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Ladies Briefcase

A briefcase is a narrow box-shaped bag or case used mainly for carrying documents and a briefcase is usually equipped with a handle. Businesspeople and other professionals use briefcases to carry important documents and, today, laptop computers.

Briefcases can be an excellent choice of work bag for almost everyone Briefcases have a lot of different compartments. Briefcases protect things like documents, laptops etc. Briefcases keep documents, magazines and other similar items in great condition. Briefcases do not have to be old fashioned and ugly. Briefcases do not have to be big and bulky.

What is the Benefit of owning a Briefcase ? Due to their shape and size, briefcases are great for protecting a lot of things inside them. Briefcases can be really good work bags for almost everyone, no matter what your job is, for several different reasons. For the busy working woman, a briefcase can be a statement-making bag for all your work supplies.

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Handbag Annie was created for women who love fashion accessories! Here at Handbag Annie, we believe accessories are what really makes or breaks any outfit. We're focused on just four categories: fashion handbags, sexy clutches, fab wallets and classy briefcases. The reason for this is that one of our own pet peeves is shopping at online stores where you will find tons of junk mixed in with the good stuff, making it really hard, and not to mention time consuming, to find any real gems in there.

These are some of the qualities of a truly good briefcase:  A solid color, preferably a neutral  A classic design  Good quality  It should match most of your clothes/other accessories

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