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PRINT STUFF Brief To create a range of products including printed material to be sold at York based print fair, Print Stuff. Your products must be made to a professional standard and must represent you as a maker. Rational As a craft fair enthusiast myself, I am very excited to be working with my friends as part of the collective, OK Sure, to run a table at this years Print Stuff. I have never had an experience like this before so am keen to learn new skills. I want to explore product within many different mediums. I want to work with digital print, traditional print and ceramics to produce a range of outcomes that explore my running theme of Still Life within the context of products. I am keen to produce some exciting packaging for my merchandise. This will make my stall look more professional and add quality to the items.

I am very pleased with the range of outcomes that I have created for the print fair. I feel that I have been successful in producing merchandise that represents me as an illustrator, while being attractive to a range of other customers. I have treated this brief as a continuation of my still life project, In doing this I have been able to use up sketchbook material that may have otherwise been brushed to the side. This has allowed me to explore a new platforms on which my work could be seen. My ceramic experiments were my most successful sellers at the fair for me, especially my mini Mount Fuji’s. This has shown me that three dimensional objects are the most appealing to customers due to their tactile quality. I am extremely pleased to have learnt the new skill of textile printing through this process. I have hand printed my T shirts, adding an extra quality to the product. This is a process that I hope to continue to use in future projects.

Flower sticker pack

My products


Screen printed post cards

Still life A3 screen print

Screen printed T shirt

Evaluation I am very pleased with all of my outcomes and have gained confidence in my work and my ability to sell it.


Ceramic plant pots


Ceramic mini Mount Fuji


Print stuff  
Print stuff