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01 願主降臨 May The Lord Come 詞:許仁哲 Jason Hsu 曲:曾家榆 Zora Tseng 主聖靈恩膏降臨 主聖靈恩膏降臨 帶領我進入祢同在的至聖所 我的靈 祢更新

Holy Spirit’ s anointing comes Holy Spirit’ s anointing comes and leads us I enter into your presence of Holy place You renew oh my soul

我讚美還要讚美 我敬拜還要敬拜 是祢讓我的靈完全自由 我喜樂從祢而來 我信心是祢所給 祢是真神 祢是我的榮耀

I can’t stop praising you I can’t stop worshipping Your Spirit entirely sets me free All my joy is from you And so is all my faith You are true God You are glory of mine

02 我想回家 Home 詞/曲:曾家榆 Zora Tseng 路很長 沒有方向 會走失 失去平安 我如野草風雨飄搖 我的靈魂無法安歇 我渴望 找回平安 想擁有 幸福喜樂 求神的靈再度充滿 澆灌我破碎的心田 我想回家 回家的路在哪 我經歷了悲傷孤獨苦痛 可有光指引我 我想回家 天父還愛我嗎 我看見祂張開慈愛雙手 說等著我回家 孩子

Long way to go, without a sign Seem to get lost, lose all my peace Like wild grass is shaken by storm My inner soul can’t be rested I desire to find my peace back To embrace the joy and happiness Please fill me with your Spirit now Pour out your love inside my heart Feel like coming home, where is the way to go I’ve gone through all the grief all by myself Is there a light can guide my way Feel like coming home, Does He love me like before I see He’ s opening His loving arms And told me He’ s been waiting For me

03 陪著我 Be With Me 詞/曲:王昱傑 Jay Wang 小時候做過的夢 有多少最後能實現 感受過現實無奈 經歷了歲月的改變 心中目標始終閃亮 卻離我越來越遠 彷彿獨自一人對抗著世界 曾經相遇過的人 有多少已經不再見 無論多親密的人 總會有一天要離別 今日在眼前的歡笑 將成為回憶如風 但我知道我不是一個人 縱然這個世界 都將成為過眼雲煙 耶穌 是祢始終陪著我 就算沒有成就 所有夢想過的一切 耶穌 有祢永遠陪著我

Looking back on those dreams I had Will they be the dreams come true someday In this real world feeling helpless I’ve gone through the changes day by day The goal still shines in my heart But it seems leaving away from me As if I am the only one to stand Those who I used to meet with Do I have a chance to see them again No matter how close we are Still need to say goodbye someday The laughter between you and me Will be the memory flee like wind But I know that someone will stand with me Although the world we live in Will be the scenes that passing by It’s you, Jesus is always be with me Perhaps I didn’t make it All the things I’ve been dreaming of Jesus, thanks for always being with me

04 因著十架 Because of The Cross 詞:曾家榆 Zora Tseng 、劉正芝 Judy Liu 曲:曾家榆 Zora Tseng 耶穌為我釘十架捨生命 與父隔絕 承受痛苦 顯明祂的愛

Jesus laid down His life on the cross for me Carry the pain, separate from God Show us His great love

我得救贖 得恩典 得重生 因祂十架 因祂大愛 祂是我主

Salvation and grace bring back my life once again Because of the cross And all His love He is my Lord

耶穌的愛我得生命 斷開綑綁我得自由 主的寶血流出赦免我罪 使我得以潔淨 耶穌的愛我得生命 斷開綑綁我得自由 因著十架偉大的愛彰顯 使我得以完全

I can have life through Jesus’love Chains are broken and set me free He poured out the precious blood, forgave my sin That I can be cleansed I can have life through Jesus’love Chains are broken and set me free For He shows me the wonderful love on the cross That I can be perfect

05 八福 The Beatitudes 詞取自聖經馬太福音第五章3-12節 曲:曾家榆 Zora Tseng 虛心的有福 天國是他的 哀慟的有福 因必得安慰 溫柔的有福 必承受地土 飢渴慕義 必得飽足 憐恤的有福 清心的有福 使人和睦的 為義受逼迫

