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ARCHITECT, INTERIOR DESIGNER, 3D VISUALIZER +39 389 6533668 anna.sorokina87 Date of birth 20.12.1987 Leningrad, Russia

Analytical mindset, creativity, acumen, working efficiency, sense of purpose, independent learning skills, devotion to the cause

LANGUAGE SKILLS Russian – Mother tongue English – Fluent Italian – Intermediate

AWARDS PARTICIPATION 2013 - Participant of the Ninth Saint Petersburg Biennial “MODULOR 2013”, graduation project ‘SPA-center at Vyborg’ 2013 - Participant of the Young Designers contest by Quick-Step, Loft style kitchen design. 2014 - Participant of the East Woods Belarus contest, architectural design of treehouses tourist complex, project ‘Living crown’. 2016 - Participant of the AlterEgo ArtBattle 2016 in Berlin, residential interior design.



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REFERENCES Arch. Leonid Belyaev, SC ‘Institute Giprostroymost’: Prof. Maurizio Meriggi, Politecnico di Milano:


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ARCHITECTURAL and INTERIOR DESIGNER Freelancer, Saint Petersburg, 08.2012 - present • Private and public interior design, architectural design, landscape design, full-scale engineering development • 3D-visualisation, Graphic design


SC ‘INSTITUTE GIOSTROYMOST’ Architect, Saint Petersburg, 08.2014 – 02.2015 • Architectural design, documentation.






LLS ‘EUROPEAN FORMAT’ Event-manager, Saint Petersburg, 2006 – 2007, 2012 • Document preparation, work with staff, preparation souvenir production, participation in the development program of the event, event-management. • Clients: Gazprom Oil Invest, Saint Petersburg Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture, GSM Association (Beeline), the International Foundation for Socio-Economic and Political Studies (The Gorbachev Foundation), World Heritage Committee UNESCO.


SIAE ‘OHTA’ Teacher of additional education, Saint Petersburg, 2007 - 2008 • Document preparation, making plans and programs of classes, work with students (6-12 years), work with parents, organizes the participation of students in public events and awards.


100TV CHANNEL Student internship, Saint Petersburg, 2010 • Papers survey, media analysis, collection of information, assistance in preparation packages.


Politecnico di Milano, Italy Master of Science, Architecture – Architectural Design - 2017. 107/110


The Institute of design, applied arts and humanities education, Saint Petersburg, Russia Specialist, Environmental design – 2008-2013


Saint Petersburg State University, Russia Specialist, Political Psychology – 2005-2011


Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture, Russia Certificated Program of drawing – 2003-2007




DesaKota Theater, development. academy. Lembang, Berlin, Germany Indonesia.



Tree houses hotel complex. Minsk, Belarus

Beauty center with swiming pool. Viborg, Russia



Design of park infrastructure. Cinque Terre National Park, Italy

22 Beauty salon. Saint Petersburg, Russia


Restourant Retail design WS «Landing and Cafe Lunetta». «Esher». Saint Mantova, Italy Petersburg, Russia





The goal of this project was to study the issue of Desakota and try to find a suitable formula for its development. The key factors of our project were the inhabitants low education level and the diffused heavy manual labor, having low economic profitability. We have developed the project of an agricultural research center, which includes various levels of educational programs for the population and visitors of the village. The center is a modular linear park, based on the village internal morphology and can be replicated in other regions. Architectural choices are based on a rethinking of the classic architecture of Indonesia, using the traditional methods of lighting, ventilation, air conditioning.

