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Issue 28 • APR 2012

Global mobile media revenues to touch $150 billion in 2012 2011 was the first year that global consumer spending on media content, apps and services for mobile phones broke through the $100 billion barrier. According to the latest Global Mobile Media Forecast from Strategy Analytics, consumers are expected to increase this spend on mobile media by a further 13.4 % from $121.8 billion in 2011 to $138.2 billion in 2012. In contrast, advertiser spend on mobile media is expected to almost double (85.4 %) from $6.3 billion to $11.6 billion, resulting in the total mobile media economy reaching $149.8 billion in revenue in 2012 – a 17.0 % increase on 2011. The UK mobile media economy is expected to outperform the global 17.0 % growth figure, increasing by 21.9 % to almost £2.5 billion in 2012. UK consumer spending is also expected to outperform the global rate (16.6 % vs. 13.4 %) to just under £2.2 billion although advertiser spend will increase slightly less (81.1 % vs. 85.4 % globally) to £305.4 million. UK consumers are expected to spend £559.6million on apps in 2012 compared to £1.2 billion on data plans/browsing. Consequently, apps would account for a significantly higher share of UK consumer spend (25.8 %) than they would globally (18.9 %). UK in-app ad spend on the mobile web is expected to more than double (108.2 %) compared to 50.6 % for display advertising, consequently, 2012 is expected to be the first year that display ad revenues (£61.1 million) in the UK are overtaken by in-app advertising (£82.9 million). UK revenue related to Social Networking content, apps and services is expected to increase by 22.3 percent in 2012 to £247.0 million - a much higher rate than the 16.1 percent globally. Whilst the lion’s share of consumer spend (60.2 percent) is on data plans and web browsing - making mobile operators the key beneficiaries to the tune of $82.8 billion in 2012, up 9.5 % on 2011 - a key driver of growth is the apps market on smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android devices. Over 23 billion apps were downloaded globally in 2011, increasing by 38 % to over 32 billion in 2012. Apps are now the second largest category for revenues – for both consumer and advertiser spend - and are becoming the key distribution mechanism for media on mobile phones. Apps are expected to account for 18.9 percent of global consumer spend in 2012 – $26.1 billion, up 30.7 % on 2011 – but the strength of the apps ecosystem is also demonstrated by advertiser spend. For example, across the USA and major Western European markets as a whole, revenue from display ads on the mobile web ($934.5 million) has been overtaken by in-app advertising ($1.7 billion). David MacQueen, Strategy Analytics’ Director of Wireless Media Strategies, explains, “Advertisers chase eyeballs so the fact that brands spend more on in-app advertising than the mobile web is a clear sign that apps are what consumers are glued to for an increasing range of activities. In the eyes of many advertisers, web browsing on the smartphone is playing second fiddle to the app economy.” CONTIINUES PAGE 2 >>


The latest news from the industry, along with analysis of what that news means, including: • AIME initiative paves the way for voice short codes on TV 3 • O2 launches its mobile wallet to an eagre audience 5 • European tablet adoption lags behind rest of world, 6 • Channel 5 and XS2TheWorld take second screening 360º 7 • Momac to build O2 priority ticketing’s mobile loyalty site 8 • m-commerce on tablets driving always on nature of shopping 9 • Oxygen8 launches new voice solution 9

Analysis Editorial Making Connections Paul Skeldon looks at how Connected Summit 2012 is going to be the key place for telemedia 11 SECURITY Apps under attack? Booming m-commerce and app usage sees scammers start to target these services. But help is at hand from PPP and MEF, says Paul Skeldon 13 SHOW REVIEW mGaming and mSports Get a taste for what went on at the mGaming and mSports summits in April –and see the videos! 17 CONNECTED SUMMIT 2012 We take a sneak peek at the event that brings it all together starting on page 19


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NEWS AIME initiative paves the way for Voice Short Codes in Participation TV interactive media industry trade association, The Association of Interactive Media and Entertainment (AIME) has announced that through its creation of an industry led working group and close cooperation with the regulator, Ofcom, a framework is now in place for the use of mobile Voice Short Codes in participation TV shows. Provided by Harvest Media Group in partnership with BT Agilemedia, Voice Short Codes were successfully trialled as a new voting mechanic this weekend by the BBC flagship talent show, The Voice. By offering a simple voice based engagement channel for callers wishing to use their mobile phone to interact, broadcasters are now able to provide their increasingly mobile orientated viewer demographic, an improved viewer participation experience. Voice Short Codes are essentially a 5, 6 or 7 digit number, which can be dialled to enter a competition, vote or phone-in. Importantly, the cost of calling a Voice Short Code from a mobile phone is fixed and ensures price transparency, irrespective of which mobile network the caller is using. Where Voice Short Codes are promoted broadcasters will be able to drop the now familiar warning: “… calls from mobiles will cost considerably more” and state the actual call cost from a mobile phone. AIME established a working group at the end of 2010, enabling its members to work collectively to put in place a framework for the introduction of Voice Short

