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EDITORIAL Brief To create a new and fresh editorial illustration for an Architectural Review redesign. The chosen article discusses the role of the sports woman, Serena Williams, on feminism within architecture. Rational

In print

I am excited to take on this brief as editorial illustration is fairly new to me, and although I enjoy it, I tend to prefer bigger projects with a longer time frame. I want to create two images that represent Serena Williams in a playful manor. I want to experiment with shape, colour and texture to create an image that is eye-catching while maintaining its relevance to the article. Development After roughing multiple compositions I selected these two images due to their connection with the story. I wanted to create ambiguity by creating close up portraits that, although abstract, are immediately recognisable to the iconic style of Serena Williams.

Architectural Review Redesign

I feel that the composition has been successful in displaying an alternative and recognisable portrait of Serena Williams, while remaining reflective of my style as an illustrator. The medium of pencil was chosen to demonstrate an extra texture and depth, however this unfortunately resulted in a less professional outcome. The connection to the article and the imagery arises from the sensitive details, such as the Nike logo, the futuristic sportswear and Serena’s powerful physic. Evaluation



The success of the project is evident from its selection in the magazine redesign project, this has subsequently been printed as shown above. The project has been beneficial in gaining experience in editorial illustrations. The real challenge was in creating a recognisable image and it reflecting my illustrative style and I feel this has been achieved successfully.