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Climbing Bloom Repeat: 8”h x 16” w Climbing bloom

Ann McGuire Studio Repeat 8” h x 16” w



Climbing bloom skating party . hot chocolate

Climbing bloom dappled caramel . deep gold

Climbing bloom fade to white . soft gray

Climbing bloom into the mist . soft gray


Midnight Bloom Repeat: 20”h 40” w” MIDNIGHT bloom Repeat 20” h x 40” w

midnight bloom through the veil . deep olive

midnight bloom into the mist . platinum

midnight bloom vanishing sage. copper

midnight bloom cool translucence . teal


Pomme Repeat: 32”w x 34.5”h pomme Repeat 32” h x 34.5” w

pomme upper stratus. copper

pomme fade to white . deep pure white

pomme vanishing sage . copper

pomme vanishing sage . deep latte

pomme into the mist . warm gold

pomme filtered light. warm gold

Autumn Wall Classic  

Ann McGuire Studio's Autumn Classic line book catalog.

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