Codes, that focussed on the commercial, regulatory and technical requirements to ensure a safe, transparent and compliant interactive channel could be brought to market. Edward Boddington, Chairman AIME said: “This is a great example of how the different components of the participation TV supply chain have worked collectively, under AIME to secure an innovative new channel of interaction which is bringing greater value to viewers of interactive services such as voting...” Orca Digital, the innovative telecoms company that is helping to put an end to the premiums placed on calling nongeographic numbers from mobiles, welcomes a new era in TV voting as BBC’s The Voice becomes the first mainstream user of voice short-code numbers – i.e. 5-digit numbers for voice calls. Rather than being advised that ‘calls from mobiles will cost considerably more’, viewers of Saturday’s show knew the exact cost of voting before they made the call. Non-geographic numbers – for example 0800 / 0845 / 090 – have long been used by television shows for TV voting, as well as by businesses that receive a high volume of calls, such as high street banks and insurance companies. However, when calling non-geographic numbers from a mobile, there is typically a lack of transparency over the cost of the call. Mobile operators also make a significant margin on these numbers, which often results in ‘bill shock’. According to Ofcom, consumers spend a staggering

£1.9bn on non-geographic calls with them making up 12% of total call traffic. The Association for Interactive Media and Entertainment (AIME) has been the driving force behind bringing voice short-codes to TV voting – working closely with the broadcasters and mobile operators to overcome the technical and commercial challenges. “This is a great initiative from the BBC and BT as consumers have been nervous about calling non-geographic numbers from mobiles for far too long,” comments Will Neale, Chair of AIME’s Voice ShortCode Working Group and founder of Orca Digital “Expensive non-geographic numbers not only cost consumers way too much but they also damage the brand of companies that use them because they generate mistrust.” Non-geographic numbers are also bad for business – according to Ofcom, nearly half of businesses (47%) are concerned that non-geographic numbers were a disadvantage to their business by putting people off calling. Orca Digital, which is the largest provider of voice short codes in the UK, is encouraging organisations to set up voice short-codes as there is a limited number of shortcodes available – with the most memorable numbers being snapped up fast. “Our voice short codes give consumers complete clarity over the cost of their calls – so rather than ‘costing considerably more’ they can see exactly what the cost is before making a call,” continues Will Neale.

>>> Global mobile media (cont from page 1) Despite remaining relatively flat in terms of spend, Music remains one of the top mobile media categories – accounting for $16.0 billion or 11.6 % of 2012 consumer spend. However, the way consumers’ access and pay for music is changing. Ringtones are declining fast, but streaming music services such as Spotify, Pandora and Deezer - paid for by subscription or through advertising - are gaining good traction in Western Europe and the USA. As with apps, growth of mobile video usage is increasing dramatically; 108

billion videos were watched on mobile phones in 2011, almost trebling to 280 billion in 2012. However, unlike apps, this isn’t translating into symbiotic revenue levels. Despite a 23.8 % revenue growth, Video is likely to account for a mere 2.4 % ($3.6 billion) of total mobile media revenues in 2012. MacQueen explains, “Low revenues are down to many major mobile video services being free to the end user, either funded by advertising (such as YouTube) or “bundled” without additional cost by pay TV providers, such as

Sky Go around Europe or AT&T U-verse in the USA. Despite the huge audience of 271 million users, ad revenues from mobile video are tiny - a meager $223m globally in 2011. While ad revenues will more than triple to $726 million in 2012, it is still clearly challenging for advertisers looking to reach consumers through video ads on smartphones.” Revenue related to Social Networking content, apps and services is expected to increase by 16.1 percent to $17.6 billion – accounting for 11.8 % of all mobile media revenues.

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NEWS O2 launches much vaunted mobile wallet as operators step up the payments game O2 has launched its long awaited O2 Wallet, a seamless and secure digital wallet service that will deliver the benefits of mobile money to more UK consumers than any other product or service currently available. O2 Wallet is the new way to send and receive money, compare prices and shop via your mobile; and you can use it whether you’re with O2 or not - meaning anyone can take advantage of its numerous features. James Le Brocq, Managing Director at O2 Money, said: “O2 Wallet delivers the benefits of mobile money to more UK consumers than any other product or service currently available. With O2 Wallet, it’s easier to transfer money, track expenditure and pay swiftly and securely, all using your mobile. We believe it will transform the way people manage their finances and spend money.” Additional functionality will soon enable consumers to use O2 Wallet to top-up mobile airtime, buy train tickets and make mobile contactless payments via NFC technology. James continues, “We recognise that security is absolutely key. O2 Wallet has been trialled internally for months and

has undergone extensive ‘stress-testing’ with security experts. In additional to PINs and passwords, all personal details and financial data are held on remote central servers rather than on the mobile device itself. This, we believe, is the safest and most secure way to deliver mobile payment services.” Sandra Alzetta, Senior Vice President of Mobile at Visa Europe, adds: “We welcome the launch of O2 Wallet and are delighted to be enabling the m-commerce experience with a Visa prepaid card. The new service creates an easy and efficient online payment experience for mobile device users, supporting the continued growth of m-commerce in the UK, as well as encouraging contactless payments among those users who choose to take a physical card. This announcement is another step towards an integrated future where the way we pay reflects the full potential of these new technologies.” O2 Wallet is compatible with the majority of smartphones as well as iPads. Even those without a smartphone can use various features of O2 Wallet – for example Money Messages – providing they have web browsing capability on their handsets.

