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How to Create a Squeeze Page that Converts Using the different elements that make up a squeeze page is the key to creating a highly converting squeeze page so you can generate the most results from the traffic your site receives. The squeeze page is a vital element of any online marketing company and giving it the attention it requires is critical because building a targeted email list is highly important to growing your online business. You will definitely want to have a great headline on your squeeze page because it can make or break your sign-ups. What your headline needs to accomplish is getting attention with a solid benefit for the reader. Your squeeze page has the tough job of selling your freebie offer in exchange for their contact information. The only way to move people to action is to understand what they want and feel they must have, immediately. If you want to achieve the highest conversions, then you need to test headlines and keep doing that for maximum effect. If you make people give up too much information when they subscribe, then they will not do it. For many years, online marketers have usually used the name and email address field for subscriptions. So if you really think about it, for an email marketing list there is no real reason for anything else. There has been a shift away from the first name, as well, so that is something to think about. If you are not familiar with copywriting, then be sure to learn about bullet points and use them. You can truly work wonders for your conversions by using powerful and effective bullet points. As we can clearly see from this article, even the small and simple things can have a significant effect on your conversion rate. There are many matters that you need to consider when creating a highly-converting squeeze page but we have covered some of the most important ones in this article. Visit for a video about WP Landing Pages

WP Landing Pages