Master Thesis project: DesaKota development

an inhabited place of greater size, population, or importance than a town or village

Year: 2017 Studio: Architectural Design in Developing countries

a settlement usually larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town

Professor: Meriggi Maurizio Co-author: Kusuma Cynthia Site: Wangunharja, Lembang, Indonesia “The regions labeled desakota, which are regions of an intense mixture of agricultural and n on agricultural activities that often stretch along corridors between large city cores. These regions were previously characterized by dense populations engaged in agriculture, generally but not exclusively dominated by wetrice.� - Terry McGee 1990




Site analysis


Urban structure analysis

Master plan


FUNCTIONS : - clinic - administrative office - food market - agriculutre fields - fruit and vegetable picking

FUNCTIONS : - social housing (including common areas) - multiuse room - food court - commercial area - market - agriculture fields

FUNCTIONS : - school - experimental fields - rainwater collector - park

FUNCTIONS : - research center - exhibition spaces - biogas center and learning area - classrooms and study fields - biogas fields - agriculture fields

FUNCTIONS : - horse stall and storage - farm




School, axonometric view

Level 0.000

Level +6.000

Level +9.000

Roof level


School, plans

Social housing, axonometric view

Social housing, section

Social housing, plans


Experimental fields, perspective view

Research center, perspective view Physical model


School, perspective view


The project site of Theater is placed in the North part of the Museum Island in its contemporary part. Our concept is based on the overlapping of the historical and existing road system. The central part of the theater is rotated according to its envelope part inside which placed the related functions as restaurant and cafe, exhibition etc. The theater building is part of the landscape and includes an outdoor observation deck. The new pedestrian bridge, which corresponds to historical roads, goes through the entire territory of the island. It unites all district with core idea of relation between past and present.

Studio project: Theater, academy Year: 2017 Studio: Architectural Design Professor: Vieths Stefan Co-authors: Kocyigit Merve Osel Esra Site: Museum Island, Berlin, Germany

Historical analysis

Urban section


Urban analysis

Master plan

Urban section






Concept. Structural elements

Entrance level

Physical model

Theater level

Balcony level

Axonometric sections


Constructive details

East facade

Llongitudinal section

Constructive details

Transverse section

North facade

Perspective view

Interior, perspective view Outdoor observation deck, perspective view


Perspective view


The proposal include three parts. First one is a Funicular station, to provide an access to the park from the main road. The front part of the building is based inside the forest space and shape of pillars imitate the tree trunks. The Cable road is connected with new constructed Railway station on the bottom part of the site, which shape is linked with top construction. Finally the third is a wedding chapel, which is placed in the forest and has the direct connection with the sea. Transparency was the core motive in all three objects in order to save the relation with nature and all of them are equipped with view terraces.

Studio project: Design of park infrastructure Year: 2015 Class: Infrastructural Architecture and Landscape Professor: Delbene Giacomo Site: Cinque Terre National Park, Italy



Axonometric view


Wedding chapel, Master plan

Wedding chapel, perspective view


Funicular station, perspective view Funicular station, perspective view


Roof level Ground level

+6.500 0.000

Funicular station, section


Ground level 0.000

Roof level



+6.3000 Ground level

+12.000 First level

+19.700 Second level

+25.400 Roof level



Roof level

+19.700 Second level +12.000

Railway station, section


First level


Ground level


Balcony level


Sea level

Railway station, perspective view Railway station, perspective view


From our point of view, a house on a tree is something natural, primitive, not contradiction to nature itself. The idea is that the house would resemble a group of trees with its silhouette, and the roof covering it should remind a spreading crown. We created three types of small houses for different kind of customers (from lonely traveller and couples to small groups of 3-4 people). The inner space of houses is very small but it includes everything necessary for comfortable staying. The hotel complex creates a sense of relaxation in a remote woodland surrounded by wild nature, but in a friendly environment.

Contest project: TREEHOUSE HOTEL COMPLEX Year: 2014 Co-author: Kurashova Ksenia Site: Minsk, Belarus

Perspective view



Axonometric view


The main idea of the project is aimed at the possibility of creating an object, a SPA-complex, as a modern leisure center, while a certain universality of the object should allow preserving the spirit of the modernity in the future. Simple geometric shapes and lines are designed to create a volumetric and fluxible spatial dynamics of modern interiors. The play of light, glass and water is designed to gently contrast and emphasize the expressive bends of the walls.

