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The Messenger Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

October 2018

St. Demetrios October 26

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

October 2018

Rev. Fr. Matthew Carter, Proistamenos Church Website: Office Email: Office Phone: 850-433-2662 Fr. Matthew’s Contact Information: Cell phone: 850-889-3919 Email:

2018 PARISH COUNCIL President

Heidi Silivos


Vice President

Peter Roumbos



Kyle Gatzmeyer



Gary Tringas


Assistant Treasurer

Michael Stamitoles


Gus Argeris 850-572-3669 Peter Kantrales 850-932-2067 Rose Thames 850-455-1598

Subdeacon Philoptochos Community Outreach Stewardship SS Joachim and Anna Chanter (Protopsaltis) Choir Director Assistant Choir Director Organist Altar Boy Director

Emmanuel Zangas Athena Staviski Sissy Watson Gary Tringas Kris Mohammed Stelios Vatsolakis Vangie Anastopoulo Eli Pagonis Tina Varvouris Philip Brown

Stella Verzwyvelt 850-729-3494 Andy Watson 850-476-4646 Doug White 850-474-9072

Prosforo Coordinator HOPE/JOY GOYA HARA Dancers Glentzethes Welcome Committee Parishioner Outreach Parishioner In-reach AHEPA Daughters of Penelope

Phyllis Pagonis Liz Gilmore & Presv. Emily Joe & Panayiota Whisler Liz Gilmore Daphne Pagonis Agnes Stergion Kitty Randall Philip Brown & Bill Randall Adam Sanders Vangie Anastopoulo

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

October 2018

From the Desk of Fr. Matthew My brothers and sisters in Christ,

1. Remember to smile

I’m looking forward to celebrating our 59th annual Pensacola Greek Festival! Thank you to all of our volunteers who have offered their time, talents, and treasures for the Glory of God and in preparation of our greatest fundraiser. May God bless us with favorable weather (and a little cooler weather than last year…) so we can offer service to others in His name.

People remember first impressions. Smile and greet everyone you see. Remember that you are an ambassador of Jesus Christ. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in
 heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

As Orthodox Christians, when we offer hospitality to strangers, we practice φιλοξενία (philoxenia). Philoxenia is a compound word from the Greek words φιλία (filia), which means friendship, love, and affection, and ξένος (xenos), which means stranger. Philoxenia is a wonderful Christian tradition that has its roots in the bible. In chapter 18 of Genesis, God appeared to Abraham in the form of three strangers. Abraham quickly greeted these strangers with hospitality, offering them food and water. St. Paul reminds us of the significance of this event in chapter 13 of Hebrews: “Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some of unwittingly entertained angels.” Let us always remember that during our Greek Festival, we are the hosts. We are opening our doors to everyone in Pensacola and inviting them to join us in fellowship. Here are a few things to keep in mind about Philoxenia as we prepare for our Greek Festival this month:

2. Pace yourself The Greek Festival is a wonderful weekend event, but it can be stressful. Fatigue and stress often lead to poor decisions and regretful words and actions. Please remember to pause periodically to enjoy this celebration. I would also encourage everyone to attempt to sit in one of our Church tours. It’s refreshing to see others appreciate the beauty of our Orthodox faith! 3. Go the extra mile If you see someone who has his hands full, offer to carry his food to the table. Walk around and pick up litter. Say hello to people and thank them for coming to support our Church. I pray that we have a wonderful celebration for our 59th annual Greek Festival, and may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless our Annunciation community. With love in Christ, +Fr. Matthew

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

October 2018

Parish Council Monthly Report Dear Fellow Parishioners: October is already upon us and this year’s Greek Festival is quickly approaching. Thank you to all who have stepped forward to volunteer their time and talent into the preparations of this year’s festival; we appreciate your hard work in making sure that we will have a successful festival for this year! We hope everyone enjoyed the luncheon that was held in honor of our volunteers held on Sunday, September 16. We are still looking for volunteers to help during the three-day 2018 Pensacola Greek Festival. As you all know this is the largest fundraising event that our church conducts. We are encouraging our new members, as well as those who have grown up in the church, to step forward and help with this wonderful event. Sign-up sheets will be available in the hall during fellowship, following the Divine Liturgy on Sundays. We are publishing dates for cooking and preparing the many dishes that go into this event. If you have questions about how you may help, please be sure to ask any of the Parish Council members. Pre-sale tickets are now available; please contact Susie Argeris for more information. This year’s festival will take place on Friday, October 12th through Saturday October 13th from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm, and on Sunday, October 14th from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm. The Festival Committee is working hard to make sure that this year will run as smoothly as last year. As you may have noticed, the Facilities Committee is still busy at work. If you have a few hours to spare, please volunteer your talent. The reward of fellowship and accomplishment is gratifying. Respectfully,

