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First we try to create a “base” simply by a square shape paper, a base that able to support a heavy object, as a group of four, we decided to create a thick circle base, we folded the square paper into a several layers then create a circle base, and then we combined all the bases together, manage to support an ipad. The red box is able to hold an iphone inside, without falling. Then we need to use beams to build a tower which allows a toy dinosaur to fix in, a closed building, with 4 walls and an entrance, aims at building the “height “of the tower. First we plan to build a bridge in order to form an entrance for the toy dinosaur; we use elastic bands just to measure the height of the toy dinosaur while building. Instead of create a 4 wall structures, we decided to create a circle shape structure which we believe it can be much easier to join the bridge and the tower together. We tried to use more beams to create a more solid base structure of the bridge entrance, and we also tried to use less beams to create the walls, which allows us to create the height of the structure with lesser use of the beams and save time. As a result, we had successfully built a tower to fix the dinosaur, and successfully built the tallest tower among the whole class. Then we were told try to make another entrance from the walls, we were able to create another entrance and without causing the whole tower collapse immediately.

The concept of compression My perception of the term “compression” which involves mass (materials depends on its structure and origin), which involves tension and stress, that when the combination occurs. And I believe “compression” will occur during the construction. Just simple use the first task as an example: A piece of paper simply cannot hold any heavy objects, and this is a fact. Because a piece of paper is WEAK When we folded the paper into several times; That shape of the paper will change, as well as the structure of the paper. The paper created base become STRONG, able to have strength against a heavy object, able to support the compression stress from the heavy object.


In the second task, we used beams to build a tower, which also involve compression. The single beam itself, it has a certain weight; it is a single mass; it is a hard object; material itself, it has no elastic component.

There is no tension link between those beams because there is no elastic material involves; the connection of those beams simply relies on the space between them. The weight holds them together, At the end of the task, we were told to create an opening on the side of the tower. We did, and the tower did not collapse immediately, which I believe the weight of those beams somehow supports each other, where the compression force involves.