O2 Wallet has been developed by a team of 250 experts from a variety of specialist fields including financial payments and e and m-commerce. In addition, O2 has worked with a number of specialist partners including global e-payments company Wave Crest; global banking and payment technology provider FIS; digital banking solutions provider Intelligent Environments; G&D for its contactless payment cards; IDT Financial Services Limited which is providing an interim e-money licence and BIN sponsorship whilst O2’s own e-money licence is approved; Cogenta for its product search and promotion capabilities and Visa Europe for the payment brand and contactless payment technology. The launch of O2 Wallet will come as good news to the millions of consumers who already use their mobile to manage their money and shop on the go. The proportion of people using mobile banking increased from 9.7% in 2010 to 20.4% in 2011; whilst shopping on mobile devices is set to increase by 53% in the next 12 months hitting £4.5bn and making Brits the biggest mobile shoppers in Europe.

Features and functions O2 Wallet uniquely combines the following functions: • Money Message – O2 Wallet enables consumers to securely transfer money to any UK mobile phone number as easily as sending a text. Money Messages allow consumers to make daily transfers of between £1 and £500; and will make lending, borrowing or repaying money to friends and family easier than ever. • Shopping via your mobile – O2 Wallet makes shopping via your mobile a breeze. A comprehensive barcode and search engine function compares the prices of millions of branded goods from more than 100 online retailers. In addition, consumers will enjoy unique daily discounts and deals via the ‘My Offers’ icon. At launch these will include discounts and money off offers from retailers such as Debenhams, Comet, Sainsbury’s Direct, and Tesco Direct. • Your phone as your wallet – O2 Wallet enables consumers to digitise their existing debit and credit cards making it quick and easy to pay for things via their mobile. Customers can load money into their O2 Wallet account via one of their debit cards, by receiving a Money Message or with cash at more than 30,000 locations including O2 stores, PayPoint and epay retail outlets. O2 Wallet’s ‘transaction history’ helps consumers keep on top of their expenditure with texts alerts when the account balance changes; a 30 day payment history on the app; and a 12 month history online. In time, O2 Wallet will evolve to incorporate near field communications (NFC) technology and enable contactless payments direct from your handset. • O2 Money Account Card – O2 Wallet offers both a physical and a virtual O2 Money Account Card. Both are based on a Visa prepaid account making them ideal for customers wanting to manage their finances as they can only spend what they put in. The ‘virtual’ O2 Money Visa Account Card is perfect for online shopping. Consumers can also apply for the physical O2 Money Visa Account Card to pay for things on the high street or withdraw cash from ATMs. This is a contactless card allowing tap-and-go payments at more than 100,000 contactless payment points across the UK; it’s fast, easy and convenient.


European pad adoption lags behind other regions due to recession, suggest Canalys study market analyst firm Canalys reports that global pad shipments more than tripled year-on-year in Q1 2012. Vendors shipped 20.3 million pads, representing 19% of all client PC shipments in the quarter. A year ago pads accounted for just 7% of PC shipments. Adoption rates, however, vary significantly across regions, shaped by differing economic conditions and the resultant influence on consumer spending, as well as the availability of popular content through local app stores. North America remained the largest region by shipment volume (almost half of the global total), with pads representing 36% of PCs shipped in the region. Asia Pacific was the second largest, rising 232% year-on-year to exceed 5 million units. But shipments in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) of 4.7 million in Q1, and yearon-year growth of only 180%, mean the region is lagging behind. “The challenging economic conditions

in Europe are affecting the market. The austerity measures taken by governments to address public debt are resulting in low economic growth rates, limited job creation and pressure on disposable income at a time when households are also dealing with rising living costs,” said Canalys Analyst, Tim Coulling. ‘Contrast this to booming economies in the Asia Pacific region and the rapid rise in middle income households, particularly in China. These present vendors with the greatest opportunities for growth.’ “China is now the second largest market for pads, with shipments in Q1 six times what they were a year earlier,” said Nicole Peng, Canalys Research Director, China. “Localization of content and app stores is particularly important for success here, which most foreign competitors have yet to achieve.” Overall, 4 of the 10 largest markets for pads are in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to its growing economies, govern-

ment-led school projects to give students pads to replace textbooks in India, and similar planned initiatives in South Korea and Thailand, will continue contributing to growth in the region. Economic pressure in Europe is not the only factor for the lower rate of adoption in the EMEA region. “There are more than 750 million people in Europe. The population is twice the size of the US, but there are only half as many pads shipped,” Coulling added. “Content availability is a key driver for pads. After TVs themselves, pads are now the most popular device for watching TV content. US users can choose from many content aggregation services, such as those offered by Netflix, Hulu, Xfinity, Apple, Google and Amazon. Having to negotiate digital rights across multiple countries, combined with the variety of languages and cultures, make it complicated and more costly to deliver similar services consistently across Europe.”