因必蒙憐恤 他必得見神 稱為神兒子 天國是他的

Blessed the poor in spirit, Kingdom of Heaven is his Blessed are they that mourn, they shall be comforted Blessed are the meek, they shall inherit the earth Hunger and thirst for righteousness, be satisfied Blessed are the merciful, they shall receive mercy Blessed the pure in heart, for they shall see God Those are peacemakers, be called sons of God Persecuted for righteousness, Heavenly Kingdom is his

06 永不放棄 Never Give Up 詞/曲:王昱傑 Jay Wang 耶穌祢已經拯救我 我要努力為祢而活 成為新造的人 老我卻不肯罷休 緊抓著我 墜落

Jesus, you have saved me from my sin I will try my best to live for you Become new creation My old self doesn’t let go Hold me tight and fall

呼吸著世界的規則 靈性和血氣在拉扯 立志行善由我 行出來由不得我 我的軟弱又一次打敗我

I used to obey the rules of world Conflict with the spirit and my flesh Desire to do what is good But I am not able to do My weakness let me down again

每一次 我犯下過錯 再一次 來到祢面前 我屈膝 我後悔 有聖靈 為我禱告 祢的愛從不曾隔絕 祢的手也不曾縮短 因為祢 我從軟弱成為剛強

Every time I make a mistake Once again I come to your throne Bow on my knees, I repent Holy Spirit prays for me Your love never separates me Your hand is never shortened Because of You Turn my weak into strong

07 祂的愛 His Love 詞/曲:曾家榆 Zora Tseng 愛我的耶穌曾說 勞苦和重擔到祂腳前來 而我卻將祂遺忘 自己揹痛苦和眼淚

My loving Jesus told me before Come to me, all labor and heavy laden But I just put Him away Carry the pain and tear by myself

愛我的耶穌曾說 祂的愛甘願犧牲祂自己 我願意回轉向祂 定睛在祂的十架愛

My loving Jesus told me before His love’ s willing to sacrifice himself I will turn to Him alone Turn my eyes on His love of the cross

我看傷痛太專注 卻忘了神多麽愛我 聽我眼淚 收我心痛 我卻遠離祂的愛 祂好愛我好愛我 用生命交換我罪愆 不曾放手 永恆的愛 我的生命從此被更新

I focus on my pain and sadness Forget about God’ s strong love in me Listen to my tear, comfort my broken heart But I put His love away Oh He loves me, He loves me Exchange my sin with His own life Never let go, everlasting love My life is changed Forever and ever

08 全新的愛 The Whole New Love 詞/曲:曾家榆 Zora Tseng 在毀壞之處 祢重新建造 在黑暗之處 祢恢復光明 在破碎之處 祢親手修補 我感謝祢我的神

In the In the In the I give

land of wasted, you rebuild again place of darkness, you let the light back heart of broken, healing with your hands thanks to you, my Jesus Lord

全新的愛 照耀 穿透溫暖我心 聖靈如雨 降下 澆灌洗淨我靈 在祢愛中 釋放 使我完全自由 全新的愛 充滿 我是全新的人

The whole new love, shining Pass through and warm my heart Holy Spirit, rain down Pour out and cleanse my soul Chains are broken in your love Set me free forevermore The whole new love fill up The new creation is me

09 同在 His Presence 詞/曲:曾家榆 Zora Tseng 所有勞苦和重擔 在祢裡面得安息 疲乏困倦祢都賜力量 扶持我軟弱的靈

All the labor and burden The rest is given all in you You give strength to whom is faint and weary Lifting up the weak soul of mine

人盡頭 祢起頭 主聖靈 來湧流 十架能力彰顯 祢同在 充滿我 祢寶血 覆庇我 我活在祢的同在中

God makes a way to one’ s end Holy Spirit, overflow We see the power of the cross Your presence fills me up Covers me with your blood I am living in your grace and love

