re applying for, read the application carefully, and follow the instructions. The instruction (bible) first explains in category (book) Genesis about how important we are to God, and how He created us. These instructions (bible) provides us with the assurance that God loved us so much that He made us in His own image. Within this section, we learn that following orders is important on this job, because In Genesis 19:17 Lott and his family was informed not to look back when Sodom and Gomorrah was being destroyed. The results of failing to comply with the rules, Lott’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26). In the instruction (bible) under Luke 4, we are warned about being tempted. Jesus was tempted by Satan 40 days and 40 nights. Reading the instructions (bible) is important. It assists you with questions you may later have, guides you when you become confused, and strengthens you when you are weak. Jesus was able to overcome the temptation of the Devil because He was aware of the Word, His rights and how He is supposed to uphold His position in the world. Jesus responded to the enemy on several occasions during His temptation in this way: “It is written…..” Later in the instruction (bible), in the section of Revelation, we are informed of our pay. When we have served our Lord with all our heart and might, following His orders according to His will, we will witness and enjoy the new heaven and earth. Those who work according to God's instruction, He said “I will wipe every tear from your eyes, no more death, mourning, crying or pain, the old order of things will pass away, and everything is made new” (Revelation 21:4-5). This is our pay for being employed in such an awesome environment. My plea is for those that haven’t taken the time out to complete and application with Our Heavenly Father: There are so many positions open. At times our competition (The enemy) tries to sabotage our job; however, if you read the instructions fully and request wisdom and understanding from the Almighty, you will know how to outsmart the competition. For weeks, God has been saying to me to study and show myself approve. I pray that you will study, so when the enemy comes up against you, you will know what is written in the bible, for even Jesus told the enemy “It is written.” With the knowledge of God's Word, we can too tell the enemy “It is written” and we can say it with the authority that our Father has given. Know GOD's Word, for the Word is your Sword in this battle and it protects you from all hurt, harm, and danger. Be blessed my family.

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