Heidi D Silivos Parish Council President

George Alexakos George Bokas Stavroula Brock Philip Brown Dan Catalin

40 Day Prayer List Georgia Chestnut Gregory Gill Chet Dampier Dawnmarie Ingwell Mary Dana Krissy Kritselis Nina Dickson Zoe Lillio Maria Eugenia Dean Peterson

Jack Powell Diane Roumbos Adam Sanders Anastasia Ta Maria Thagouras

To keep or add a loved one to our prayer list after 40 days, please contact Jonathon via email ( or call 850-433-2662 by Wednesdays at 2:00 pm.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

ALTAR BOYS All boys in 2nd grade through 12th grade are invited to serve as Altar Boys. Please contact the Church Office at (850) 433-2662 to register your son as a Altar Boy for the 2018-2019 Ecclesiastical Year. OCTOBER SCHEDULE: Sunday, October 7 - St. John Chrysostom Altar Group Sunday, October 14 (Liturgy at 9:00 am) - No Group; Any boy wishing to serve may serve. Sunday, October 21 - St. Basil the Great Altar Group Sunday, October 28 - St. John Chrysostom Altar Group We encourage you to bring your sons to the Divine Liturgy Every Sunday! Alter Boys are asked to arrive to Church by 9:50 am on Sunday mornings so they have time to receive a blessing from Fr. Matthew before the beginning of the Divine Liturgy. ************** OCTOBER NARTHEX USHERS: Peter Roumbos Heidi Silivos Michael Stamitoles Stella Verzwyvelt Andy Watson Doug White

October 2018

LITURGICAL SCHEDULE Sunday, October 7 - 3rd Sunday of Luke 8:45 am Orthros 10:00 am Divine Liturgy Altar Group: St. John Chrysostom Sunday, October 14 - Sunday of the 7th Ecumenical Council 8:00 am Orthros 9:00 am Divine Liturgy No Altar Group; any boy wishing to serve may serve Sunday, October 21 - 6th Sunday of Luke 8:45 am Orthros 10:00 am Divine Liturgy Altar Group: St. Basil the Great Friday, October 26 - St. Demetrios 8:30 am Orthros 9:30 am Divine Liturgy Sunday, October 28 - 7th Sunday of Luke 8:45 am Orthros 10:00 am Divine Liturgy Altar Group: St. John Chrysostom

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

October 2018



Philoptochos Bookstore has a variety of icons, books, sterling silver crosses, incense, greeting cards and much more! We are also able to order specialty items.

GOYA is starting off the year with the Greek festival. Our youth will be involved with performing with the Glenzethes during the festival. They are encouraged to help with the Baklava Sundae booth, which raises funds for their Winter Youth Rally event in December. - Oct. 7th Baklava Cutting - Oct. 12th - 14th Festival - Nov. Volleyball practice & Bible bowl review (weather permitting sand courts at GB Rec)

Hara/Glentzethes Hello! I am excited to announce that Hara and Glentzethes have begun practicing for the festival this year. Practices are every Sunday after Sunday School from now until the festival. Hara is open to children kindergarten through 5th grade. Glentzethes is open to children 6th grade through 12th grade. Hara will have a brief snack time before practice which will last about 45 minutes to an hour weekly. My goal is to be finished around 1:00. Just like with school, attendance is important to setting your child up to be successful. Please do your best to plan on staying after church to allow them to practice. You may contact me at 261-6655 with questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your dedication and support!! - Liz Gilmore

Sunday Church School Classes are off to a great start! Thank you parents and families for bringing your children to the Divine Liturgy and Sunday School each week! Our classes and teachers for 2018-19 are: Preschool - Lillia Knight; VPK and Kindergarten Presv. Emily and Liz Gilmore; 1st - 3rd grade Sarah Larson; 4th - 8th grade - Paula Maria Brown; 9th - 12th grade - Anastasia Ta. Some of our classes are looking for adult helpers, so if you are interested in this, please contact Fr. Matthew. There will be no Sunday School classes on Sunday, October 14 (Greek Festival Sunday). In November we will begin preparing for our annual Christmas Pageant, so be on the lookout for more information about that in late October/ early November. If you are able to provide snacks/drinks for your child's Sunday School class, please let your child's teacher know. Thank you for your support!

