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Rational I am very excited to experiment with fabric printing as this is something I have never done before yet have been keen to explore. I want to focus on the subtleties of the wonderful things that I found in Kettles Yard, working with shape and colour to create something representational of the house and its belongings while showing my hand as a maker too. I want my patterns to be repeatable so as to make them as multifunctional as possible.


To create a range of printed textiles inspired by the objects found in Kettles Yard. Your outcomes must be multifunctional across a range applications (i.e.. cushion covers, wrapping paper, tote bags) that could be sold in the Kettles Yard gift shop.

I have been thoroughly excited by my research as these artists have created wonderful textiles that focus on shape, colour and texture. I want to draw upon these works by exploring interlocking shape to produce a pattern that can repeat seamlessly. Outcome

Kettles Yard


Evaluation Overall, I think that my outcomes have been successful in answering the brief a well as in aiding my discovery of a new medium and way of working. I have very much enjoyed this process and would love to carry on making textiles in my professional future.

Artist research

I am really pleased with my outcomes as they well represent the collections found at Kettles Yard. I believe that these textiles would work well alongside the other professional products sold in the gift shop, and would even enhance their range. In the process of creating a cut paper screen print positive, I have been able to create an outcome that is playful and dynamic.

Nathelie Du Pasquier



Keisuke Serizawa

Liubov Popova

Paule Vezelay


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Kettles yard db