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Portfolio Ann-Sofie Nielsen

BA of Arts in Architecture 2016

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Ann-Sofie Nielsen Born 20.06.1992

Contact: +45 26744788 Frederiks AllĂŠ 149 8000 Aarhus C Denmark ann-sofie-nielsen-35a61a127

Skills Photoshop Indesign Illustrator Revit Rhino QGIS Autocad Faro Scene Sketch Up Velux Visualizer




CV 2016

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2013-2016 Bachelor of Arts in Architecture /Aarhus School of Architecture

June 2016 Internship: Bureau Detours /Institut for(X), Aarhus

Fall 2016 Art, experimential work practices & ceramics /Aarhus Art Academy

Responsability: Projectdevelopment. Preporation of dissemination material.

2009-2012 Architecture & Design /Aarhus Technical Gymnasium

February 2016 Workshopfacilisator “Drawing as a way of thinking� /Jane Willumsggard: Aarhus School of Architecture


Responsability: Supervision of 150 1. year students on 2. semester. Assist by professional inputs.

Fall 2016 Synergi /Aarhus Art Academy Spring 2016 Bachelor exhibition /AARCH Spring 2015 Advanced Casting /AARCH Spring 2015 Bachelor exhibition /AARCH Fall 2014 Bachelor exibhition /AARCH

Languages Danish native English professional German basic Understands Swedish and Norwigian

Workshops Constructing Architecture /Stefano Ciurlo Walker & Lars Nikolai Bock Revit Advanced /Per Kortegaard Capturing Daylight /Stefano Ciurlo Walker Bodyscape; Advanced Casting /Kasper Riis Furniture for North Side Fastival /Studio MAD, Brian Nielsen Dissect of a home in Hurup /Mo Krag Land Art /Stefan Darlan Boris

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Table of contents The flow is the value

Transformation of industrial building

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Supervised by Ann Aloy Kilpatrick


Constructing architecture

Supervised by Stefano Stefano Ciurlo Walker & Lars Nikolai Bock


Anchoring ground

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Supervised by Jane Willumsgaard

Capturing daylight Qualities of Nordic daylight

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Supervised by Stefano Stefano Ciurlo Walker


Transformation of a pre.fab. concrete facade

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Supervised by Ann Aloy Kilpatrick


Dissection of an abandoned house

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Supervised by Mo Krag

Other works

Selected projects from Aarhus Art academy Supervised by Anne Skole, Ida Elkeland & Louise Gaarmann

Institut for (X)

Internship at Bureau Detours Supervised by Mads Peter Laursen

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South West elevation, June 14.00

Bachelor project

The flow

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is the value

North elevation, June 08.00

South East elevation, June 08.00

Mindet 6 is an old industrial building for grain storage which were challeging the structuring of the building as a Mediahouse for DR. Since the harbor of Aarhus is going through a regeneration, it has not jet created its own part of the citystructure. The main focus at the site has been the large scale industry and having in mind that the city expands and demands public functions and spaces. The three elevations shows the transformationproposal for the building.

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Bachelor project

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January 12.00

Context analysis of Mindet 6, Aarhus Visual contact From Mindet 6 to Dokk1 From Dokk 1 to the north side of the building Physical and visual contact Requires a connection to Mindet 6 to create a social community and entrance Visual contact To the southern harbor Physical barrier because of high traffic

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Concept development: Image of intent

Diagramatic concept models Development and investigations of placing different functions of the DR. The intention was to define different opportunities of positioning and systematic graduation of public, semi-private and the private within the institution. There have been investigating in different solutions of how to create transitions or borders between the different spaces. Some of them are directly connected and some are divided by a strict circulation system.


2 3 4


Bachelor project

This has been a personal way to develop the concept and must be seen as an abstract way of working. This image is a workingmethod realated to the work with the roomprogram. It shows the funktions which are connected to the core of the building. The core has in the process evolved from being private for the institution to become a public square. This collage opens up for further investigation – always exploring the existing space.

level 1

Diagrams to the right: Existing passage intensivated in groundlevel, creating a connection to Filmbyen.


level 0



Semi-public2 canteen/meetingrooms Flow3 Private4 workspaces Private5 core

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5 4

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Liniar vertical transitions

Bachelor project

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Transitions Tortuous vertical /horisontal transition

Liniar horisontal transition

Axonometric showing two types of transition: blue color; fast transition peach color; flaneur transition

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View 1 - Officespace

Bachelor project

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View 3 - Canteen

View 2 - Exhibition area

Inner spatial experience Perspective section showing a section through the long side of the building, cutting through the auditorium, the offices and the canteen.


2 3

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props room props room

ed. room

rec. room

meeting room

auditorium . room ed. room rec

ed. room eting area informal me rec. room

a exhibition are

ce main entran

rec. room


ner speakers cor

eting area informal me

ed. room




level 0


section A

Bachelor project

props room


meeting room office space


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g rooms enclosed meetin

m conference roo

level 2

office space

ed. room

rec. room



light shaft

of the transformation in plans and sections

ed. room

office space

rec. room ed. room

m conference roo

pentry area



level 1


section B

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Bachelor project

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Selected models made for the project “The flow is the value�

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Workshop 6 semester

Constructing Architecture In three weeks of May 2016, i have been a part of building a boathouse at Aarhus School of Architecture as part of the workshop run by Stefano Ciurlo Walker. The boathouse utilises the same standard materials commonly used in Aarhus harbour for these kind of structures: cement and steel for the reinforced concrete footings, 45 x 95 mm softwood studs for the pinned timber frame, and PVC woven tarpaulin tensioned with 8mm black rope. The structure has been installed in Studsgade courtyard, then disassembled and reassembled in Aarhus wood boat harbour to be utilised by the local boating community.