10 充滿我 Fill Me Up 詞/曲:曾家榆 Zora Tseng 祢使枯井滿了水 湧上來成為泉源 發酸的手得抬起 祢能力充滿我靈

You pour down the withered well Springing up, fountain is here I lift my feeble hands again You fill your power with my soul

聖靈請祢來充滿 充滿在乾涸之地

Holy Spirit come and fill Fill this desolated land

喔主耶穌 喔親愛聖靈 求充滿我 充滿我

Oh Jesus Lord Dear Holy Spirit Please fill me up Fill me up

寶血的能力覆蓋在我靈 甘願燃燒為主

The power of your blood Cover my inner soul Willing to burn for Him

製作/出品:集光音樂事奉 發行:集光音樂文創社 製作人:曾家榆 錄音: 可洛音樂 鄭馬克(人聲)、集光音樂 王昱傑(樂器) 維光音樂 陳恩光(詩班) 混音:維光音樂 陳恩光 母帶後期處理:維光音樂 陳恩光 編曲:集光音樂事奉全體樂手 配唱製作:和平阿帕小九、曾家榆 弦樂編寫:曾家榆 和聲編寫:曾家榆

封面設計:高子艾 英文歌詞翻譯:黃銀山 攝影:范卓昭 詩班(大稻埕詩班):指揮潘銘心 石瓊容、柯讚恩、柯智信、柯智勇 王偉彥、柯智仁、張達道、柯寬容 張富田、張詠翔、周祐亮、諸逸之 邱意茹、蔡翠旭、柯惠雯、柯惠珠 王聖容、黃淑華、柯佳恩、吳玲瑾 張頌吟、田碧珩、張頌慈、柯慧貞 許歆嶷、陳雪杏、陳慈惠、孫育鄉 吳泱瑩


主唱:許仁哲 和聲:劉正芝、王昱傑 鼓手:呂理民 吉他:王昱傑 Bass編寫:王昱傑 鋼琴:曾家榆


主唱:曾家榆 和聲:劉正芝、王昱傑、 許仁哲、大稻埕長老教會詩班 鼓手:呂理民 吉他:王昱傑 Bass:朱育成 鋼琴:曾家榆 弦樂編寫:曾家榆


主唱:王昱傑 和聲:劉正芝、莊泰瑋、 呂理民、許仁哲、林峻輝 鼓手:莊泰瑋 吉他:王昱傑 Bass編寫:王昱傑 鍵盤:曾家榆


主唱:曾家榆、劉正芝、 許仁哲、王昱傑 鼓手:莊泰瑋 吉他:王昱傑 Bass編寫:曾家榆 鋼琴:曾家榆


主唱:劉正芝 和聲:王昱傑、 大稻埕長老教會詩班 鼓手:莊泰瑋 吉他:王昱傑 Bass:林峻輝 鋼琴:曾家榆 弦樂編寫:曾家榆


主唱:王昱傑 和聲:劉正芝、莊泰瑋、 呂理民、林峻輝、許仁哲 鼓手:莊泰瑋 吉他:王昱傑 Bass:林峻輝 鋼琴:曾家榆 弦樂編寫:曾家榆


主唱:曾家榆 和聲:劉正芝、王昱傑、 許仁哲、大稻埕長老教會詩班 鼓手:呂理民 吉他:王昱傑 Bass:朱育成 鋼琴:曾家榆 弦樂編寫:曾家榆


主唱:曾家榆、劉正芝、 許仁哲、王昱傑 和聲:劉正芝、王昱傑 鼓手:莊泰瑋 吉他:王昱傑 Bass編寫:王昱傑


主唱:曾家榆 和聲:劉正芝、王昱傑、許仁哲 鼓手:呂理民 吉他:王昱傑 Bass:林峻輝 鋼琴:曾家榆


主唱:曾家榆 和聲:劉正芝、王昱傑、 仁哲、大稻埕長老教會詩班 鼓手:呂理民 吉他:王昱傑 Bass:朱育成 鋼琴:曾家榆