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Social Media Marketing in the OPE Industry:

Who are your customers?

In order to be effective in social media marketing, you need to know these 2 things:

Who are my customers? How are they using social media? Customer Group 1: Residential Homeowners

Outdoor power equipment dealers may sell everything from handheld blowers to full-size tractors. The question is this: Who, exactly, is buying what you’re selling?

Customer Group 3: Farmers Farmers need some of the same equipment as homeowners or small commercial accounts to do outdoor maintenance on their land. They’ll also be looking for tractors and implements required for farming.

Homeowners need power equipment to maintain their lawns, trim their trees & hedges, do their gardening, & make their landscaping dreams come true. Customer Snapshot: 35 - 65 years old, in a married couple family, with a middle to high-range income, likely to have children. [Wikipedia Homeowner

Customer Snapshot: Lives on farm, farm income under $100K/yrly, 40+ yrs, married, spouse often a co-operator of farm. [EPA demographics, The Census of



Customer Group 2: Commercial Accounts

Customer Group 4: Sports Enthusiasts

The commercial customers who buy lawn and garden equipment from dealers are typically small and midsized accounts (such as lawn-maintenance operations, property managers, and golf courses, among others). [Industry IQ: Lawn Mowers]

Dealers who sell jet skis, go-carts, golf carts, and 4wheelers will also find a customer group in the sports & outdoors enthusiasts, from golfer to hunters to folks who want to go play on the lake.

Customer Snapshot: Male-dominated, privately owned, 4 or fewer employees, provide a wide variety of services. [Lawn & Garden Services Industry Report]

Customer Snapshot: Male, 35-55 yrs, married, middle-range income. [U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, Statistic Brain]

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A Publication of, a division of Mueller Creative, LLC.

Social Media Demographics Facebook

• 67% of online adults say they use

Your average Facebook user ... • is younger than 49 years old • has at least some college education • has an annual income over $75,000 • lives in an urban or suburban area

Facebook [Pew Internet Research]

• “Facebook remains the most-used social networking platform, as two-thirds of online adults say that they are Facebook users.” [Pew Internet Research 2]

[Pew Internet Research]

Facebook has over 500 million active users of whom 50% log in on a daily basis. [KISSMetrics]

Pinterest Your average Pinterest user ... • is female • is white • is between 18 and 49 years old • is a college graduate • lives in a rural area

[Pew Internet Research]

• “Pinterest, the online pinboard, has attracted 15% of internet users to its virtual scrapbooking. Whites, young people, the well-educated, those with higher income, and women are particularly likely to use the site.” [Pew Internet Research 2] • “The image-based

social network has grown 4,000% in the past six months, now boasts more than 4 million users, and keeps those users engaged.” [Jeff Bullas]

Twitter Your average Twitter user ... • is under 29 years old • is black, non-hispanic • lives in an urban area • has some college education [Pew Internet Research]


• “The percentage of internet users who are on Twitter has doubled since November 2010, currently standing at 16%.” [Pew Internet Research] • “Twitter now has 200 million users, including 8% of the U.S. population. About one-quarter of all users are considered “extremely active,” checking in several times per day.” [Jeff Bullas]

[OPE Industry] Who Are Your Customers?  

Social Media Marketing in the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry: who are your customers, and how can you reach them with social media?

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