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Campfire is Now Closed

Letter From the Editor: Every summer thousands of parents pack up their children and send them off to summer camp. In 1 999 I was one of those children. I stayed at a Nebraska 4-H camp for only one night and there I developed my passion for the overnight camping industry. My goal in writing "Campfire is Now Closed" is to educate camp supervisors, staff, counselors, and parents on some of the latest tips and tricks in the industry. I hope you come to see this magazine as a tool in preparing for summer.

I have often been asked where the name of this publication originated. It comes from my last summer working as a counselor. Every night at the end of campfire, the camp director, Jason, would say "Until we meet agian in the land of the high hills, campfire is now closed". For me this saying demonstrates that even though the camping chapter of my life is closed to a certain extent. The memories and lessons will live on forever.

Greatest Camp Movies... There is something purely American about camp movies. Watching children and adults grow up over the period of a summer has become a movie niche. It makes both the young and the young at heart long for those summer days filled with campfires and pranks. While many camp movie enthusiasts may argue that "Heavy Weights" is the greast camping movie of all time. I beg to differ. Here are four summer camp movies that are even more delightful and relatable.

This hilarious comedy depicts the last 24 hours of summer for the camp counselors of Camp Firewood. It's a must see for anyone who has worked at a summer camp. While many people outside of the camping industry will find the movie to be ridiculous and farfetched, those within the industry will find it surprisingly relatable and endearing.

Warning: These movies are not appropriate for all ages.

Best Camping Products..... Some of the most common items in lost-and-found every summer are sunscreen and bug spray. So instead of buying my own throughout the summer I sample all the different brands in the lost and found. This is a list of my favorites along with the best products for when kids forget to use these products and have to suffer the inevitable stings and sunburns.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus SPF 30

This sunscreen is great not only for the face, but for the entire body. It is a dry touch sunscreen, so your kids won't complain that they feel greasy.

This sunscreen also has bug spray build in. You can also purchase the sunscreen in blue so that you know where you put it on. It dries clear.

OFF Smooth and Dry This bug spray goes on wet, but dries smooth. It has a mild scent and isn't greasy. You may forget you even have it on.



This is essentially Aloe Vera, but it works like a dream.

Benadryl Itch Relief Stick

I swear by this product. Not only is it great for burns, it also is an itch reliever and is an antiseptic so you can spray it on cuts.

Great for mosquito bites. Fits in your pocket and you just swab a little of it over bites.

First Aid Tip of the Month: Ticks are some of the most feared bugs of the forest. Deer ticks are typically brown and are extremly small. It is important to check for ticks on a regular basis. While are commonly found in hair or in warm areas of the body like underwear lines they attach by crawing up your body or falling off trees. Ticks latch on and suck blood which causes them to swell in size. To remove a tick pair of tweezers and grab onto the body. Gently pull the tick up until the tick detaches itself. If you pull too hard and the tick does not detach on its own accord, you may pull off the body leaving the head. It is important that you then remove the entire head. Do not try to kill the tick. Simply place it in a plastic ziplock bag. Lable and date the bag. The tick will die in a few days. It is important to save the tick so that if the patient shows signs of lyme disease, the tick can be tested to determine if it is the source.

Campfire Is Now Closed  
Campfire Is Now Closed  

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