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Channel 5 and XS2TheWorld create the world’s first 360º dual-screen TV broadcast this month, television history was made by broadcasting the world’s first 360 degree dual-screen viewing experience simultaneously on television, mobile and iPad. XS2 worked in partnership with channel 5 to create a promo for channel 5’s Gadget Show World Tour. In the promotion that aired on UK television, viewers were invited to enjoy the world’s first 360 degree dual screen mobile viewing experience: “Hold your device to the screen while watching channel 5, and you’ll be able to extend your viewing experience beyond the TV simply by moving your phone or tablet around 360 degrees with the action. The illusion is of being there yourself. Try it once, and you’ll wish all shows were in 360!” said Sander Munsterman, CEO and Co-Founder of XS2TheWorld. The app, developed by XS2 in partnership with channel 5, synched

with the TV broadcast in real time. Viewers of the 360 mobile experience could then turn around with their phone and watch what was going on behind them, above them or anywhere off-screen. The promo featured specially scripted scenes and action all around the studio exclusively for the mobile 360 viewers. Directional movement of the mobile device resulted in synchronized move- Click the image to see the promo ment from the 360 degree TV cameras – cast is a Channel 5 led initiative crethe viewer could look anywhere around ated and developed by XS2, using the studio along a 360 horizontal and XS2TheWorld’s proprietary 360 video vertical axis. technology for iPad and mobile. FilmThe 360 degree dual-screen broading was provided by TTX, London.

NEWS Momac to develop mobile website for O2 Priority Tickets loyalty programme

market analyst firm Momac, a leading provider of mobile interface solutions for operators, was recently selected to build and host the mobile site for the O2 Priority Tickets program, a site where O2 customers can get tickets up to 48 hours before general release to thousands of gigs and events across the UK According to Momac Managing

Director, Felicity Austin, the goal of the project was to offer end-users even more on-device services. O2’s new mobile site emulates the look and feel of the Priority Tickets website, giving members access to pertinent entertainment information and allowing them to log in and purchase tickets directly from their mobile phones. “The mobile site will be functionally identical to the website but adapted for mobile screens - feature phones to the latest model smartphone,” Austin confirmed. “Priority Tickets mobile is another important phase in O2’s mobile strategy and Momac are thrilled to be able to develop this innovative technology for our on all handsets? on all networks? with every bank? ...process real time transactions? ...charge directly from debit/credit cards?

...doesn’t require special software/hardware? ...doesn’t require any downloads? ...doesn’t have purchase value limitations? ...doesn’t require pre-registration?

long-time operator partner.” As on their website accounts, users will be able to retrieve lost password and account information and personalise their mobile Priority Tickets accounts by adding favourites and bookmarks. A leader in the development of intelligent and innovative mobile sites, Momac have helped with the growth and expansion of O2’s overall mobile strategy, acting as the sole ringtone provider on O2 Active. Momac’s advanced, cloud-based mobile publishing platform mvolve was recently chosen to power O2’s mobile microsites. “The Mvolve platform has made us more agile, responsive, and better able to develop mobile versions of campaign sites to very tight deadlines. This is essential in a fast moving market.” says Lee Prior, Head of Design and Development for O2’s mobile channel.

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NEWS The global rise in ‘always-on’ shoppers driving e-commerce global e-shoppers spend on average 22% (UK average: 25%) of their annual outgoings on goods and services online, shop for 5 hours a month (UK average: 6), watch TV whilst shopping online (global: 46%, UK: 51%) and make the majority of their purchases at 20:40 (UK: 20:05), according to the Global Online Shopper Report commissioned by WorldPay. The Global Online Shopper Report surveyed 19,000 consumers and 153 senior decision makers from global retail merchants to identify the online shopping habits of consumers in the UK, USA, China, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Argentina and India. The report found e-shoppers are increasingly varying the devices they use to shop online. 55%, 19% and 11% respectively use a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Mobile device usage is rising particularly among ‘heavy spenders’ – those who have spent 30% of their disposable income online in the past year. Globally, 55% of heavy spenders have used a smartphone and 67% a tablet in the last three months to buy online; consequently more shoppers are buying on the move. 29% of global shoppers buy online at work, 6% at college or university, in a car or in a physical retail store, 7% make online purchases when out at a café, bar, restaurant or pub and 8% whilst on holiday. The report uncovered cultural differ-

ences in the ways consumers shop. Globally, 19% of consumers purchase using their smartphone. China has the largest percentage of consumers that use their smartphone to purchase online (46%), closely followed by India (40%). In terms of mobile shopping apps, whilst the global average is 2.6, Chinese shoppers used 5.7 compared to 1.2 in Finland. Philip McGriskin, chief product officer, WorldPay commented: “Online shoppers are becoming increasingly mobile, no longer chained to their PC to buy goods and services. The way shoppers engage with mobile devices is also evolving and will drive the future of eCommerce as consumers look to purchase through apps, mobile websites and using their device on the move. Developing economies and heavy shoppers are ahead of the adoption curve, and as technologies develop and merchants become more experienced offering these services, the eCommerce landscape will change beyond recognition.” In the UK, of those consumers that buy using a mobile device (14% smartphone, 6% tablet), 50% have purchased clothes, 43% books and 40% music/CDs in the last three months. Credit cards (69%), PayPal (40%) and debit cards (37%) dominate global payment preferences but, particularly in developing economies, alternative payments are rising in popularity with 14% using gift vouchers.