Youth Ministry Fall Activity All children are invited to our Youth Ministry Fall Activity - Pumpkin Carving - on Sunday, October 28 from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.! Each family is asked to bring one small/medium pumpkin per child (if you have any carving/ decorating supplies please bring those as well). Pizza and drinks will be provided; please feel free to bring a side to share (fruit, chips, dessert, etc). We'll plan to gather in the courtyard after Sunday School classes dismiss at 12:00. We look forward to seeing your family there! Thank you! - Presvytera Emily

2018 Greek Festival Prep/Cooking Dates Volunteers are needed. If you have time to spare, please volunteer your talent. Here are a list of cooking dates that have been scheduled for the month of October: Friday, October 5 * We need volunteers to help with the Calamari preparation on Friday, October 5th. 9am to 4pm. Please make plans to help out with this very important part of our Festival. Thanks in advance for all your help! -Andy - 9:00 am Cutting Calamari – Please contact Andy Watson at (850) 476-4646 to volunteer. Saturday, October 6 - 9:00 am Cutting Pasta – Please contact Sissy Watson at (850) 476-4646 to volunteer. - 9:00 am Cutting Chocolate Baklava, Floyeres, and Kataifi – Brett Verzwyvelt. Please contact Sissy Watson at (850) 476-4646 to volunteer.

2018 Greek Festival Chairperson/Volunteer Information We want to thank everyone who has stepped forward to volunteer his or her time and talent into the preparations of this year’s festival; we appreciate your hard work in making sure that we will have a successful festival for this year! Success is no accident; working together as a team will help us to fulfill our mission. With that having been said, we still need additional help in the following areas throughout the duration of the festival, Friday, October 12th through Sunday, October 14th; please contact the listed chair person or persons to inquire about volunteer opportunities in these areas:


Kitty Randall (850) 346-8938

Dinner Line


Tina Gill (850) 525-9685

Angelo Alexakos (850) 375-7899

Linda Nikolopoulos (850) 456-2480

Philip Brown (850) 288-9973



Brett & Stella Verzwyvelt (850) 729-3494

Philip Brown (850) 288-9973

Youth Ministry

Fall Activity! Sunday, October 28 12:00pm-1:00pm

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church All children are invited to our Youth Ministry Fall Activity! (children 4 and younger are invited to attend with a parent or guardian) Lunch will be provided. Each family is asked to bring one small/medium pumpkin per child (if you have any pumpkin carving/decorating supplies, please bring those as well). Please contact the Church Office (433-2662) for more information

STEWARDSHIP 2018 The following families listed have completed and submitted their Stewardship Commitment Card for 2018. If you would like to receive a Stewardship Commitment Card for 2018 to fill out and submit, please contact the church office at (850) 433-2662. James & Helen Adams Bill & Barbara Agall Nick & Katherine Agall Angelo & Chrissy Alexakos George & Deb-b Alexakos Arthur & Vangie Anastopoulo George Apostle Constantine & Susie Argeris Johnathon Argeris & Courtney Smith Eleftheria Argeris Auna & Jayden Arredondo Spero Athanasiou Fran & Jack Barker Gloria Betcher Chris Bithos Peter & Megan Bithos Mary Blanos Fotios V. Bokas George & Aspasia Bokas Harry & Sia Booros Henry & Christy Bressack Ephraim & Stavroula Brock Christina Brown Giles & Marianthe Brown Paul & Tammy Brown Philip & Paula-Maria Brown Robert M. & Georgia M. Buchanan Jason Callonas Fr. Matthew & Emily Carter Dan & Connie Cassidy Stephanie Cole Bill & Sandy Cowling Debby Dasinger Bill & Maria Daughdrill Nina Dickson Georgine & John Ericsson

