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Details LIVING Text by Liene Pālēna Photos courtesy of Ingus Bajārs Interior architect: Anna Butele,


• Since the home interior is relatively dark due to the dark grey walls and selected materials, artificial lighting is an important interior element, appearing in various forms and degrees of brightness. “I actually enjoy the slightly dark ambience of the premises, but whenever I want more light or whenever I have guests visiting, then all of the lighting is turned on. Each room has at least two areas with technical and decorative lighting. I have dimmers installed in many places, which lets me conveniently set the light intensity to the level that I want and lets me use all of these lights efficiently,” says Jānis.


Jānis calls his bedroom the Green Room. Green is the colour of life and the owner’s favourite colour as well. One can see it in the leather tiles on the walls, the bedspread, the chair and the curtains. The Oriental carpets, for their part, add a special aura to the entire house. Incidentally, one of the things that you immediately notice is the sense of tidiness and order in all of the rooms. Practically all of the surfaces, including in the kitchen, are bare. Jānis says that this was a conscious choice, because he doesn’t like cluttered spaces.

Eclectic taste

Baltic Outlook takes a tour inside a gorgeous house in Riga, where one will find an eclectic mix of family treasures, travel souvenirs and gems of contemporary design


• Jānis Peide inherited the masks that are hanging on this wall from his grandfather, who brought them back from Somalia, where he had worked as an ambassador for six years.


hey say that a home is a mirror of its owner. That is certainly true in this colourful private residence, tucked away at the edge of a sprawling Riga housing estate. The house’s owner, Jānis Peide, is an inveterate world traveller and a co-owner of the Imagehouse interior salon. Both of Jānis’ passions – travelling and design – are manifestly evident in his 230 m2 home. “I wanted a house where I have chosen everything, starting from the floorboards and ending with the décor. It was important for me to create an environment with the highest possible degree of natural materials such as wood, metal, stone and

glass. I am the product of two nationalities and this is reflected in the space that surrounds me. For example, hardwood boards were used for the flooring and represent Latvia to me, while natural slate was skilfully incorporated into the bathroom. Slate is used a lot in Tallinn’s Old Town and elsewhere in Estonia, where I was born,” Jānis explains. The result is a dream home in an exciting eclectic style, where ethnic items from various parts of the world are shown prominently. Jānis has vivid childhood memories of his grandparents’ apartment in Tallinn, which was full of ethnic souvenirs that they had brought back from various countries and looked like a museum. “I was brought up in that atmosphere, which is why I really like a mixture of styles that incorporates modern furniture together with Oriental and ethnic elements.” BALTIC OUTLOOK | MARCH 2016 | 49

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A home is a mirror of its owner.  

Baltic Outlook magazine / March 2016

A home is a mirror of its owner.  

Baltic Outlook magazine / March 2016

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