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Town Center Plans Approved by Board of Supervisors continued from page 5

the aftermath of those workshop sessions made several significant changes to the Master Plan, not the least of which was deleting the DeAnza Blvd through-way from where the school administration building sits over to the connector at the “bridge to nowhere”, at the corner of Central Parkway and DeAnza. Making changes to the Master Plan is no easy feat, making this milestone all the more significant. The approval was for changes to: Specific Plan I (PA-1700003); Specific Plan III (PA1700005); and Specific Plan II (PA-1700004). The latest design adjustments made to these final maps served mainly to “achieve consistency” throughout. Bringing the tentative map into compliance included meeting the

CSD Public Safety Emergency Preparedness Fair Dec 2nd

Come Join the CSD Public Safety Committee Members at the Public Safety Fair and Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Sign Up at the annual Jingle Run 5k-10k Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 7-9am. CSD-PSC is looking to identify and discuss who and what services are available in our community in the event of a disaster/emergency. Looking for all types of help in the event of an emergency, such as: First Responders; Fire; Police; Nurses; Doctors; Communications; Ham Radio Operators; Plumbers; Construction Trades People; Engineers; Leaders; Pet Services; Warehouse Persons; Organizers and Logistics; Truck Owners and anyone else with a skill or equipment of benefit to the community in time of emergency. Central Creek Park 7-9 am sign up and meet n greet Fire and Sheriff will be on-site during this event.

Community Development Department’s requirements for safe and consistent intersections, which he said has been achieved. Work on the Town Hall/Library complex on the Western side of the downtown area, which was approved by the San Joaquin Planning Commission in September, could well start even before the rest of the town center gets underway.

November 2017

Mountain House Matters - November 2017