Oxygen8 launches new voice solution oxygen8 communications, a global provider of integrated mobile solutions, has launched a new platform, Direct Control Voice, a service developed to give businesses more control over their communication needs. The intuitive service that the Direct Control platform provides is divided into four packages; Connect, Engage, Advanced and Sonic. Each one comprising different stages of functionality that are intended to help businesses enhance customer communication and increase sales. Commenting on the launch, Tim Duncalf, Sales Director of Oxygen8

Communications says: “Communicating effectively with customers is an integral element of any business strategy. The Direct Control platform will help businesses of all sizes improve customer communication, staff performance and operational efficiency while reducing costs”. With Direct Control, businesses will be able to set up or manage voice services as we ll as monitor and manage current activity. The platform also provides tracking and reporting functionality and the ability to analyse call history, track performance and identify useful trends.

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Making ambitious new connection in telemedia With the Connected Summit just around the corner, Paul Skeldon offers an overview of what is in store and the thinking behind the event. More details on page 19-21 everything is connected. And not just in a zen sort of way – thanks to mobile and telemedia technology, every kind of entertainment is increasingly connected to its viewers, readers and consumers. And so we have launched the Connected Summit 2012 which takes place in London on 15 and 16 May at Kings Fund to reflect this. The event pulls together leading technology providers and practioners across TV, print media, online, live events, retail and advertising to offer two days of shared learnings and an insight to what else is possible out there with technology from the telemedia sector. The idea is to look at this in TV, print and live events on day one and advertising, marketing and retail on day two, but of course there are many shared experiences across all these industries so we encourage you all to come for two whole days to really get to know where interaction goes next and what role you have to play. See you there! Full details of who is speaking can be found on page 19 and all details are on

Editorial Editor Paul Skeldon | Sales & Marketing | Production Director Annika Micheli | Publisher Jarvis Todd To subscribe, please go to What we’ve been listening to Now that’s what I call music 1 | What we’ve been amused by PhoneShop Series 2 | Who we’ve been following Connected Summit 2012 | What we’ve been reading about Adaptive Web Design | April 2012 will bring... mobile wallets from some big names


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SAFE and SECURE: Are apps under attack? Media and commerce on mobile is booming, but there are increasing worries about how secure the whole process is and how it seems to now be ripe for the fraudsters. Paul Skeldon reports

while mobile media is in the ascendancy, issues surrounding user security are now becoming a big deal. PhonepayPlus, the UK regulator of premium rate telephone services, has this month warned social media users to guard against rogue users who prey on ‘relationships’ and contacts made in social networks and online forums. Meanwhile, The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) has launched its Privacy in Mobile Applications Initiative at its inaugural Privacy Summit in Washington DC this month, with the goal to help the global mobile industry build consumer trust when interacting with mobile apps that collect user data. PPP’s warning comes as the regulator publishes research into online gaming and prepares to issue guidance on the promotion of PRS on social media. PhonepayPlus has seen a sharp rise in the promotion of premium rate services (such as online gaming,) via social networks. PhonepayPlus annual market review shows that in 2010, 4.3% of PRS consumers discovered services online via social networks. In 2011 this figure rose to 23%. Similarly, internet advertisements are cited much more frequently as a source of discovery – 41% in 2011, compared with just under 20% in 2010. However, with more promotion of PRS and other digital micropayments comes new risks to consumers. PhonepayPlus has taken action against and issued guidance to premium rate and digital providers on misleading digital marketing including: ‘typosquatting’ (the practice of registering domain names which are misspellings of widely known and

trusted internet brands – ‘Dacebook’ instead of ‘Facebook’, for example – with the intention of misleading consumers into accepting digital purchases they believe to be associated with the brand they were searching for). Other misleading promotions on social networking sites include ‘clickjacking’ (the practice of using graphics coding on a website to disguise a link that takes the user to a website that offers premium rate services and which the user can unwittingly signup for; and ‘likejacking’ (the practice of manipulating social media sites so that consumers believe a link or other advertising has been endorsed by a friend or contact, when this is not the case). Worryingly, PhonepayPlus has seen cases where the trust that is an inherent part of social networking and online forums is traded on for financial gain. In one case investigated and adjudicated on by PhonepayPlus, users on forums such as Facebook, MSN Chat and Xbox were ‘befriended’ by other ‘forum users’, who asked them to text various shortcodes under a variety of pretexts. These shortcodes were connected with an online role playing game, Gangster Paradise, where players could act under their chosen username to build their reputation, earnings, gangster ranking, money and power. Players could enhance their in-game reputation by completing missions, such as committing a crime, completing a search and kill or buying and selling drugs. Players could buy virtual credits to use in the game by texting the shortcodes and requesting up to £30 worth of credit to use in the game. A text was then sent to the

