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Second Avenue Subway About the Project

The Second Avenue Subway is an in-progress new rapit transit line of the New York City subway system. The Second Avenue Subway will extend the current line from East 63rd street to East 96th street. The new line is set to open late 2016.

Phase 1 of the line is currently under construction below Second Avenue in Manhattan. When completed, it will have three stations, two tracks and two miles of tunnels.

Second Avenue Subway Advantages When it is completed, the Second Avenue Subway is projected to carry more than 200,000 passengers per day.

The IRT Lexington Avenue Line is currently the only subway option for the Upper East Side of New York City. It is the most crowded transit line in the U.S. Averaging 1.3 million daily raiders, it carries more passengers than the daily traffic load of the entire Washington Metro system and exceeds the combined ridership of the San Francisco and Boston rail systems.

Second Avenue Subway Recent Major Milestone On September 22, 2011 the Tunnel Boring Machine finished its run to the 63rd Street Station bellmouth.

The new tunnel broke into an existing tunnel at the Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street Station.

Installation will now begin on the concrete liner inside the tunnel.

Second Avenue Subway Funding Announcement In June 2012, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) gave $197 million for the project. This is a portion of the $1.3 billion promised by the federal government.

The $123 million final installment of federal funding will be placed on the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget being presented to the House Appropriations Committee.

The total cost of the 8.5 mile line is expected to be over $17 billion.

Second Avenue Subway Media Kit  
Second Avenue Subway Media Kit  

A media kit created for a publications class.