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July 2013 Volume 1 Issue 4







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Feed The Kids First Baptist Church Mansfield Every Wednesday In Summer 10am & 6pm "

Member Spotlight... Usman Hyder When I think of the ideal Key Clubber, the first name that pops into my head is Usman Hyder. Not even 400 words, nor even 1,000 words, can express how much admire this young man. He spent his ENTIRE junior year giving back to others, rarely thinking of himself. Summit Key Club was fortunate enough to have him as our 20122013 President; and now that he is the Texas – Oklahoma District Secretary, Summit couldn’t be any prouder. Throughout the year, Usman Hyder devoted so much of his time for our club to reach the top. He would spend sleepless nights making agendas, Power Points, sending last minute text messages to all members, posting continuously on the Facebook page, and perfecting everything for our club; nothing could stop him. Without that undying and persevering drive, there was no way our club could have completed so many goals AND reach number SIX out of all the clubs in the Texas – Oklahoma District. While completing all of these amazing accomplishments, Usman Hyder always kept a positive attitude and made it his mission to keep members involved in the community. Usman is the epitome of the ultimate high schooler; he volunteers with Key Club, is a member of HOSA, is part of the Athletic Council for tennis, participates in debate, helps out at Ready, Set, Teach!, and is the MSA Secretary. Summit Key Club has been so blessed to have had such a well-rounded, wonderful president whose devotion is endless. With Usman’s infectious love for Key Club and his fabulous personality, it’s really hard to “hide” from the incredible Usman Hyder!

By Elizabeth Hang


Officer Spotlight... Annie Ledezma Every single year, Annie Ledezma has left an impact on Summit Key Club. Whether it was big or small, her actions are done from the heart, and for the best for the club. I am so humbly honored to have known this extraordinary young woman, whether that be for not so long yet, and for all of her amazing work she does for the club and everyone else, I have chosen Annie Ledezma as my officer spotlight. Annie has always had a need for Key Club. In 9th grade, she wanted to join into Key Club and we were excited that our family was going to have such a wonderful person! I knew that Annie would be one, really awesome Key Clubber in addition. Everyone can ascertain that Annie sees volunteering not as gaining hours, but rather gaining the experience that could only be done through the acts of service. Without members and officers like Annie, Key Club wouldn’t be where it is today. Annie Ledezma always maintains a positive attitude no matter how elusive the problem may become. With her beaming eyes and dazzling smile, Annie always gives off the true and perfect impression to anyone. I am so thankful and privileged to have gotten to know this kind, young woman for so long. Her infinite driving passion for Key Club is unstoppable and inspiring. With all that she has done, I cannot wait to see her prosper in the future. No matter where she will be, she will be helping. Because that is who Annie Ledezma is, a caring, responsible, and generous person, the face of our wonderful key club!

By Sarthak Gupta



Don’t forget these recurring events!

Mission Arlington 210 West South Street, Arlington, TX 76010 Every Monday and Wednesday 4pm - 7pm

Boys' and Girls Club 200 East Cravens Park, Arlington, TX 76018 Every Tuesday and Thursday 4pm - 6pm

St Jude’s Church Food Pantry 500 E Dallas St Mansfield, TX 76063 Every Wednesday and Saturday 9-11am

Feed The Kids First Baptist Church Mansfield Every Wednesday In Summer 10am & 6pm


Don’t!forget!to!keep! volunteering!this!summer!!!


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! ! ! ! ! ! `! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! President) Junior!Sanchez! !

Vice)President) My!Lam!

Secretary) Kelly!Xavier!

Secretary) Giannina!Pachas!

Editor) )Annie!Ledezma!

Historian) )Whitney!Nguyen!

Webmaster) )Melanie!Louv!


Treasurer) )Kristy!Joseph! )

Parliamentarian) Sarthak!Gupta!

Activities)Director) ) Dialfin!Hammond!



Contact Page

Junior'Sanchez' President'



Editor 817-689-0631'



Vice President 469-684-4449'




Secretary 817-454-9409'




Secretary 817-987-9557'

Parliamentarian' 682-351-7737'



Treasurer 817-658-2353'

Activities Director 817-991-4437 214-738-0609'



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