player’s mobile phone with a code that could be entered online to unlock the credits, which would subsequently be charged to the player’s phone bill. The rogue players who operated on various social networking sites and forums enticed those they had befriended to text for credits and handover this code, giving a variety of reasons ranging from viewing a ‘sex cam to voting in a talent competition, from donating to charity to helping to top-up a mobile so that someone could phone their dying grandmother. The cost to those befriended in this way on social networks, who trusted and acted on these requests for texts and information could be considerable – one individual run up a bill of £750 and several complainants had bills of a £100 or more. PhonepayPlus took action against the Gangster Paradise provider for failing to put in place mechanisms that could have prevented rogue users promoting and misusing the game in this way (such as requiring the mobile phone number to be entered every time as well as the code for credits and not allowing more than one mobile phone number to be associated with one player). The provider was fined £65,000 and a rigorous compliance plan was put in place by the regulator to combat the problems. PhonepayPlus is now working with trade bodies to issue guidance to premium rate providers on promotion and services that use social media. Patrick Guthrie, PhonepayPlus’ Director of Strategy and Communications said: While social networking and the mobile internet open up a wealth of possibilities for social networkers and online gamers, we are aware of unscru-



pulous individuals who trade on the trust of these users. We are determined to work with the telecoms and digital industries to stamp out such practices and make sure that social networks remain a trusted way for online gamers and others to discover the digital content they enjoy. The MEF initiative has been formalised by the creation of the Privacy in Mobile Applications Working Group representing stakeholders from across the value chain to actively champion the groups’ objectives throughout the mobile ecosystem. Initial founding members of the initiative include Impact Mobile, InMobi, mBlox, SNR

Denton and Vodafone with additional members to be announced. With privacy and security identified as a concern by 27 per cent of the respondents in MEF’s Global Consumer Survey late last year, the Privacy in Mobile Applications group will leverage MEF’s global footprint and diverse member base to establish industrywide practices and tools for the app ecosystem based on informed consent tackling privacy issues head-on to >>

NUMBER 1 FOR MICROPAYMENTS ‹ Industry leader since 1992 ‹ Fully integrated Micropayment Platform ‹ Covering 88 countries with PSMS and PRS ‹ More than 20 exclusive international premium solutions ‹+PYLJ[IPSH[LYHSHNYLLTLU[Z[VZLJ\YL[YHMÄJ ‹ Unbeatable access and coverage ‹ The Preferred Partner of Major Carriers or



ensure market accountability and sustained consumer trust. The Privacy Initiative’s Global Working Group was formally launched at yesterday’s MEF Privacy Summit in Washington D.C. attended by members, Government Agencies and other guests including CTIA, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Reserve Board, Future of Privacy Forum, KPMG, Truste, Turner Broadcasting and Verifone. MEF Global Chair, Andrew Bud said: “Mobile applications can use consumer data such as user location and address books to create great consumer value, but raise privacy concerns which we must address as an industry. Transparency and informed consent are key to consumer trust, and whilst apps stores

can make a great contribution, it’s essential the total mobile value-chain is engaged and empowered. MEF’s Privacy in Mobile Applications Initiative will ensure both a holistic view is taken and practical tools delivered.” Hemant Madan, Head of Developer Marketing at Vodafone said: “Handled appropriately, customer data can power apps that make for a great mobile experience. The development of apps that respect privacy can be best accomplished when participants across the application industry work together to develop common standards. This initiative, led by MEF, is a great step forward in raising awareness about privacy and in creating an integrated approach to protect customers.”

Chris Davies, General Counsel at InMobi, a founding member of the Working Group added: “It’s essential that the industry comes together to tackle privacy issues head on. As the world’s largest independent mobile ad network InMobi is fully aware of the importance of privacy in the mobile app industry and welcomes the opportunity to work alongside MEF and the other founding members of the working group to attain practical solutions to mobile app privacy. We look forward to developing key recommendations that will protect consumer privacy whilst assisting and informing mobile app developers worldwide”.

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THE COMPETITIVE EDGE Following on from its hugely successful inauguration last summer, the M-Gaming Summit is back. Here we take a look at what is on offer at the UK’s premier mobile gambling event mobile gambling is booming. This time last year when we staged the inaugural mGaming Summit, we did so because gambling on mobile had finally hit a critical mass. In the intervening 12 months it has really captured the imagination. Juniper research, who’s director of research Dr Windsor Holden opening the event, has revised his figures for the latest issue of Juniper’s mobile gambling report to predict, with some confidence, that mobile gambling globally is set to be worth around $100billion by 2017. The drivers for this growth are legion. Put simple people are used to doing much more with their devices, gambling being one of them. But also there is the fact that gambling operators have got the hang of how to design games and services to deliver the best possible customer experience on these devices. “What is driving mobile gambling is m-commerce,” Holden told delegates in his opening keynote. “eBay did $600million on mobile in 2009, by 2011 this had reached $5billion and this year the company expects to do £12billion. Consumers are used to spending money through the mobile channel and this, in turn, drives gambling. “Tablets are also now a huge driver of the m-gambling market,” he continued. “Apple created the market for these devices and consumers in the ideal gambling demographic – young, well off and tech savvy – have embraced tablet gambling. Operators have been quick to design for these devices and the rich experience they deliver.” Holden also pointed out that tablets in particular have also driven the second screening phenomenon, which gambling companies have been quick to capitalize on. “But it is the US Department of Justice (DoJ) that has done the