Specialist’s degreet Thesis: Beauty center with swiming pool Year: 2013 Studio: Environmental Design Professor: Kozlova Vera, Bondarenko Ivan Site: Viborg, Russia

Sketches Perspective view


Explosion scheme


Level -3.000

Level 0.000

Level +4.000



Reception, perspective view SPA, perspective view



SPA, perspective view

Beauty salon, perspective view Cafe, perspective view


I tried to apply more architectural techniques than just decorative ones, within this project. I also wanted to get away from the traditional linear planning system inherent in this kind of functions. The intricate shapes, which hanging from the ceiling, are inspired by shape of flowers. They create the complex system of the interlacing lighting plafond. There are three types of these constructions inside the project: tv-station in reception zone, manicure zone and workplace for hairdresser.

Studio project: Beauty salon Year: 2010 Studio: Environmental Design Professor: Bondarenko Ivan Site: Hotel ÂŤNEVAÂť, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Schematic plan

Detail, axonometric view


Reception, perspective view Beauty salon, perspective view


The task was to create the café in ground level and the restaurant above it within one theme but with different character. The spaces should have a vertical connection. I took my inspiration in graphics of Maurits Escher. My goal was to achieve the complexity of the restaurant space, some delusiveness and at the same time geometricity of volume by usage of screens and platforms, mirrors and lighting. The café, on the other hand, is dedicated to the theme of nature and the process of turning a caterpillar into a light butterfly. A massive spiral staircase, which inside is decorated with mirrors and carries customers from one world to another, connects the spaces.

Studio project: Restourant and Cafe «Esher» Year: 2011 Studio: Environmental Design Professor: Bondarenko Ivan Site: Hotel «NEVA», Saint Petersburg, Russia


Schematic plan

Restaurant, perspective view Restaurant, perspective view



Llongitudinal section

Transverse section


Detail, projections

Cafe, view to the staircase Cafe, perspective view


This kiosk is designed to sell aromatic wax for home and lamps for its use. In this project we wanted to use the bright saturated colors of the main product, so that it itself determines the character of the interior. The main structure of shelves has shape of house and it is made from metal profile. Its pattern is inspired by Pit Mondrian art pieces. The roof of the house is created by the guiding bars and filled by suspended color elements resembling particles of the product being sold.

Work project: Retail design Year: 2018 Co-author: Hilly Anav Site: Tel Aviv, Israil

Detail, axonometric view


The project of clothing boutique was created as part of Kerston knitted-goods factory reconstruction proposal. The main motive of this interior is the theme of the discovery of a new world and in relation to the fashion industry, it reveals itself in the form of a zipper. It opens a flat surface of walls where are student works placed. Interior is equipped with free shape shelves-ribbons. They, as other interior elements, try to stand against the strict linear structure of the building.

Studio project: Retail design Year: 2012 Studio: Environmental Design Professor: Dutova Marina Site: Saint Petersburg, Russia Detail, plan, axonometric view


The «layer» formed by the spaces between the residential buildings required a series of actions to regain adequate comfort conditions, to enhance the soft mobility and to create new opportunities for meeting and sharing for the inhabitants of the neighborhood. According to a principle of urban acupuncture, the project focused on some sample areas: ■ ■ along the diversion channel a system of pedestrian and cycle paths was created with new seats and lighting devices connected to sporting activities

WS project: Housing and Open spaces Year: 2017 WS: Lunetta Landing (Advanced School of Architecture) Tutors: Citterio Paolo, Moscatelli Matteo Co-author: Benida Kraja, Raphaela Itimura De Camargo Emilia Massaccesi Maria Lucia Villalba Isabella Eliker Zampronio Chao Zheng Site: Mantova, Italy

Linear park, physicl model


Master plan

■ ■ some spaces were inserted between the court buildings in the center of the area multi-purpose, laboratories and spaces for indoor and outdoor gardening, which favor the multicultural meeting. ■ ■ The long «L» building (former IACP) has been equipped with an equipped skate park and some new vertical distribution spaces, to mark the main crossings along the building.

Skate-park, axonometric view

Skate-park, section


View to Skate-park, collage

Photography studies



Suprematic compositiom, 2007


Anna Sorokina Portfolio 2018  

Architectural and Interior design Portfolio. Selected Works

Anna Sorokina Portfolio 2018  

Architectural and Interior design Portfolio. Selected Works