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Archive The archive was made to cover the registrations and analyses made on a studytrip to Paris. The archive is removable, for creating different “scenes” occour in different situations or backgrounds. The archives intention is to create new insights of the material in different contexts. The archive is inspired on the ond way of making special effects for movies. The old techniqe is in french called Mise-en-scene and is translated into “staging”.

3. semester project

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Threshold For this project i have been investigating different anchoring ground situations and used them as a way of experimenting with the threshold situation at The Institut du Monde Arabe, in Paris, by Jean Nouvel. The sound situation at the plaza in front of the building became interesting as an other typology to work with. It was a realization that the perception of the building could change along with the 4 different experiments of the threshold. The Institut du Monde Arabe, in Paris has a breathing facasde as the mechanisms behind the glass regulates the amount of sun entering the building. The plaza in front of the building is a mirroring of the gridsystem of the mechanisms. The following 4 experiments has been an exploration of this gridsystem as a way of creating a threshold which challenged the transition of outside to inside.

3. semester project

Eksperiment nr. 1: Water

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3. semester project

Eksperiment nr. 2: Overlap

Experiment nr. 3: Levels

Experiment nr. 4: Fall

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Workshop 5. semester p. 29

Capturing Daylight In 4 weeks of December 2015, I have been investigating the qualities of Nordic light at Aarhus School of Architecture as part of a workshop called “Capturing Daylight�, run by Stefano Ciurlo Walker. The carefull study of a reletively small room at Aarhus School of Architecture, a seminar room on the ground floor of Studsgade. The room has windows on two sides, facing a courtyard to the South East and a narrow passage on the North West. We have built a 1:15 model of the room, meticulously observing the slight differences in the window construction, alignment and positioning on the two sides of the space. The two images produced captured the uniformity of how daylight enters through these openings, bouncing of the slightly reflective surfaces of the window reveals towards the ceiling.

Photos of model in scale 1:15

p. 30 3.1







a: b: c: d: e:



1st filtration layer (stair case) 2nd filtration layer (screen) 1st framing (extruded openings) 2nd framing (facade openings) output (inner spaces) filtrating light photos

outside night

Filtrating light, experimental photos. Day and night.



5. semester project

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Axonometric of typical bay: a: 1st filtration layer (stair case) b: 2nd filtration layer (screen) c: 1st framing (extruded openings) d: 2nd framing (facade openings) e: output (inner spaces)


In this project themed “openings�, i have been investigating the facade of a prefabricated concrete facade. The analysed building is the Yardmasters building built by McBride, Charles and Ryan in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. For the project i have been investigating three types of typologies of lightsituations for three different bays of the pre.fab. concrete facade. The typical space of the Yardmasters Building, is the working office space where the function of that enviroment needs to fit the typology. The typology of filtrating light will create a working space with a light condition that axonometric of typical bay does not disturb.

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ceiling affected by the reflective elements

ceiling affected by the

Reflective elements affecting the facade with light and shadow

reflective elements affecting the facade with light and shadow

Axonometric collage of a corner bay: The typology of capturing light with surfaces supports the corner situation of the building. Piraeus, Hans Kollhoff, Rapp + Rapp

Pinhole photos

New Institute, Jo Conenen

New institute Jo Conenen

Stadgenoot Pavilion, Steven Holl

Stadsgenoot, Steven Holl

5. semester project

Axonometric collage of a vertical bay: The vertical circulation of a stair case space is situated as a gap between inside and outside. This is why the typology of dissolving was an experiment at the vertical bay.

Piraeus, Hans Kollhoff, Rapp + Rapp

Piraeus, Rapp + Rapp, Kollhoff

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Workshop 2. semester


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Dissection of an abandoned house in Hurup, Thy.

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Casting of liquid porcelain

fall 2016 p. 37

Gravure technique in cyan pigment

Art Academy During my time spent at Aarhus Art Academy, i have been taking classes in art, experimental work practices and cheramics in the fall of 2016. I have specifically enjoyed my time exploring graphic printing, drawing, pottery and designing in liquid porcelain.

Gravure technique in black pigment. Inspired by BA project

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Internship at B ureau Detours In 4 weeks of June 2016 i have been doing an internship at Bureau Detours, a part of Institut for(X), at Godsbanen in Aarhus. I have been a part of a projectdeveloping group which have been working on creating a cooperation between the new School of Architecture and the already existing Institut for (X). The project was named Gunschool and figurates as a platform for students who are working in a scale 1:1 and has a need for more space in which Godsbanen offers. For the Gunschool project, i was mainly producing communication material; mappings, plans, sections and visualizations of “grow architecture� that Godsbanen allows to happen. In that context there was exercised 3D scans of the A-Huset at Godsbanen. Other actors at Godsbanen and the municipality of Aarhus was also informed about the project.

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Ann-Sofie Nielsen +45 26744788 Frederiks AllĂŠ 149 8000 Aarhus C Denmark

Architecture Portfolio Ann-Sofie Nielsen 2016  

Architecture portfolio of Ann-Sofie Nielsen Bachelor of Arts in Architecture 2016 from Aarhus School of Architecture

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