Achilles & Betty Farsolas Magdalene Felts Maria Fivgas Jeff & Hollie Fletcher Dr. Allen & Andrea Ford Kyle & Angela Gatzmeyer Patricia Gavallas John & Donna Gaynor Anastasia Geeker Katherine Geeker Mahi Geeker Marianne Geeker Nick P. & Jan Geeker Nick S. Geeker Erik & Elizabeth Gilmore Bennie & Dena Goble William & Joanna Thagouras Heal Frank & Martha Hicks Theodora Ioannidis Irina James Clay Jones Dr. Peter & Sophia Kantrales Sophia Katsaros Amelia Poulos Kazakos Edward Korolenko Krissy Kritselis Bill & Mache Langford Sarah Larson Charles & Linda Liberis Gloria Lind Dr. George & Sophia Lukes Rebecca MacArthur Ruth Magoulas George Makris Dimitrios & Linda Maletsidis Bill & Liz Markopoulos

Alexander & Britney Marks James J. Marks, Jr. Helen Milukas Kenneth & Catherine Mitchell James & Kris Mohamed James & Vassiliki Montgomery Demetra Morres Gene & Betty Murphy George & Linda Nikolopoulos Joe & Despina O’Neil Eli & Dina Pagonis Phyllis Pagonis Magdalene Pappas Rebecca Pappas William & Lynette Paulchek Dean & Tina Peterson Stelios & Cristin Peterson Anna (Rosie) Petrelis Katherine Petrelis Anna Sophia Pihakis Photini Pihakis Chrystyna Pittas Bill & Kitty Randall Peter & Diane Roumbos Cecil & Helen Sakalarios Spero & Toula Sampanis Hugo & Elena Sanchez Adam Sanders Gus Silivos Heidi Silivos Dr. Elias & Alice Skoufis Constantin Soltuz & Tamara Bochoryshvili Steve & Sarah Spartan Maria Stamatelos Nina Stamatelos

Dr. Charles & Faye Stamitoles Michael & Martha Stamitoles Giannoula Stamoulis Dr. Greg & Athena Staviski Cherise Stergion Anastasia Ta Letekidan Teclehaimanot Maria Thagouras Sotirios Thagouras Jonathon & Eran Thames Greg Thames Rose Thames Paul Tiblier Gary & Gia Tringas Phyllis Tringas Nick & Maria Valkanas Constantine Styke & Margie Valmus Evangelos & Brittani Varanos Chris Varazo Tina Varvouris Katerina Vatsolakis Stelios & Alice Vatsolakis Brett & Stella Verzwyvelt Victoria Verzwyvelt Georgia Walters Andy & Sissy Watson Bill & Maria Weisnicht Joe & Panayiota Whisler Leo Wilson White Wyatt Douglas & Rose Mary White Michael & Anna Wright Buster & Rita Zangas

October SUNDAY

FEED THE HUNGRY Please bring nonperishable items to the food donation basket located in the Narthex. Thank you! 7 8:45 am Orthros 10:00 am Divine Liturgy Altar Group: St. John Chrysostom Hara/Glenzethes Dance Practice











5 Festival Workday 9:00 am Cutting Calamari

6 Festival Workday 9:00 am Cutting Pastries

8 Columbus Day Office Closed




12 Greek Festival 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

13 Greek Festival 11:00 am - 9:00 pm




26 St. Demetrios 8:30 am Orthros 9:30 am Divine Liturgy


Greek Festival setup

Festival Workday 12:00 pm Cutting Pastries 14 8:00 am Orthros 9:00 am Divine Liturgy




Greek Festival cleanup

Greek Festival 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm 21 8:45 am Orthros 10:00 am Divine Liturgy Altar Group: St. Basil the Great





28 8:45 am Orthros 10:00 am Divine Liturgy Altar Group: St. John Chrysostom




Hall/Kitchen unavailable for rent during the month of October due to Greek Festival preparations and cleanup.

12:00 pm Youth Ministry Fall Activity

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 1720 West Garden Street Pensacola, FL 32502

Apolytikion of the Annunciation Today is the beginning of our salvation. And the revelation of a mystery which was hidden from eternity. The Son of God becomes the Virgin’s Son. And Gabriel announces the grace of this good news. Let us also join with him, calling to the Theotokos: Rejoice, O woman full of grace. The Lord is with you.

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2018 October Newsletter  

Monthly parish newsletter

2018 October Newsletter  

Monthly parish newsletter