... and the winners are

most for mobile gambling,” Holden said. “It has legalized the mobilization of intra-state lotteries and this has become a boon to lottery agencies that have seen their takings tumble in recent years. Mobile is going to be crucial in driving this up and, in turn, US lotteries are going to drive the revenue from m-gambling globally.” Mobile betting, perhaps where the mobile gambling crazy started, is also offering a rosy picture. According to Holden $200million in bets were placed by smartphones and now mobile accounts for 20% of digital sports book betting. This is likely to double to 40% by 2013. The Euros and Olympics are also likely to drive up mobile gambling uptake over the summer – and it will be interesting to see how many of those taking part in betting on these two global events will continue to use m-gambling in the years to come. So who are using these services? As said it is typically the 24-36 year old male with a good income who can afford the gadgets and the wagers. But this is starting to change, believes Paula Juson from SKOPOS who gave the second opening keynote at the Summit. “27% of consumers accept mobile as a gambling tool, with 12% actively doing it,” she told delegates. “This is up from 8% a year ago, so it is growing. And this growth is coming from small growth in other demographics, such as the older age group up to 40 and those on lower incomes.” SKOPOS believes that the drivers of m-gambling are its instant availability and the increasing usability of services on smart devices and, increasingly tablets. “People are mobile addicts and now have true mobile web to hand and they are easy to use,” Juson said. “We also now have very useful apps and increasingly useful functions within apps – such as

Bookie Paddy Power swept the board at the inaugural mGaming Summit Awards to emerge victorious in three categories at the award bash which took place on Wednesday the 25th of April in London. Paddy Power was the big winner on the night receiving gongs as the Best Mobile Sports Betting Operator, Best Mobile Casino Operator and the Best Gambling App. Paddy Power himself said: ‘We’re delighted to have won three categories at the mGaming Summit Awards. Many of our staff work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best mobile offering on the market and it’s fantastic to see their efforts recognised with these awards.’ The winners in full of the awards presented by comedy double act World Telemedia MD, Jarvis Todd, and Telemedia Editor and conference director for mGaming Summit, Paul Skeldon were: · Best Mobile Sports Betting Operator: PaddyPower · Best Mobile Casino Operator: PaddyPower · Best Mobile Poker Operator: mFortune · Best Mobile Bingo Operator: mFortune · Best Mobile Billing Application: @OptimalPayments · Best Mobile Gambling App: PaddyPower · Innovation in Mobile: Betfred The awards, sponsored by Microgaming, were judged by a panel of mobile and gambling industry experts, with 40% of the votes then being made up from judging made by the audience of the mgaming summit.




Catch what the key speakers had to say on our video highlights on TelemediaTV. Click the image to see the video: Dr Windsor Holden, Juniper Reserch

in-app payments – that make apps even more appealing to users.” But there are problems with it too, Juson’s colleague and co-presenter, Scott Dodgson revealed. “Currently, mobile is the worst channel for customer experience, despite the strides made with devices and apps. The screen is small, the connectivity is variable and people still worry about the security of such devices. Navigation is also still a problem and it can be slow – which is a problem if you are playing against other punters or trying to pull off in-play betting.” In fact, SKOPOS’ own figures of consumer satisfaction with mgambling finds that 55% thought the experience was good, but 45% thought it was poor. There is still much to be done.

Aideen Shortt, Independent gambling and mobile consultant

Ben Lethbridge, EverythingEverywhere

Game, set and match

Running alongside the mGaming Summit, was the inaugural outing of the mSports Summit, which aimed to connected sports brands and media to mobile to showcase how mobile can work in both in-venue scenarios and in augmenting the user experience outside a sports event and help brand engagement. Again the Euros and the Olympics are going to be huge drivers for getting consumers – as well as punters – engaged in using mobile around sporting events. Darren Mark Noyce, director of SKOPOS suggests that about 40% of mobile ‘activists’ – those that are key users of mobile – will follow aspects of the Olympics on mobile, while around 36% of the same will do so for the Euros. “Olympics 2012 followers are a much broader bunch of sports fans, so you would expect there to be more people following the Olympics than the football, but they are quite close,” Noyce told delegates. So what will users actually use their devices for around these events? The Euros will predominantly be for updates on scores and teams and betting, believes Noyce. The Olympics will be more driven by video footage. “And this will open up a new audience to mobile content,” he suggested. The big question, however, that was on everyone’s mind at the event was whether Apple was looking to move into sports. It already acts as the very lucrative gateway between record labels and music fans, readers and publishers and newspapers and their audience, as well as making forays into selling movies and TV shows. Sports – especially sports content – seems to be the natural next step. The effect this will have on the sports business is largely unknown. It would cut the money taken by rights owners as Apple skims off its 30%, but it could open up sales of this content to a vast new audience. And Apple is very good at making new markets.

