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The official coffee brewer Nordic Barista Cup 2011

Wilfa Svart Manuell pour over coffee brewer developed with World Champion Barista Tim Wendelboe. Features full flow control for one, two or ten cups of fantastic tasting coffee.

Nordic Coffee Culture In the Nordic region we love filter coffee and we take it black. We brew up enough to fill our thermos flasks, we have mugs exclaiming “World’s best dad!” and we keep a special coffee set in the cupboard for those special occasions. Everyone brings a flask of coffee with them when going for walks in the stunning Nordic countryside. The first thing we do when we stumble out of bed in the morning is to turn the coffee brewer on – it is also the last thing we turn off when our guests have gone home. Our coffee allows us to think clearly, and if we ever need to sit down for a serious chat we will have a few sips of coffee to compose ourselves and form our words before we start talking. Wilfa has been a proud part of this culture for decades. Black filter coffee runs in our veins and we have participated in millions of Nordic coffee moments, something that makes us very proud. This has led us to question why filter coffee no longer has the status it deserves. People have been charmed by the continental coffee culture that came to the country – with its espresso machines, flavoured syrups and milk containers on the side. The coffee brewer, the original source of real, pure coffee no

longer takes centre stage. People take it for granted, it simply fulfils a function and while we’ve never stopped drinking filter coffee and most people still get their daily coffee fix from a coffee brewer, we have forgotten about the beautiful taste, quality and nuances that filter coffee can provide. We’ve become lazy and measure by eyesight and most of us can’t remember the last time we cleaned out our coffee brewers. The time is ripe for a coffee revolution Filter coffee has always retained a high status among coffee experts and enthusiasts and here at Wilfa we intend to prove once and for all that THIS is the real way to make, and enjoy, good coffee. We are going to celebrate and promote the Nordic coffee culture and show the world just how proud we are of it. And we’re going to do it right. We’ve joined forces with Tim Wendelboe and together we have developed SVART, a quirky and exclusive range of coffee brewers that is perfect for our way of drinking coffee and which respects the Nordic coffee culture.

Together as a team Designit, Tim Wendelboe and Wilfa has worked hard on defining what makes a coffee brewer great and then setting out to persue that goal. Now Wilfa Svart Manuell is awarded for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council 2011.

Carsten Eriksen Senior Industrial Designer Designit Strategic Design Consultancy

Wilfa Svart Manuell A mug of black, perfectly brewed filter coffee hides an array of detail, taste variations and nuances. Baristas and coffee enthusiasts have, over the last few years, developed a love for pour over brewed coffee. Pour over

brewing provides you with full control of the brewing process and with the right equipment anyone can master the art of brewing exquisite coffee. Wilfa SVART Manuell pour over coffee brewer is that equipment.

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Tim Wendelboe When Tim says that filter coffee is the best way to really enjoy good coffee, who are we to argue? Together we have developed the Wilfa SVART range of coffee brewers to be

the absolute best range available, making it easy for you to master everything from water to temperature and the ratio of coffee to water.

- World Barista Champion in 2004 - World Cup Tasting Champion 2005 - Nordic Roaster 2008 - 2010 - ”The Allegra European Coffee Shop Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the European Coffee Industry’”

Raw material: Coffee beans come from the coffee berry that grows on coffee trees and, just like apples and wine grapes, there is great variety when it comes to taste and quality. The best coffee is sold unground and in sealed bags. Important information such as roasting date and which plantation the coffee comes from should be available on the bag. The best coffee is usually sold in places where the seller has intimate product knowledge.

Be your own barista Becoming a good barista is mainly about handiwork and a little bit of art. Just ask Tim. Baristas over the world train for years to be able to compete in various coffee competitions and the levels they compete at are skyhigh, both nationally and internationally.

But is not as hard as it looks to make great coffee at home. You need to focus on three important areas; raw materials, water temperature and the ratio of coffee to water.

Use the white filters and pour over the boiled water to rinse the filter for residue. Remember to pour out this water before brewing your coffee.

Water It is a stroke of luck to be a coffee lover living in the nordic region. One of the most important factors for determining whether the coffee will be good or bad is how clean the water is, and the nordic countries have some of the world’s cleanest drinking water in its taps. For this reason it saddens us to see how many people will use the jug from their coffee brewer, which has just been full of coffee and is still full of fat, to fill clean water from the tap into the water tank before brewing a new round. This impairs the taste and moves fat and particles around the insides of the coffee brewer.

Wilfa SVART manuell pour over brewer eliminates this problem. Not only does it look good but the water boiler and the jug are entirely separate, something which means we never end up with fat residue from the coffee in the clean water tank.

