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When somebody mentions a circular saw the first thing that comes to our minds is a portable saw with a 7 1/4 of an inch blade. The saw requires electricity and in many cases a really strong supply of electricity.

These saws are awesome at the job for which they were constructed. ď‚ž A circular power saw is vitally important to the construction of a house. ď‚ž

But there is another tool that is very important as well although it’s not as popular as the circular power saw.  This tool is the metal hole saw otherwise known as hole cutter.  This is a circular saw that can cut through a variety of materials with little ease.  However, this saw cannot be used independently. 

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It requires the use of a powerful drill to operate. It does not have a power cord but rather is an attachment that secures to the drills chuck. Once connected properly, the metal hole saw has the potential to cut holes from ½ of an inch up to six inches.

Unlike the step drill bit which has a very limited thickness into which it is capable of drilling, the metal hole saw can cut holes six inches in diameter and up to three inches of depth.



The step drill bit can drill successfully up to 1/8 of an inch. What a difference to be able to drill three inches in depth!



With wood if your depth is greater than this three inches you can still use the metal hole saw. What you do is drill down the three inches that the metal hole saw allows and then pull the saw out of the hole.

You will notice that there is a hole in the middle from the pilot drill bit and a clearly cut edge all the way around the hole. ď‚ž Now, take a wood chisel and carefully chisel the middle of the block. ď‚ž

It should, with little effort, break a couple of inches out of the wood. If you are careful you can do this without damaging the outer intact ring that the hole saw cut in the first place. After you have taken part of the wood out, you can insert the drill with the metal hole saw back into the hole and continue drilling even farther.

This method allows you to use a metal hole saw to cut holes in wood even deeper than the previously thought depth. Another really cool thing about the metal hole saw is the versatility of this marvel of ingenuity. There are metal hole saws that are adjustable to different diameters that you need.

Many people do not like the adjustable hole saws because they tend to not be as accurate or durable as the fixed model.

If you are one of these people and want to consider the long term, it is recommended that you buy fixed model metal hole saws.

Even with the fixed model, the pilot twist drill bit in the middle is usually interchangeable.

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Unlike the step drill bit which has a very limited thickness into which it is capable of drilling, the metal hole saw can cut holes six inch...