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WebEx Meeting Center: Network Based Recording

Why Network Based Recording?

Network Based Recording allows you to record directly from your WebEx meeting. During this training, you will learn how easy it is to record your WebEx meetings and then manage your recordings on your WebEx site.

Agenda Recorder setup  Viewing the recorder panel  Recorder setup wizard

Recording a meeting  Recorder panel  Controlling from the sharing toolbar

Managing recordings  My Recorded Meetings  Setting options  Sharing a recording

Recorder setup

Viewing the recording panel‌

Recording from quick start‌

Recording from the Meeting menu‌

Recorder Setup Wizard‌

Recorder Setup Wizard‌

Recorder Setup Wizard‌

Recorder Setup Wizard‌

Lesson 1: Review

In lesson one, we reviewed how to get set up for recording a meeting using the network based recorder. Three ways of opening the recorder panel: • From the panel • From the Quick Start menu • From the Meeting menu on the toolbar Recorder Setup Wizard guides you through the process

Recording a meeting

Recorder panel‌

Sharing toolbar‌

Lesson 2: Review

In lesson two, we reviewed how to control your recordings. You can: • Control from the recorder panel • Control from the sharing toolbar Guided practice allowed you to practice pausing and stopping a recording

Managing recordings

After meeting has ended‌

My Recorded Meetings page‌

Deleting a recording‌

Sharing a recording‌

Lesson 3: Review

In lesson three, we reviewed how to manage your recordings. Recording email received from WebEx server My Recorded Meetings page where you can: • Download • Modify • Disable • Delete Finally, how you can share your recorded meeting with others!

WebEx Network Based Recordings  

How to record your WebEx meetings

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