Jo Wightman, Fiksu

Oisin Lunny, OpenMarket

James Hilton, M&CSaatchi Mobile

Scott Dodgson, SKOPOS



MAKING CONNECTIONS Following on from its hugely successful inauguration last summer, the M-Gaming Summit is back. Here we take a look at what is on offer at the UK’s premier mobile gambling event as more consumers use their telephones, mobiles, smartphones, tablets, games consoles and netbooks to interact with TV, print, advertised media content, calls to action and of course social networks – the ability to connect has never been more strategically important. These high tech, high value customers no longer recognize the boundaries between online and mobile and expect a genuine “premium” from the content and services they wish to consume – especially if they’re expected to “pay up” or “give up” their valuable personal data. This unique two day event combines four separately branded but closely related tracks that showcase how innovative services, technologies and solutions are now delivering a real return on investment whilst creating a whole new world of entertainment and commerce. CONNECTED PARTNERS– DELEGATE PROFILE Interactive telemedia services across mobile, fixed line and web are now generating significant new revenue streams and delivering on key strategic objectives. This event brings together a range of creative and business sectors that recognize the value of connecting consumers – and gives them access to the expertise and technology that can help them do it! • Media Companies & Data Owners • Marketers, Agencies & Brands • Premium Content & Service Providers • Live Event Organisers & Retailers • Network Operators & ISP • Technology & Billing Providers SIMPLY CONNECTED– BUSINESS NETWORKING Meet over 300 leading providers that create value through content delivery, content sharing, social media, transactions and marketing. Our events have a long standing reputation for providing a first class opportunity to rub shoulders, pick brains and get to know the people that can really deliver: Table top exhibits & sponsored hospitality Mobile meeting and information app Tea & coffee breaks, refreshments & working lunch Mobile operator consultations Opening & closing drinks reception Evening parties Blind speed networking

CLICK HERE To book your place at Connected Summit 2012



Conference Day One at a glance: 15 April THE CONNECTED MEDIA ENVIRONMENT: WHAT CONSUMERS WANT Darren Mark Noyce, SKOPOS THE CONNECTED MEDIA ENVIRONMENT: WHAT TELEMEDIA HAS TO OFFER Ed Boddington, Chairman, AIME and CEO, Harvest Media TRACK 1 CONNECTED MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT REINVENTING PRINT MEDIA AS A 360º BUSINESS ACROSS PLATFORMS PRESENTATION Mark Challinor, Telegraph Group Rich Holdsworth, Wapple James Neufield, RADIO AND INTERACTIVITY Michael Hill, MD, UK Radioplayer PAYFORIT 4 UNVEILING Chris Newell, ImpulsePay Rory Maguire, Three Louise van den Oord, WMC Global Representatives from O2 • Vodafone • Three •Everything Everywhere

TRACK 2 CONNECTED LIVE EVENTS The holistic approach to connected live events Lee Booth, yuuzoo Unlocking live events with social media Peter McCormack, Bantr MOBILE MARKETING FOR LIVE EVENTS Rosa Martinez, BackBeat Name TBC, MediaJunction AUGMENTING REALITY Stephen Shaw Blippar MOBILE TICKETING & PAYMENTS Oisin Lunny, OpenMarket Rory Musker, Wrist Marketing Kevin Bryan, Wrist Marketing Name TBC. Masabi

MAKING TV A CONNECTED MEDIUM Hayley Davies, XS2TheWorld Stephen George, Orca Digital Speaker name TBC, IMS Research James Neufield, TAKING MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT MULTI-PLATFORM James Penfold, ITV Todd Green, Fremantle Steve Goodman, IMImobile THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Stephen George, Orca Digital Peter McCormack, Bantr

IN VENUE COMMERCE Oisin Lunny. OpenMarket Mark Fraser, CEO, zappit Tim Duncalf, Oxygen8

AIME Knowledge & Networking Seminar – Payforit Chris Newell, ImpulsePay Rory Maguire, Three


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PAYFORIT CASE STUDIES HOSTED BY Chris Newall, ImpulsePay FEATURING O2 • Vodafone • Three •Everything Everywhere

AR, QR AND CRM EXPLAINED Stephen Shaw Blippar Hayley Davies, XS2TheWorld

THE CONNECTED RETAIL EXPERIENCE Paul Griffiths and Alan Ellerton, Simpson Carpenter Neil Marshall, group sales director, NearMe Damian Hansen, One Iota Dominic Keen, MoBank

TELEMEDIA & MOBILE 101: TECHNOLOGY Will Douglas, xonadu Paul Sanders, Apps4

AIME Knowledge & Networking Seminar – Payforit Chris Newell, ImpulsePay Rory Maguire, Three

INTERACTIVE & SOCIAL MARKETING Calum Geraghty, Webtrends Ben Lethbridge, EverythingEverywhere Paul Armstrong, head of social media, Mindshare THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Steve Goodman, IMImobile Simon Rydings, Rogavi

CLICK HERE To book your place at Connected Summit 2012

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