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Our Green Juice Recipe Yields approximately 2 quarts of juice Use only organic ingredients 10 stalks of Celery 1 to 2 Cucumbers (peeled if waxed) 2 bunches Kale 2 bunches Spinach 2 bunches Dandelion 1 Granny Smith Apple (Optional) 1 Lemon (peel the yellow rind, being careful to leave as much white pith on the lemon as possible ¼ “ Ring of fresh Ginger Root, peeled 7 to 10 stalks of Parsley (Add last, after all the other ingredients have been juiced, because it tends to bind in the juicer) This recipe makes approximately 2 quarts of juice depending on the freshness, ripeness and water content of the vegetables. Cut recipe in half to yield 1 quart. Taste and adjust ingredients to your liking. Tips for success: o Strain fresh prepared juice to increase absorption and benefit to the body. o Store juice in glass jars with rubber seal. Fill jar as full as possible, as extra air trapped in the bottle destroys nutrients. o The highest nutritional value is within the first 45 minutes after making the juice. This is not always feasible; however, do not make your juice the night before. At a minimum, make your juice each morning and evening. Buy enough vegetables for a week’s worth of juices: o When you bring the vegetables home, wash immediately and dry thoroughly. Cut off root end of spinach and celery to separate, rinse thoroughly with water to remove all dirt. o Use salad spinner to dry spinach, dandelion, and kale. Place all other vegetables on towels to air dry thoroughly. o Buy green stay fresh bags for vegetables. Portion the vegetables out according to the number of juices you will make. (i.e. Enough veggies. for 1 qt of juice per day for a week, then portion & pack veggies in 7 bags) Pack green veggies only NOT including cucumbers. Cucumbers, lemons, apples, and ginger are prepared at time of juicing. If using paper towel to dry and store veggies use chlorine free variety.

Our green juice recipe  

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