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5 Ways to Use the Vibration Exercise Machine

An exercise vibration machine is an effective tool to use for strengthening and toning muscles, while also stretching and relaxing the body. The easiest way to achieve results is to simply stand on the machine for ten minutes at a time, three times per week. To make the most of the ten minutes, try these five exercises:

1. Start with stretching each area of the body. Reach above your head with your arms and then reach towards your toes. Stretch your leg muscles by holding on to a side rail and grasping your ankle behind you with your other hand. Rotate your body to stretch the muscles along your spine. Use the arm supports to balance yourself when performing stretches on one leg. 2. Burn more calories by varying how far apart you place your feet on the plate. You will burn more calories when your place your feet farther apart and the workout will be more challenging for your body. 3. Target your legs and glutes by holding squat or lunge for 30 seconds. As you become stronger work up to holding the pose for three minutes, and then work up to performing repeated squats or lunges. Use the plate as a step up or down during leg exercises to further challenge your body. 4. Work out your arms and core by maintain a pushup position or plank position while your hands are on the plate. If the vibration is to intense, place your feet on the plate and your hands on the floor while you hold the position. Once you are strong enough to hold the position for three minutes, begin performing the motion of pushups.

5. Take advantage of the programs built into the machines that automatically change the speed or level by minute. Changing the speed every minute will mimic a natural pace of running and challenge your body to build more muscle. These programs allow you to pick the program that works best for your level of fitness and desired goals.

Virtually any exercise or stretch can be performed while on vibration machines. Pick the best exercises that work for your body and gradually build up the intensity and repetitions. To learn more about using a whole body vibration machine, please visit

5 Ways to Use the Vibration Exercise Machine