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Hi to all our teaching teams….. Well it has certainly been a busy ‘term and a bit’ for us all… and the teams who are part of the ICT Wonder project are no exception. Even with the trials of everyday life and some of us working around ERO visits we are enjoying investigating what the tools can do to help us communicate with each other, children, families and the learning community. We began the project with 8 teams and a facilitator who works with them in their kindergartens…. and have recently welcomed two more to the fold. We have all identified an area ( or two ) that we would like to explore using existing ( or imminently expected) equipment to support our developing Te Manawa based goals. At present we have teams looking at a range of topics and are using self review/quality improvement frameworks and ICT tools (such as cameras, computers, microscopes, microphones, mimio interactive whiteboards. software, video, phones, webcams, and internet) to support us as we: • Capture children’s voices in portfolios and project documentation, • Add to our growing repertoire of ways to provoke involvement, • Add another way to ensure successful transition to school, • Explore large scale tools and software to make self assessment and interactivity more likely, • Hone our skills in using software for presentations and technology for connecting wide spread teams • Maximise socio dramatic play development and storytelling understandings • Develop skills to revisit and assess our learning • Help our families to have a voice in children’s learning • Add to our developing bicultural programme • Challenge children to form theories as we research • Record our ideas as we formulate ways to document planning projects… Whew! This should keep us out of mischief! We’ll keep you up to date with a few ‘wow’ moments as we go! We still have a few teams waiting patiently in the wings to join us- which we are looking forward to!

So currently the facilitator is supporting teams work and we are all trying out ideas to see what works in our own kindergarten. We are enjoying working with children ( as always) we are busy taming the machinery (!), collaborating in workshops together and some of us have been able to get out there to see what others might be doing. Part of being a member of a professional community is making informed decisions together about ‘where to next’ and what fits with your team philosophy and programme… we are having a lot of discussions in this area! To help us along we have a blogsite ( which everyone is very welcome to visit and comment on, not just project participants,) where we put professional readings, links to sites where children are using ICT to add complexity to their learning, video clips etc…. The site address is…. And it does work better if you are using Mozilla firefox browsers when you are looking, we have found. If you need any help with access let us know on ( Our counter shows 431 visitors so far and a few comments…. We will always welcome more so give it a go! Well done Plimmerton Kindergarten for being brave enough to contribute some material for it. Ka pai tō mahi! That’s all for now…… ka kite! ……………Ann 

third issue of newsletter  

WRFKA wonder project....

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