Temperature Few people are aware that the water temperature also affects the taste of the coffee. There are many different opinions about what constitutes the perfect temperature, but Tim believes it should be around 9296째C to get the best taste from the coffee. The majority of coffee brewers available use a brewing temperature that is too low, leading to sour and under-extracted coffee. While it is rarely a problem, water that is too hot should also be avoided as this can lead to bitter coffee. If you pour just boiled water from a kettle over the coffee, the tempera-

ture will quickly sink to the correct brewing temperature. Tip: Allow the coffee to cool down before drinking in order to appreciate the many enjoyable taste nuances of good quality coffee. These nuances are usually more prominent when the coffee is warm rather than hot. Coffee of poor quality will worsen on taste when it cools. Just as the nuances of good quality coffee are strengthened during cooling.

Use freshly ground coffee. The coffee’s oils oxidise faster when the coffee is ground than when they are still protected inside the coffee bean. Oxidation leads to the coffee becoming bitter. The reason coffee smells so good during brewing is because the aromas are escaping from the coffee.

Allways use fresh coffee beans, best before date is always on the package. weight up 61-65 gr.

Measuring by sight is the root of all evil When determining the ratio of coffee to water, most people measure by sight when making filter coffee. Some use the quantity reader on the side of the water container and the measuring spoons provided with the coffee. Few people are aware that the best way to measure accurately is by weight. There are of course differing opinions, and

some people prefer it stronger or weaker than others, but as a rule of thumb Tim believes that you should use about 65 grams of coffee per litre of water. We recommend using sensitive small kitchen scales to measure the correct weight.

Wilfa Gram Steel kitchen weight

Wilfa’s Malt coffee grinder is perfect for filter coffee and can easily be adjusted for brewing different quantities. It is also the onlycoffee grinder approved by the European Coffee Brewing Center.

Use a coffee grinder and set it to a little over medium setting. Let it grind away!

Grinding the coffee There are a lot of things that affect the taste and aroma of the coffee you brew. An important factor that few people consider is how the coffee has been ground. Wilfa’s Malt coffee grinder has a unique, conical grinding head that grinds the coffee beans both gently and evenly, instead of chopping them up. This ensures that the flavours of the coffee are properly extracted from every single bean.

date. The more recently the beans have been roasted, the stronger and clearer the flavours will be. It is also important that the coffee is ground correctly, in terms of both coarseness and quantity. An even grind level is important as this achieves a more uniform and therefore better extraction, letting you take full advantage of your fresh, high quality coffee beans!

Remember to always use fresh beans and always grind them immediately before use. Some coffee bean bags have a “freshness guarantee” of three weeks after the roast Wilfa Malt coffee grinder

➊ Fill the water kettle with fresh cold water - let the water run a bit first!

➎ Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee in your favorite mug!

➌ Pour the coffee into the filter.

➍ First, pour a small amount of

➋ Set the flow to the correct flow amount, for a full jug of coffee set the flow controll to next largest opening.

How-to-brew SVART Manuell is a filter coffee brewer that makes it easy to make perfect coffee at home. It allows you to control the flow through the filter by an adjustable aperture at the bottom of the filter holder. This adds flexibility and will help you precisely match your taste preferences as you get to know the coffee brewer, allowing you to “taste your way” to your perfect cup of coffee.

freshly boiled water onto the dry coffee grounds, making sure to cover everything. Wait for the coffee grounds to absorb all the water. Then, pouring in a circular motion, slowly add the remaining water, taking care to keep the coffee submerged. Fresh coffee will swell and “bloom”because trapped co2 is being released from the ground beans.

The fact that the water is poured by hand allows you full control over the water distribution. Using a controlled, circular movement, you can ensure an even extraction of the ground coffee. Follow the step-by-step instructions above for making exquisite coffee at home.

All good things take time Wilfa SVART Manuell is also equipped with a mechanism that allows you to control both the strength of the coffee and the quantity you are making. SVART’s flow control is a small switch at the bottom of the filter holder which adjusts the length of time the water takes to pass through and can be adjusted

accordingly depending on whether you are making a full jug or a single cup. In this way you can adjust the extraction of coffee more accurately so that it turns out just the way you want it.

Easy fill The easy flip-open lid on SVART allows you to refill your kettle at the push of a button. Flow control This unique feature means you can adjust the flow rate and perfect the extraction rate to match your preference. SVART’s flow control enables you to quickly adjust the brewing time depending on whether you are brewing a single cup or a full jug of coffee. (Please use white size 4 filters with the SVART coffee brewer). Fresh water The water gauge on the SVART kettle allows you to keep an eye on the water level to ensure that you select the correct ratio of freshly ground coffee to water. Keep warm The water kettle will maintain the selected temperature for 15 minutes. The coffee jug does not have a keep warm function – Tim simply said no. Temperature Wilfa SVART Manuell can be used as a kettle. You can select different water temperature of 60°C, 70°C, 80°C, 90°C or 100°C. The pouringer temperture drops to 96°C.

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